Today’s Rental has “9 ft ceilings & flooded with sunlight”

830 Shepherd Street Northwest

This rental is located at 830 Shepherd Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“BEAUTIFUL LT FILLED 1Br/1Ba in HOT HOT HOT Petworth, on 2nd Floor above commercial space; 1 BLOCK to NEW SAFEWAY, YES! ORGANIC and 2 BLOCKS TO METRO, YES! ORGANIC, CHEZ BILLY BISTRO AND MUCH MUCH MORE. $1650 with FAB Cook’s kitchen, bath & Beautiful Hardwood floors, 9 ft ceilings & flooded with sunlight. AVAILABLE JUNE 1. Vouchers Welcome.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,650/Mo.

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  • I could’ve sworn that there had been a PoPville posting about this very same space a couple of years ago… but my Google-fu is failing to find it.

  • It’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

  • This OWNER or AGENT is way too TEPID. He or she NEEDS to show some ENTHUSIASM about this STEAL! Use UPPERCASE LETTERS, multiple gushy ADJECTIVES (like “HOT!”), and RANDOM CAPITALIZATION (“bath & Beautiful Hardwood floors”). Gotta HUSTLE to be a DC landlord!

  • It looks lovely, but having once lived in a building above a restaurant (and I was a few floors up, not right above it), never again. Vermin travel.

  • “HOT HOT HOT”, makes me skeptical of the listing

  • chef’s kitchen? puh-lease

  • I actually looked at this unit (or one in the same building) in 2010 when it was renting for $1400. Its nice to see that the rent hasn’t sky rocketed like everywhere else.

    Decided not to live there because of the busy intersection and retail below. If I’m remembering correctly, the retail below also recently closed, so who knows what will be there in the future.

    • I walked by last week and they were doing construction work in the space downstairs, so something new may be coming.

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