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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: That picture looks nice and fresh and…. green. Kind of like the weather today (finally)!
    Rant: Mo money, mo problems. Starting to think about applying for a promotion with my almost newly acquired degree but if I apply too early, I’ll lose my income-based housing and we all know how difficult those are to get, plus the expected increase in my rent would entirely cancel out the raise. Going to sit on it this weekend.
    Rant: So very disappointed about the weather tomorrow. Breaking my attendance streak for Tour de Fat, my favorite summer event, and staying at home alone this weekend. Nooooooo 🙁
    Rant: Ex-who-I’m-still-friendly-with got a new temporary job and it sounds terrible and I’m worried about him. I just keep telling myself it’s really none of my business.

    • Agree on your Tour de Fat rant. I’m volunteering at Yards Park for the kick off event tonight, but probably won’t attend tomorrow. Its going to be gross weather, and the friends I usually go with are not availible.

      • I thought of volunteering tomorrow and now I’m glad I didn’t! What is the kickoff event tonight? I remember hearing about this but I haven’t attended. Is it open to anyone?

        • New Belgium is sponsering the Yard Park Concert Series tonight. Its both the kickoff event for Tour De Fat and the first show of the season! I usually volunteer Friday to get beer tokens for Saturday. I guess I can either give my tokens away or suck it up and come out for the party tomorrow.

    • Andie302

      Are you applying for a promotion in your new position, or a new position entirely? If it’s for the position you just started, I’d hold off until the timing made sense with your housing and you’ve had some time to prove your worth to the organization. From the perspective of your leadership I’m not sure how receptive they would be to a request now, since you’re relatively new. Congrats on the new degree!

      • It’s for the next position up the ladder in the section of my office I’m currently in. I originally dismissed the job posting when I saw it but it was hinted by our director that I should put my name in since I’m actually really overqualified for my current position even though it pays fine. I’m thinking I should hold off, but still somehow express my interest for the next go around. (The trick is that my current position is temporary and will end this fall after my degree ends. So if I wait too long I’ll be stuck. I guess it all boils down to timing….)
        And thank you! 🙂

        • Andie302

          If your director hinted that you should put your hat in the ring, then I think you should! If you get it HR may be able to delay the change until you’re ready, in which case it sounds like you end up with a permanent spot with pay in line for your qualifications. It could also take HR 6 months or more to award – you never know!

          • That’s a good point… it will probably take them at least a few weeks to decide, and then HR another couple months to process, and by then it’ll be August already (at least). Thank you for that perspective!

          • Additionally, I’ve always been told by my management if I don’t submit my name for a promotion within the office it sends a message to management that I don’t really want to advance. So there’s that…

            Even if you don’t get it at least you’ve messaged that you are interested in advancing.

        • The other thing to factor in is that to get the position two rungs up, you’ll need to be in a position one rung up for a bit of time to show you have the capacity for it. So in addition to thinking about current needs (housing costs vs temporary gig vs boss hinted that you should apply), it might be good to think about the long game (career path, future housing, future income needs, etc). If you’re at all a list writer, it might help to write all of it down. Good luck!

        • I’m struggling to understand the $$ savings associated with staying in low income housing, and how staying in low income housing is a good part of a long-term plan. Without knowing all the facts, I’ll make a suggestion anyways. I’d get aggressive and start building a salary history…pushing yourself towards bigger opportunities. Now that you have your degree (congrats!) this should be easier to do. The new positions will be great exposure…and will help you figure out where you want to land for the long-term. My personal belief is that, 5- or 10-years down the road, you’ll be super glad you did not limit yourself to saving a few $$ now.

          • I concur. I would advise against focusing on the short-term benefit of a housing subsidy versus the long-term payoff of earning more income, advancing in your career, and setting yourself up to earn more income over the life of your career (plus hopefully building retirement). Low income benefits are fantastic; and sounds like it’s been helpful to you; but also sounds like it’s done the trick in that it’s tided you over while you’ve finished your degree (also congrats!) and set you up to leave the nest and be successful.

          • Erik, I should re-phrase that to say “Affordable Housing.” That’s my bad. In DC, there are several different housing programs based on salary. The program I have an apartment through, a tenant’s salary can range anywhere from low $30,000s to mid-$40,000s before you get booted depending on the building. The raise would push me out of that range. So staying in my apartment is actually saving me the most money possible — paying a very low price for an apartment while I earn at the top of that range. The raise would push me out without compensating for the increased cost of living/loans/etc. It’s more a matter of “Can I make ends meet with the raise or will it push me into a house with 6 people [nothing wrong with that but it’s really not for me] or out of the metro area entirely?”

