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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: teacher workshop day
    Rant: I need it after all the ridiculous behavior I have been dealing with from my students lately.
    Revel: close friend from high school that I haven’t seen since shortly after graduation will be in DC this weekend!

  • Rant: Lost wallet. Hoping it gets returned, not sure how it will. Pretty sure I dropped it on my bike ride to Oklahoma Ave…so do I file a police report and spend the morning calling all my banks…or do I wait and hope?

    Rave: Gorgeous bike ride to Oklahoma Avenue last night. Continuing my Bike DC State Avenues quest – 36 states done! It’s gotten me up to 250 miles ridden in the District so far (not including my commute and such) and I love seeing all new, different neighborhoods.

    Rant: Radio silence from my friend in middle of nowhere. But she’s verbally harassing her mom, so at least we know she’s still alive.

    Rave: Barn this evening. Ponies help everything.

    • A lot of credit cards let you suspend the account without closing it. Can you log in and see if that option is available through the website?

      • Yes – I can do some of them online and others have to go over the phone. Luckily, there’s been no activity on any of my accounts.
        There’s also all the other important stuff – Zipcar, drivers license, health insurance, HSA card – I’ve been carrying my life in my wallet due to the back and forth along the NE corridor.

      • Ohhh – sorry, not enough caffeine. Love the idea to just suspend and not yet close. Thank you!

    • Do you have your phone number easily found in your wallet? I’ve found 3 wallets over the past couple of years and none had phone numbers. Took some work to track the owner down! (And one had $600.00 in cash!)

      • I don’t, unfortunately. But my name on my drivers license is not common and a quick google search would pull my work profile. From now on, I’ll make sure to leave a business card in there!

    • I lost my wallet while walking my dog in Columbia Heights last year. Still not sure what happened. I cancelled all of my cards and filed a police report.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: finally warm enough for summer dresses and sandals.
    Rant: my toes are cold in my office.

  • Rant: Mom called me on my way home last night under the premise of ‘apologizing’ only to turn it into “you think you’re too good for hand-me-down furniture” and to call me “bougie.” I took the opportunity to call out her behavior, to which she said that it’s “always ‘poor little Anonamom’ with me” and that I need to “think about how my continual moving farther away from her affects HER.” All I could think was, typical narcissist. And thus starts the no contact cycle for a few months!
    Rave: This sort of thing used to cause me a great deal of anguish. Today it doesn’t. I’m able to roll my eyes and say that’s mom being mom. I’m able to recognize that no, it doesn’t not matter how my life choices affect her.
    Revel: Continued sunshine! Bare Legs for all!

    • “always poor little Anonamom” — It’s like our mothers are reading the same script.
      Does yours give you dire warnings about what will happen if you continue to spend money on new things, instead of living with perfectly serviceable junk? “NEW countertops?? Must be nice… if you never want to retire.”

      • Ha! My parents are more likely to criticize our decision to not replace/fix things up. They are SO THRILLED we are finally buying a new car instead of continuing to drive my (still functional) 15-year-old car. I’ve been nagged about that one ever since my daughter was born.

      • Ha! Very similar; except for her, it’s basically if I shop at anything other than Walmart, it’s because I’m ‘too good.’ Going to Target? “Oooh, look at you all fancy at ‘Tar-jay’.” Buy something from Macy’s? Well JFC, I may as well have emptied out my 401K to do it. When I get my hair done at a salon instead of dying it myself? Well, that is just the epitome of bouginess.
        The thing I really don’t consider myself ‘bougie’ at all. It’s not so long ago that I could have been on food stamps making the money I was making at former employer. Normal ‘status’ type things mean nothing to me, if anything, they are actually an extreme turn off. So really, she has no right at all to even go there.

