Today’s Rental has “lots of morning light”

1734 Lanier Place Nw

This rental is located at 1734 Lanier Place, NW. The listing says:

“Newly renovated Large (800 sf) light filled one bedroom english basement apartment. Located on Lanier Place NW between Adams Mill and Ontario, one block to Philz, Tail Up Goat, Starbucks, Safeway, Mintwood, Solid Core, Perry’s and the heart of Adams Morgan. Chef’s kitchen – granite counters, GE gas range, Bosch dishwasher, Bosch refrigerator/freezer with built-in icemaker, large stainless sink with garbage disposal, lots of cabinets and pantry Spacious bathroom with full size tub/shower Large Bedroom with separate walk-in closet, ceiling fan, lots of morning light Full size washer and dryer in apartment New tile in Kitchen and bathroom, new hardwood floor in living/dining room and hallway, new carpet in bedroom and walk in closet. Recessed lighting and full height (8′) ceilings throughout Central air conditioning and heating, Nest Thermostat Separate entrance in front and rear Alarm system

10 minutes walk to either Woodley Park or Columbia Heights metro stations; bus 1/2 block away
10 minute walk to National Zoo, Walter Pierce and Kalorama Parks Non-smoker, no pets $2500/mo + util”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,500/Mo.

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  • Nice reno job – counter depth fridge and DW, check, and nice bath (though who puts a glass door like that on a tub? Makes it hard to take a bath if you want to.) Doesn’t look anywhere near 800 sq ft. So, seems quite hight for what it is. That living room looks dark, with just one window way off in the corner. Gross carpet in bedroom. And how do you live in a basement without bars – do you just wait for the place to get broken into?

    • I don’t think it’s a tub–it seems to be a small stall shower that uses a porcelain base instead of tile.

      There does seem to be an extra room of sorts–sort of like an open dining area or office/den, plus a big closet. Even so, it seems small for 800 sf. The small spaces and probably low ceiling make it seem a bit claustrophobic. personally, I’d rather have afternoon than morning sun.

      Despite the high end appliances, etc., it seems way overpriced. They might have justified the rent if it had a parking space.

    • I live in a basement without bars nearby. If your windows and doors are locked, you should be fine. However, for $2,500 for a basement unit, I’d want a personal security guard.

  • Very comparable to mine unit. I can’t believe the rent is $800 more than my mortgage.

  • This is a fantastic neighborhood. Not sure about the price (I pay $1300 for a studio down the street, though it’s not as nice as this reno), but it seems within $100 or so of a decent deal.

  • I want that stove. Bad.

  • jfc for that much you can get a bigger apartment in a luxury building with amenities and a parking space downtown.

    • +1, and not be in the basement!

    • For real… this isn’t in the realm of comparable to market rate.

    • Usually I balk at comparisons like this because everyone wants something different, but yes. A BASEMENT?

    • Really? I don’t see a >800-square-foot one-bedroom _with a parking space_ in a new building downtown going for $2500/month. Without the parking space, maybe, but not with.
      I think this is optimistically priced, but not by as much as others seem to think it is.

      • I want to know where you can get a bigger apartment in a luxury building with amenties and a parking space for $2500! Sounds like andrew hasn’t checked out current rents lately!!

        • the Onyx in Navy Yard has several 726sf 1brs available in the low $2200s. So you lose 75 square feet and you have to pay for parking separately, but you’re closer to the metro and you’re not in a basement. You also get a rooftop pool with a view of the Capitol and a gym.

          Not saying that’s the right choice for everyone, but $2500 isn’t the floor for metro-accessible 1brs.

        • burritosinstereo

          Not sure about the parking, but the last time I checked (within the past year), 1 bedrooms in the buildings near the Mt Vernon Sq Safeway are under $2500, and the building and amenities are really nice.

        • Friend just moved into the Meridian at Mt Vernon Squre – $2200 1BR with den, with parking.

      • i am in a brand new building in MVT: 1 bed + den, 840 sq ft, storage unit, parking, concierge, pool, pet rent, deck allllll for $2500. rent is actually 2200. granted, it was on special and we signed an 18 month lease. but it can be done. they were running these specials for quite some time.

  • The kitchen is nice and all, but doesn’t it seem like that’s a lot of effort and expense for a basement rental apartment? (Unless the owner is a contractor and gets an amazing deal on materials & labor)

    • I suspect the owner was hoping that the fancy finishes would help offset the basement factor.

    • I’d guess they were trying to make it into a “luxury” rental worthy of $2500/month rent…but it’s a basement. Lipstick on a pig.

    • Expenses that should be deductible, and they’re probably saving a good chunk on their mortgage. Ideally the higher price point weeds out troublemaker tenants. Seems like a win across the board to me.

  • hammers

    pet peeve: when basement-peddlers say it’s light filled, but don’t supply pictures to support the claim.

    • hammers

      I also think yes, this is horribly overpriced. not slightly. grossly. No pets is another limiting factor. Also, not even utilities are included in that price.

      • It sounds like the unit is separately metered, so there’s no reason why utilities would be included.

    • To be fair, the photos of the front door and back door/windows make it look like it gets pretty decent light. And it looks like there’s a side window (in the kitchen), which a lot of basement apartments wouldn’t have.

  • Agreed with other commenters that this seems overpriced, but also wanted to add that it’s probably more like 15+ minute walk to either metro. CH is closer, but you’re going up hill on streets that mostly have stoplights (ie unavoidable delays). Woodley is probably a slightly shorter walk, but seems like the Red line also has more problems than the younger green/yellow lines.

  • So how much do the naysayers think this should cost? (As I noted, I think it’s overpriced, but not by as much as everyone else seems to think.)
    My condo unit nearby rents for almost $700/month less. However, this one has newer finishes and fancy appliances (maybe add $250-300/month?), about 250 more square feet (add $300-$350/month?), but is in a basement (subtract $100-$150/month?). So I’d imagine it should cost something like $2100 to $2250/month.

    • I think maybe $2,000 without parking, $2,150 or $2,200 with parking. I have no car, so I wouldn’t pay the premium for parking, so I wouldn’t go over $2k.

  • Beautiful reno, but $2500 for a one-bedroom basement? Seriously? I rent a 2 bed/1 bath, above ground, window-filled, corner unit with modern finishes in a “boutique condo building” (can’t believe I just typed that, just barfed in my mouth a bit) in Mount Pleasant for $2450.
    What’s gross, though, is that this will probably rent to someone willing to pay $2500, no negotiation attempted or questions asked.

    • “What’s gross, though, is that this will probably rent to someone willing to pay $2500, no negotiation attempted or questions asked.”
      Yeah, there’s a bizarre subset of people in the DC rental scene who are insanely desperate to get a place (and will throw a crazy amount of money at the wall). A friend of mine owns a row house on U Street and she rents out the bedrooms on a short term (1 to 6 months), furnished basis to people who have struck out on Craigslist and therefore desperately need housing. She rents the individual rooms for $1500-1800/month. It’s insane. I think she just now travels around the world, living frugally off the crazy rents she collects. The house is tastefully furnished and in clean condition, but certainly nothing special and definitely not “luxury.”

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