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  • You’ve tagged the photo as being New Hampshire, but that is most definitely 19th St. Guessing its just a typo

  • The picture is on 19th street side of the building, but that building address is technically 1333 New Hampshire. I work In that building. Front page and buffalo billiards is also at this location.

  • Not really surprised they made this weird co-location deal as Willie T’s is owned by Thompson Hospitality. Same group that ran Austin Grill and Marvelous Market into the ground. They same to have a knack for failing at the restaurant business.

  • So many restaurants, so little time.

  • Minibar used to be colocated in Cafe Atlantico and was a great success.

  • Semi-off topic, but is there a bbq place at the old Willie T location now? There’s been a smoker truck parked out back (on 19th Street) for a week or so.

  • Is this the restaurant equivalent of crashing on someone’s couch?

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