      • My mom does both – criticizing me when I am frugal (she bribed me into getting rid of my last 10 year old car because it was “unsafe and I would get killed if it broke down in DC,” and anytime I’m having any feelings at all telling me to go shopping, then later telling me that anytime I spend money I am going to go broke. It is SUPER fun. She does this with food, too – anytime anything happens, good or bad, she tells me to go get a pizza (you know, because I’m still 10), then later tells me how fat and worthless I am because I eat too much. Ahh, parents.

        • Oh, see, my mom does the body shaming too, except the exact opposite. If I choose not to eat whatever for whatever reason, it’s because I’m too good for it, shortly followed by I’m too skinny. Seriously. I am, by no means, skinny. But because I am not obese, I am “too skinny.” Better still, since I have the great fortune of developing a food allergy in adulthood, that apparently also means I’m too good. At Easter: “Why aren’t you eating any ham? What, too good for Southern Maryland ham? Sorry it’s not ‘organic, free-range, humanely slaughtered’ fancy pork like you’re used to.” Me: “um, no, I’d just prefer not to end up in the ER in anaphylactic shock, thanks.”

      • “NEW countertops?? Must be nice… if you never want to retire.” LOL

    • I think there’s merit in responding appropriately and standing up for yourself. The times I feel most anguish after some kind of crappy parental exchange is when I failed to do one or the other. So–taking full responsibility for hanging up on her and still being met with the silent treatment felt a lot better than failing to stand up for myself when I was told, 3 months after having a baby and days away from returning to work, that my house was too cluttered and she didn’t feel comfortable in it, which was too bad because they moved down here to be able to hang out and help with the kids felt like crap and caused lots of anxiety going forward about any and all parental interactions. But I’m learning. Glad you were able to respond in a way that you could feel good about!

      • I really sympathize on the new baby/cluttered house thing. I recall when Littlest Anonachild was just a few months old, my mom came over completely unannounced without so much as a knock on the door to find me breastfeeding on the couch. In one breath, she complained about having to walk in and “see that”, said that my kitchen was too messy and I was going to give the kids eColi poisoning, and that when we were that young, she always had dinner on the table by that time. Now, mind you, when she had us, she did not work. So here I am with three kids including a newborn, commuting every day 2-3 hours, working, trying in vain to keep my milk supply up, trying desperately to battle the working-mom emotions, they LAST thing on my mind is whether or not I’m emptying and loading the dishwasher in a timely fashion. On that occasion, she was not-so politely told to get the eff out of my house.
        One thing that may help is to never just hang up. It sounds silly, but just saying a simple “ok, I gotta go” before hanging up isn’t *actually* hanging up. It helps with the guilt.

        • We also have very different tolerance levels for clutter, which doesn’t help. She said she couldn’t understand how I could have so much clutter because she didn’t raise me that way, and I couldn’t help but question her surprise because I’ve been a bit of a clutter bug since my teenage years.
          And yeah, the hanging up thing is rare–it was maybe the second time ever that I’ve done it, and it was in response to being told she couldn’t deal with my stress because of a frustrated response while cleaning up my sick daughter’s accident (on one of the two carpeted rooms in the house), hoping she wasn’t getting into too much trouble while unsupervised, while also 7mo pregnant. Fair point on avoiding hanging up in the future–though in that case, I still felt good about taking the high road of apologizing & taking full responsibility over both voice mail and text message. It was her issue if she didn’t want to talk to me for days, not mine.
          My mom alternates between marveling at how I manage what I manage while working FT and making comments about not understanding when I’m struggling because she managed two of us, largely on her own, and still kept the house clean, etc. So there’s the occasional whiplash.

          • I’m sorry MtP… For what it’s worth, your feelings are very valid, and you have a great deal of solidarity here!

          • Thank you muchly! I think I’m finally recovered from the clutter incident (even if it doesn’t feel resolved), allowing me to manage the relationship better. Still working out the kinks of them living locally, but it’s a work in progress 🙂

    • Next time Anonamom-mom visits, I think you should rent or borrow a gown (or something swelligant) and give me a call. I’ll trot out the tux and the wedding crystal and serve you something bubbly (I’ll spring for real Champagne just for the fun of it) and maybe some canapes. You can call me Jeeves and announce “help is getting so expensive these days, I only have the butler come in twice a week any more. And, of course, for special occasions like this, mummy.”

