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  • Yay! My boyfriend made this sign 😀

  • No offense, the sign looks cool, but for me it is very hard to read! I can’t even distinguish what it even says under Rito Loco. Maybe it is easier to read in person??

    • It says “A Unique Creative Burrito Company” I think the plan is for the store to back-light it which should made it stand out more.

    • It’s much easier to read when it’s lit at night. I imagine that this is when they do most of their business.

    • Thank you for your words…..We agree and as “Anon” has stated this isn’t the finished product. Her description is spot on. The sign’s negative spaces will be filled in, meaning the middle of the “0’s” will be installed, and it will be backlit with LED’s thus changing colors etc. I’m sure it will be much easier to read at that point. As I stated in the comments below, we would have loved a bigger sign, but the most important thing was to have a sign that was visible to both sides of traffic. While keeping our integrity with our fonts, and the space between the soffit of the roof and the top of the window, this is the biggest the sign can be. Hopefully this gives you a little bit more perspective as to why the sign is that way it is. We love any and all feedback….


  • its nice that they went with metal and its an improvement over the plastic banner they had before, but the use of space seems like it could be improved.

    • Thank you for your kind words! We really hated that banner as well but being that money is so tight due to our massive delays we had to forgo things we wanted. I agree the sign could be bigger etc, however we wanted to make sure the sign did what it’s supposed to do, and that is allow people from both directions to see it. If it was flat against the wall no one would. We sit on Florida Ave where thousands of cars drive by everyday. In order to make a visible sign to both East/West bound traffic it had to be this shape and thus this size. Unfortunately we can’t have everything exactly the way we want it, but we try our best to give a great product, atmosphere, and service.

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  • What is your boyfriends company or contact info?

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