          • [Actually the ideal situation would be to get the raise in the fall so I get another year at my apartment WITH the raise. THAT would be good timing. I’m not adverse to the raise! It’s just this timing that sucks!]

          • Still not a reason to not go for the raise and promotion. There are still deals in the city (the recent post on here for 2 bedroom $1695 basement apartment comes to mind). Increasing your earnings potential is never a bad thing.

          • HaileUnlikely

            No idea what you are paying for your place and not asking you to disclose, but I have friends who rent nice studios in reasonably nice but older and not recently renovated buildings that are not income-restricted for prices in the mid $1200 range. I don’t know (and am not asking you to say) what you pay now or would be comfortable paying in the future, but such options do exist.

          • FridayGirl – Happy Friday…thanks for the explanation. I understand more now, and without all the details I’ll continue to go out on a limb. My guess is you work for a government or quasi-government employer. I’m not sure you want the raise/promotion with your current employer, nor do you want to be ‘stuck’ in this career track this early in your career (and after completing a degree). You want the 15-20% increase you could get from another employer (now that you have your degree, should be able to fight for a bit ‘extra’ with an industry employer…plus a decent signing bonus). You can always go back to the govt later…I’ve seen salary matching happen fairly easily up to the 14/15 level).
            Making a ton of assumptions here…and pushing for the ‘cash grab’ now to put you on a different glide path than you sound like you’re on currently.

          • Thanks for the perspective, Haile and Erik.

          • Have you considered the moral implications of continuing to live in subsidized housing that has limited availability when you have the ability to make more money and support yourself? There are others who may be in a much worse spot than you who cannot move in because you’re taking the space. Plus, taxpayers continue to help you when you do not need it.

            I am certainly not trying to be a troll, I just raise these questions to you because the conversation has not addressed them, and I think they are an important aspect of your situation.

    • That One Guy

      My Korean bakery excursion is still on the table if anyone is up for it. 😉

        • That One Guy

          As to when, I prefer tomorrow morning say around 10:30 am, but not hindered by too many time constraints if folks want to go at a different time. If you’re interested send me an email at ray period lee at live dot com.
          As to where, the bakery is in Annandale so I’m offering to drive whomever is interested back and forth from DC. I can comfortably fit 3 people but can manage 4 if folks don’t mind the squeeze. There’s an H Mart next to the place so if people want to pick up some groceries too that’s cool with me.

  • Rave: That picture!
    Rant: Bike-to-work day. Swag station set up right in the middle of the bike path, blasting music in what otherwise is a calm and soothing setting at Georgetown Waterfront Park.
    Rave: Otherwise beautiful day for a bike ride.
    Rave: New bikeshare station close to where I live. Wish they would put in more in Adams-Morgan/Lanier Heights, though.

  • Rave: Bike to work day! Today’s weather couldn’t be any more perfect. I made my personal best time too. I got lots of tasty snacks at my pitstop, but no t-shirt. I really wish they hadn’t divided the shirts by pitstop. Its petty, but I really wanted one, but couldn’t get to the stop I signed up for. By that time it was too late to sign up for the one closet to my office.

    Rant: I couldn’t find an open bike-share rack near my office. I really should’ve known that was going to happen. I had to dock the bike about 4 blocks from my office. I went from being early for work to late.

    • I got a t-shirt last year, which I use for drying my hair. That’s the only appropriate use for an XXL shockingly orange t-shirt, especially when you wear an XS!

      • I just wanted it as a souvenir. I collect T-shirts. Though I really don’t wear them.

        • I have an XL if you’re interested. I got one but don’t really care either way about having one or not.

          • Why do they order so many huge sizes? Every year they run out of the small ones immediately. It’s not like the average urban biker is obese.

  • Rave: Today’s weather.
    Rant: Tomorrow’s weather. Booooo

    Rumination: Am I allowed to go to Cuzzin’s, or any place with a “Calvin Gurley” sign?

    I’m new to Petworth. I’m not a “native” Washingtonian, with all the obvious connotations. Still, I would hug someone for some decent BBQ or fried chicken. I see Calvin’s listserve ramblings and dog whistle panderings, so I interpret the “Calvin Gurley” sign in their window (and any business window) as “stay away, new [white] people.”

    Am I interpreting that the wrong way? I honestly would have tried Cuzzins a year ago if their Gurley sign didn’t make me think I’d be offending them.