      • May I please be invited to this party? I will speak through clenched teeth and pepper my conversation with mentions of my place in Newport. And of course, discuss Anonamom’s plans to buy in my neighborhood up there.

      • HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh, this really would be excellent!!!

      • Oh, the crystal reminds me of another thing – she tried to give me her crystal set, a set that she was super-focused on for years, asking for nothing but whatever glass to complete the set. I politely declined, citing the fact that considering there are 5 kids in the house, we really aren’t in a crystal phase, and also, I’m perfectly happy to drink my beer straight out of the bottle and really don’t care about having particular glasses for red, white, sherry, and port. So, apparently I am also ‘too good’ for crystal hand-me-downs too!

      • I would like to attend this party. I can be the maid, if you need me to be. 🙂

    • I am SO sorry that she’s trying to emotionally manipulate you.
      But — it’s awesome that you aren’t affected by it like you used to be — yay growth! That’s huge and you should celebrate that.

    • That One Guy

      I read these and Mommie Dearest pops up in my mind. Then I read Irving Street and National Lampoon came to mind.

  • Rave: Well needed Yoga session in Farragut Square yesterday. As someone who can barely focus in most yoga classes, I was surprisingly calm after yesterday class. I think being outdoors and smelling the fresh cut grass really helped. And I managed to get a good stretch on my bad shoulder.

    Rant: After years of never having an issue with mail, I’m pretty sure USPS lost a package of mine. According to the tracking status it was sent out to delivery yesterday morning. When I checked the mail box it wasn’t there. As of last night the status was “out for delivery” and now it just says “status not updated”. I’m really pissed off. I’ve never had mail lost before. I don’t know if I should keep monitoring the tracking status today or call USPS immediately.

    • Is it an Amazon package? I’ve had that happen with several of my Amazon packages and they eventually get delivered. You could also call the shipper and see what they say.

      • Bear

        I have had a lot of trouble with Amazon since they started using USPS to deliver packages. My 1- or 2-day shipping often turns into 3 or 4, if the package even arrives at all. It’s really starting to piss me off – why pay for Prime if they can’t deliver packages when they guarantee them?

        • I had similar problems last year with late deliveries. I contacted Amazon to complain about Prime not delivering what I was paying for, and they extended my subscription one month per late delivery. I haven’t had a late one in quite some time.

        • That’s been happening to me a lot too. Meanwhile a lot of other online retailers are doing free 2-day shipping now, which is making the Prime membership less worth it.

    • I’ve had packages that were ‘out for delivery’ actually get delivered the next day. I assume that means that it got put on a delivery truck but the driver wasn’t able to deliver everything that was in the truck. Not totally sure what ‘status not updated’ means but I doubt it means ‘we lost your mail’. I wouldn’t get really pissed off just yet, especially if you’re going to call USPS. I would bet your package is delivered today.

      • That’s what I’m hoping. I did get other mail yesterday which is why I’m a bit on edge.

        • FWIW I don’t think packages and regular mail are necessarily delivered by the same carrier, so I don’t think the presence of other mail yesterday means anything.

          • Anonymous is on point with this. Packages and paper mail are sometimes carried by separate trucks, and I believe packages to businesses are delivered before residences. I also believe there’s a time cutoff if the driver hasn’t finished delivering everything. So it probably got held up for one of these reasons, and you’ll get it today.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’ve had that happen before, too, and then received the thing the next day. I’d wait and see if arrives today, and call if it does not arrive today.

