“The Mt Pleasant Singing Guy stole the Subway banner, to the employees’ consternation”


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Maybe he was the real source of the poop emoji???”

Just another morning on the mean streets of Mount Pleasant Street. But let’s take this opportunity to make it a caption contest.

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  • Ugh, this guy annoys me SO much. Wakes me up EVERY weekend SO early. Theft? Arrest him, I say.

    • DCReggae

      I’m not a violent man, but every time I see/hear him I wanna punch him in the fking face. If you don’t agree, then you’ve never been jerked out of delicious sleep by his horrid voice.

  • The sound of his voice is like the smell of Subway, you sense it when it is faintly in the distance-and you immediately know what it is.

  • Is this really him? I’ve never seen him wearing shorts, and he’s always got the same blue jacket on – doesn’t look like a blue jacket in this photo.

    • i think thats a subway employee reclaiming the flag

      • OP here. Not *the* singing guy, I guess, but a guy who was singing, was drunk, and definitely did not work at Subway. The Subway employees were yelling at him to come back.

  • “Johnny! You are the literal worst at hide-and-seek! You’re not fooling anyone!”

  • is definitely not the MtP singing guy in the pic. I saw him this morning in MtP around 7:40 am wearing his standard blue fleece and pants, then saw him again all the way down on Florida and 19th St at about 8:45. Not wearing shorts.

  • He is just trying to save the tourists from confusion: In DC, we call it the Metro., and it’s more then 5 blocks from here.

  • Blame Ronald Reagan for cutting mental health care. Anyway, the singing guy was in Mt. P. long before Subway. I love him!

  • Say what you want about his singing…he appears to be having a banner day!!

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