    • If I may be frank, your rumination sounds almost as wacko as a Gurley listserv post. If you want to try the food at Cuzzins then walk in there and give it a shot. Don’t make it so complicated, there’s a real easy way to find out if they want your business.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: impostor syndrome has made me a bundle of nerves about work. I feel like I can’t do anything right.
    Rave: my Swedish English pocket dictionary arrived so now I can look up menu items in Sweden 🙂

  • houseintherear

    Rant. No a/c in my classroom, and it’s already 81 degrees in here at 10am. Additional rant: no one seems to care. Guess it’s time to call OSHA. ugh.
    On a positive note: DCWater tunnel project construction is almost over. Can’t wait to have peace and quiet in my life again! Windows open! Dinners outside! YAY!

  • Andie302

    Rave: It’s like the weather gods knew it was bike to work day – such a beautiful ride this morning!
    Rave: The demo of the building at 15th and L means the bike station there has way more spots than it used to.
    Rant: I’ve struggled this week with what day it is! I drove around last night trying to avoid Wednesday parking spots, and then this morning when I woke up before the alarm I said “it doesn’t matter what time it is, it’s Saturday.” Ugh!
    Rant/Rave: I want to make some modifications to the exterior of the place in Cambridge, so last night I had to informally present to their historic board so that I can then formally present next month. Part of me loves being part of the community there and the other part of me feels like those are some ridiculous hoops to jump through!
    Rave: Rar beer while I waited for the meeting to start. And since it was the end of HH it was $3.85. Ahhhh eastern shore prices 🙂
    Rave: $15 for someone to cut the grass there…again, eastern shore prices! I used to pay more than that for a 10×10 patch in Hill East

    • Got a chuckle from the it’s Friday rave immediately followed by its Saturday.

    • Damn, I always thought one of the pros of living out in the country was not having as many ridiculous hoops to jump through when you wanted to do something to your house or property! I am not that familiar with Cambridge though.

    • When I was in SW VA a couple months ago I ordered a vodka soda at a bar — it came in a pint glass and the bartender said “that’ll be $2.50” and it made me (very very) briefly want to move down there.

      • SW VA is actually beautiful and a great place to live! I went to college down there and very much enjoyed it. I’ve thought about retiring there (in awhile haha). I keep trying to convince my parents to leave Northern VA and move down there.

        • I’m sure it is! I’ve only been to the part where my SO is from which is…pretty, but incredibly rural and tiny so it wasn’t really my cup of tea (at least for now).

    • Hey, I’m in Cambridge too! (assume U mean MD). Love it here!

  • Rave: Bio Blitz!
    Rant: Am signed up for Saturday morning, when it will be pouring rain.

    • I thought about signing up, but seeing how the weather has been I thought it best to wait and see. A few weeks ago I volunteered for a Casey Trees planting which ended up happening during a downpour. I was absolutely covered in mud by the end of it!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: didnt put lotion on face yesterday and developed a pimple on my forehead. I tried to squeeze it and only made it angrier. Hahaha.
    Rave: I like how we all are overjoyed at the sunny weather.

    • I don’t know why but both your rant and your rave just made me chuckle out loud. Thank you. (Maybe it is the weather!)

  • Rave: FRIDAY!!! This week has seemed agonizingly long to me, for whatever reason
    Rave: really excited to see friends and family this weekend to find out if I’m getting a new nephew or niece. Even though so many things about gender-reveal parties make my stomach turn, I’m mostly just really excited to celebrate something good happening in my brother’s life, for once!
    Rant: I am so tired.
    Rave: but I’m trying so hard not to hate these spring/summer mornings, where we have so much lovely light, because it’ll only be a month or so before the days start getting shorter, little by little, and I’m left in the dark again when I wake up.

  • binntp

    Rant: Noon meetings. So many people in my office see that hour window as perfect for setting up more meetings. This is about the 8th time in 3 weeks that I’m going to be eating lunch in 5 minutes between meetings, or in the meeting itself because I have a 4-5 hour block of them back-to-back.
    Rave: Going to see Hayes Carll at the Hamilton tonight. He’s such a fun performer.

    • I had that problem. I added lunch to my calendar from 12-1 as “busy”. Nobody knows if I have a meeting or lunch, so they don’t schedule over it. And it is good for everyone, because the number of times I was eating at 4PM or so was rising, and I get cranky when I’m hungry.

    • Accountering

      I don’t think it is reasonable to schedule a Noon meeting if you aren’t going to bring in lunch.