  • Rant: Woke up with a sinus headache.
    Rave: Reading Sense and Sensibility and I am liking it so far. I need a dictionary next to me but it’s OK.
    Rant: Red line yesterday morning. I felt like I was in hell.
    Rant: Yesterday evening on the Red line. I am pretty sure one of the hipster dudes seated in front or me or next to me farted. WTF? Just because you’re on Metro doesn’t mean you need to let it rip.
    Rant: I need to get over a crush. He’s someone pretty well known and I know I’ll never meet him so I need to stop making up imaginary stories in my head of my dating him. So junior high, I know.
    Rave: one more day until vacay.

  • Rave: only 2 days until my 5 day weekend and it is sunny and warm outside!!
    Question: I’m moving into a new RPP zone- does anyone know if I have to wait until my new lease begins to submit my change of address to the DMV & get my new RPP sticker? I’m worried that if I have to wait until the lease starts, I won’t be able to park for a few weeks at my new place because the DMV site says it can take up to 15 days for this to process. Has anyone done this before and have advice?

    • 15 days to get a sticker? Every time I’ve gotten one, I’ve done it in person and gotten it same day. Has that process changed?
      Alternatively, request a visitor pass for the new address (will be sent to your new address via mail) & use that until you’re able to swap the rpp sticker.

      • The DMV site said it could take 15 days to process the change of address, which I seem to have to do before the new RPP will be issued. I’ve had really good luck with getting my new sticker when I update my registration pretty quickly but haven’t had to change addresses yet. You are able to do everything online so I was hoping to do it that way to avoid having to take off work and go to the DMV. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something?
        I was thinking the same thing about the visitor pass but was unsure if I could request one for my new address before I switched addresses, since I have already requested one at my current apartment. Maybe I will try that as well.

        • Just go to your local police station with your new lease. They’ll give you a 2 week parking permit while you wait for the new RPP.

          • Thanks, I didn’t know that was an option. This is probably a dumb question, but how do I find out which station I need to go to?

        • That might be worth a call to see if doing it in person is faster. If you can get new license, sticker same day, it may be worth it.

          Dpw (visitors pass) doesn’t keep track. I’d request it.

          You can look up your address on mpd website and it’ll tell you which district you’re in and station locations.

  • Rave: Walked home after work just to have extra time in the sunshine, and then sat on my roof deck with a glass of wine for an hour just enjoying the glorious weather
    Rave: Even though I hate the increasing humidity, my hair is looking surprisingly good today – it’s curly enough to look curly, not just messy!
    Minor rant: I wanted to make a fast, easy dinner using these very delicious frozen tortellini with prosciutto, but I didn’t have the time or ingredients to make my red sauce from scratch, so I took a shortcut and bought a jar at the store. It wasn’t bad, especially after I added a bit of wine and herbs, but there were lots of tomato seeds, and they taste so sharply bitter to me. Which brings me to:
    Question: Does anyone know of an easy way to get rid of tomato seeds prior to cooking up a batch of sauce and/or when using a jarred sauce? When I make my own sauce, prep takes a super long time because I always try to get rid of as many seeds as I can. I suspect there is no way to do this with jarred sauce, but just wondering…

    • A food mill might work for the tomato sauce. When I make homemade sauce, I use this tomato press for the tomatoes (but I actually add the pulp back in because I like a thick sauce. I’ve also seen a very simple version where you put whole tomatoes in a blender and then cook for a little bit. (however, note that the seeds don’t bother me)

      • Is a food mill very different from a food processor? I have a food processor but I don’t think it would be able to chop the seeds up fine enough to be indistinguishable from other things, or even at all….

        • Yes, a food mill is different than a food processor. It grinds the food, but small particles won’t get through. Not sure about tomato seeds, though. But what I have is a tomato press (http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/italian-tomato-press/). It separates the pulp of the tomato from the skin and seeds. I make a lot of my own tomato sauce, and it works wonderfully.

          • OH MY GOD I NEED THIS! (though my kitchen cabinets and countertops would beg to differ!)

          • You do need it! It doesn’t take up much space. It has made my life so much better. I use it all the time and always have pasta sauce on hand.

    • Run the sauce through a colander?

      • I thought about that, but I think that would catch everything including yummy things like bits of oregano and basil, chunks of tomato, etc, and only the watery stuff would get through, which would be bland to say the least!

      • Hahaha, that makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where the sauce hardens in the colander Kramer has borrowed.

    • My hair looks best in the humidity. The rest of the year, if I want it to not look sloppy, I have to use a curling iron on it to indicate that it’s supposed to be curly. Now it just curls nicely on its own!

      • Emmaleigh504

        My hair love humidity too. And as I like to say, humidity is just the air giving you a friendly hug.

    • I’m presently on team curly myself! The Blowout bar keeps sending me discount codes, but I realize its not worth fighting DC humidity to keep my hair straight. I probably should get a trim at some point though.

    • Blithe

      Could you just pour the sauce through a sieve? If it’s a chunky sauce, use two sieves — a fine mesh one first for the sauce, then a wider mesh one that lets the seeds fall through, but holds the chunky stuff, which you can then dump back in the sauce. I’ve never noticed seeds in any of the sauces I’ve purchased. It could be that I’m oblivious. It could also be worth trying different brands of sauce — to see if you can find one that’s seedless. FWIW, I’ve used Whole Foods Four Cheese sauce, other WF sauces, and some by Classico, and never noticed any seeds.

  • Question: Can anyone recommend a therapist/psychiatrist that takes Aetna HMO insurance? The directory online wasn’t helpful. There was a thread on Popville about this a couple months ago but I don’t think any of the ones recommended take my insurance, and I’m not sure how out of network works with the HMO.
    Rant: Anxiety.

  • I was purred awake by a kitten. My new dress has pockets. One of my projects at work is having unanticipated levels of success. The weather. Don’t mess this up for me, world.

  • Rave: Home from a cross country trip over the weekend. The little man is shaping up to be an awesome traveler. I was so nervous about doing airplane travel solo with the little one, but I am so glad I did it. A success trip makes me so much more confident.
    Rant: Returning to work soon. That’s going to be a hard transition.
    Rant: 90 degrees this week? Why does DC weather always turn into insta-summer?

  • Rave: decided I’m going to start either running to work or running from work to daycare pickup once I’m done pumping and no longer have to carry as much extra crap. Then again, it’s under 2.5 miles to daycare, so perhaps I should try running to daycare sooner if I can find a good backpack for it….

  • Rave: that picture
    Rant: I acknowledged and took responsibility for my mistake yesterday, did I really need a public flogging in front of half of the executive team? Can I please go back to bed now?
    Rave: getting out early Friday.
    Question: I’m looking for a short, easy hike to take my old doggie on, probably 90 minutes max. Since I’m getting out early I’m willing to drive and maybe see some nice countryside/stops. Any suggestions?

    • Andie302

      Great Falls isn’t really much of a hike, but a gorgeous easy walk in a lot of spots and the scenery is definitely gorgeous!

    • Sugarloaf Mountain, bonus is the dog friendly winery nearby. Lots of paths so you can choose easier ones to do with DOG.

    • Great Falls Gold Mine Trail is a decent hike with dog. We’ve taken our dog there twice this spring and she loves it. It’s about 3.2 miles and you can add on if you want.

    • Oooh, great question. I just realized it’s a three day weekend coming up, and a hike with the dogs sounds perfect since I have no other plans besides going to the pool.

    • That One Guy

      Remember to check for ticks if you venture off a beaten path!