  • Rave – The sun is out and it’s Friday! And I forced myself to go to a networking event last night and actually enjoyed myself. This is a huge victory for me; I’m an introvert and I really struggle with these types of events.
    Rant – Rain this weekend again. Hopefully things clear up for the DC Bike Ride on Sunday.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: (?) No bike to work for me, it was more like, “walk to couch from bed”
    Rave: But I’ll go on a bike ride later

  • Rant: Feeling a little demoralized at work. Found out I was making significantly less than employees I supervise and have beat out for promotions. Including one individual who has significant deficits and pretty much had all their higher level functions stripped away (our salaries are made public annually and I didn’t look, but it was brought up on the floor). I was already unhappy, but now it’s worse.

    Rave: It’s Friday and the weather is beautiful for a change!

    Question: I applied for a fed job and received a NORS just saying I was eligible but nothing about a referral either way. I applied for a similar job a few months ago (same title) and was referred immediately. I interviewed, references were checked, but was not selected, though my letter said I was highly qualified (lost out to a coworker who had more experience). Should I be concerned I was not at least referred for this same job? Is there a chance I may still get referred?

    • How did it happen? Did you start lower than you should have? I’m looking to get into the govt, so I’m trying to figure these things out.

    • Ugh, there is no fas

      • Ooops. There is no faster way to demotivate someone than to pay them less than people they are more qualified than.
        I used to get paid less than admins with no college degree, when I was in a higher position and had a graduate degree. I slacked off and got the heck out of there as soon as I could.
        I’m hoping your workplace is willing to do something about this or you can find something better.

    • I bet you’re working for Metro 😉

    • No, don’t be concerned you weren’t at least referred to for the same job. I’ve applied to god knows how many gov’t jobs, all the same title. Referred sometimes, eligible sometimes, and found ineligible a couple times somehow (always the State Dept too!). It’s a crapshoot. Out of all those applications, I think I reached the interview stage maybe 10% of the time (although over 50% when I applied for a lower grade outside DC).

      And no, I don’t think there is a chance you’ll still get referred, but also, maybe you did and HR updated it wrong in usajobs. that’s happened to me before too.

  • Rave: Moving Day #1 tomorrow! My mom is coming to help us finish packing, then unpack at the new house. As a former army wife with 10 moves under her belt, including two international, it will be a great help to have her around:
    Rave: Our relationship seems to be on an upswing. I’m trying to stay positive that hopefully this is a sign of things to come, instead of just waiting for the inevitable downswing.
    Small Rant: I really wish this was the final move. I’m glad the kids will be able to finish out the school year here, but I am very anxious to be in my new house full-time.

  • Revel: I’m not all that hung up about tests like many people at my school are but my kids made awesome growth on this reading comprehension/inferencing test they took yesterday. Maybe this will make admin like me.
    Rant: the stinkeye I get from other teachers when I say I don’t think cramming for a test we are taking Monday is worthwhile.
    Revel: 20 days left!

    • You go, girl! I know you’ve had a rough year so I hope to take the satisfaction from this that you deserve. Reading is a tool, but it’s also a great joy and by teaching them to do it better, you’re giving these kids (or beating into them 😉 ) a great gift.

  • Rave: A really persistent, much younger guy (27) asked me out yesterday, and I finally (after months of getting emails from him and ignoring him) said yes. He’s gorgeous, seems very smart and I am immediately suspicious. (I also have low self esteem, but that’s for me and my therapist) I asked him if he was aware that I was 14 years older and he said he did not care (I kind of care because I am not sure what his deal is)…but it was very flattering.

    Rant: And then he ruined it by being 27. So I don’t think I’ll be going on that date now.

    Rant: My crazy Partner is still “making friends” at my firm so I think he’s making the target on his back bigger and bigger. Highly amusing at this point. Still the lack of any consequences of his behavior is startling.

    Rave: Most of my team is gone for a week now, attending a conference. FREEDOM.

    Rave: Another law firm found my resume online (not on LinkedIn) and is submitting my resume for a position that I am *almost* qualified for but don’t have as much experience as I could have. Hopefully I will hear something positive because it is a position that I really would love to have — huge step up in my career.

    • Did he ask you to Netflix and chill?

      • HAHAHAHAHA. No. Just being overly complimentary about my body.
        I often wonder if guys think about what they say online or in text form in the first couple of sentences– if that’s what they’d say if they walked up to the woman in person? And if that’s acceptable?