  • Rave: Coworker brought in bagels for breakfast and soon have the annual Associate Picnic for lunch! Of all the days to be outdoors! 🙂
    Rave: Three and a half work days before a two week vacay! Granted, we’re only going to the Midwest (driving!) to see family, but at least I’ll be away from work!
    Rave: Stood up for myself at work yesterday! I may be the office admin, but that doesn’t mean I have to do your tedious bidding. So suck it and get back to me when you know what you want.
    Rave: Fiance who encourages me to have confidence and stick up for myself.
    Rant: No confidence in my so-called talents and abilities. 🙁

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I’m not ready for hot weather!
    Rave: My new Hickory High t shirt!
    Rant: I came downstairs for a break and realized I had not seen Lizzy since breakfast. I noticed the basement door ajar and checked the basement and couldn’t find her which is good since the only way she makes it into the basement is to fall down the steps. Searching the house I heard a squawk coming from from the basement! I couldn’t find her immediately in my second search but finally located her upside down wedged between a pipe and the wall behind the washer. I’m such a bad doggy daddy!

  • Rave: Getting up early enough, to get to work early enough, to leave work early enough, to spend more time enjoying this weather! Last night Zumba at the Yards Park was so needed after weeks of being inactive indoors.

  • Rave: Ate outside for the first time yesterday on our new deck.
    Rant: Because of ridiculous schedules, it was Cava.
    Rave: Built in cabinets/bookcases almost compete.
    Rant: New TV may be too big.
    Rant. Matt Harvey. WTF?

  • Blithe

    Rave: Birthday gifts from strangers/corporate entities. Thanks Sephora!
    Rave: Sun’s out! Pool’s open! New music to listen to. New books to read. Oh Frabjous Day!
    Rant-ish: Trying to get new shoes to feel like old shoes while still looking like new shoes.

  • Rant: Neighbors loud fights again. My dog has now developed such a severe anxiety of the sounds coming through the shared wall, that I had to take her to my parents for a couple days. Going to get a thundershirt tonight and see if it helps. Emailed management for the second time as well.
    Rant: Having my own work-related anxiety
    Rave: The sun, oh how sweet it is. It finally feels like MAY.
    Rave: Friends who give great advice without judgement.
    Rant: An ex that keeps texting me.

  • Rant: Old Man Cat has kidney disease and is in the hospital.
    Rave: Friendship Hospital is taking very good care of him and they have open visiting hours so I can go see him anytime and stay as long as I want. He was so happy to see me last night!
    Rant: Having a sick pet is expensive.
    Rave: This is exactly the kind of emergency that I’ve been putting money into my savings account to cover.
    Rave: I’m able to take some time off work this week to deal with the situation and take care of him.
    Rave: As a carless person, I have been so thankful for Uber this week. Trying to get Old Man Cat to the vet in the rain on Monday would have been a nightmare without it.

    • Poor Old Man. And poor you. There’s nothing worse than a kid or pet who’s sick and has no idea what’s going on. It seems like they have a treatment plan for him?

  • topscallop

    Rave: I ate lots of fruit today and a salad for lunch
    Rant: I also ate a donut and a cookie
    Rave: they counteract each other, right?
    Rant: injured myself somehow (doing nothing! so unfair) and can’t work out for a while
    Rave: this weather!
    Rave: The 3 day weekend is in sight!

  • I remember seeing a thread on here about good deadbolt lock recommendations. I don’t think Im keen to go with a smart lock system quite yet. Does anyone have any recommendations on good deadbolt brands to consider?

  • Two Rants.
    1 – When in the world is Slim’s Diner opening? Not 2014, that’s for sure, nor December of 2015, nor April of 2016, and it’s looking like not May either. What in the world is going on there??? How about Homestead? What is going on with the new restaurants in Petworth??
    2. – A friend told me she’d shipped a package to us last week, but we hadn’t received it. It turns out there’s a new UPS pilot program that allows the UPS driver to not leave the package if they deem your building does not appear safe for leaving packages. Supposedly they’re supposed to leave a sticker but (surprise of the week) they did not for us. So I had to drive a mile away to a creepy bullet-proof glass convenience store to pick up my package (and get harassed by the owner for having failed to pick it up for a week! Meanwhile, we have never in 5 years had a package stolen from our house!

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