      • (also, i kind of look like the stay puft marshmallow man, so please understand I am not a supermodel or in any way in shape)

        • And if you were, would you feel it’s acceptable? This sidenote seems like maybe the issue is body image not what he said, but I could be wrong.

          • I still would, I mean, he’s never met me.
            I just told him I thought it was flattering that he found me attractive, but want to know if he’s looking to date, or just hook up?

          • Fair question. Hopefully the former unless you’re looking for some summer fun. 😉

          • Someone can have body image issues and still be offended when a strange dude makes inappropriate comments about their body or asks for nudes within 5 minutes. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. But, very valid point that it shouldn’t make a difference what you look like, inappropriate comments are inappropriate, whether you think your body is worth objectifying or not.

        • While I completely disagree with who you’ve identified as your doppleganger (don’t be mean to your self!) I do think I understand where you’re coming from as far as feeling as though the compliments you’re being given are some bizzarre form of sucking up, or that the person doesn’t mean what they say, they’re just trying to flatter you to get something. I struggle really, really hard to take compliments about my looks, because for a very long time in my life I didn’t get any (beyond my parents, who, let’s face it, have to say nice things!) – it puts you on edge and makes you feel like “what do you REALLY want, here?” I also think it doesn’t help we were raised on movies like “She’s All That”!

          • Thank you, LBP. 🙂 (I feel the same way because my parents always say nice things and I was bullied a lot growing up, even when I was thin.)

            I just heard back from him, and I told him based on his answer, I felt it was best we did not meet.

          • Good for you, SinSA! Do what you’re comfortable with!

    • What does your first rant mean? Did he do something beyond saying he didn’t care that you’re older?

  • Rave: Have a good friend from college in town – excited to spend time with him and our other college friends!
    Rant: The kids are wiiiild today. Have gotten cursed out twice. I called one student’s dad and he hung up on him! I can’t even imagine the punishment I would receive if I hung up on my father, especially when the phone call was about behavior issues at school from a teacher.
    Rave: It’s Friday! And on top of that, we have bowling as a staff outing instead of PD this afternoon! Might be a lil awk, but it’s better than useless meetings.

  • Is anyone still watching the eagles at the arboretum? I check in on them every other day or so, and I haven’t seen the parents in a couple of weeks. I guess they’re out fishing; teenagers have massive appetites. Still, it seems strange that they’re never there…

  • love the photo!

  • For those of you that travel for work….have you ever been asked to share a room with a colleague?

    • Hell no, and there’s no way I would. That’s absurd.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have not, but I have friends who work for very small and minimally-funded non-profit organizations who have been asked to do so and have done so.

    • No, thank God because my coworkers are awful.

    • No, and that would be super uncomfortable! My wife also travels for work and that has never been proposed.

    • Yes, I’ve done it on occasion, usually in developing countries where accommodations are in short supply and VERY expensive. But it was always voluntary, and then you picked your own roomie. Once you’ve asked a colleague to screen you with her body while you squat to pee beside the road, and done the same for her, sleeping in the same room isn’t a big deal.

    • Only when I’ve had to be on a ship during sea trials (an unusual work travel experience in many ways). All my colleagues at my current job are male so I’d be off the hook with sharing a hotel room, even if it was the policy.

    • Yes. It’s common in the nonprofit world. That doesn’t make it suck any less but it’s true.

  • Question for cyclists – what’s the easiest bike route from the White House area to Noma? Can I take the E street bike lane all the way to Union Station and the First St cycle track? Google maps tells me to take H street.

    • Accountering

      E would work, it looks like the bike lane goes pretty much the whole way. Other option is to bike along the mall, which is probably what I would do if you aren’t in a hurry.

  • Rave: Family in town this weekend

    Rave: This AMAZING weather. I’ll just pretend like it’s not going to rain all day tomorrow.

    Rant: Someone stole my BRAND NEW, UNOPENED hummus out of the office fridge. I can’t believe this is actually a thing.

    • That sucks about the hummus. At the same time, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt unless it happens repeatedly. People get confused sometimes, especially if you work in a big office. (If you work in a small office, well, then, yeah whoever took it sucks.)

    • That One Guy

      If this is a habitual problem and need help figuring out who it is, make some laxative laced cookies and leave them in the fridge. I’m sure you’ll learn who it was sooner than later. Just don’t too crazy with the laxatives.
      Alternatively you can walk around the office to see if you can spot an empty hummus container in someone’s trash.

  • That One Guy

    I don’t use bing for searches, but I do like to load the page every few days to look at the photos they post up. Today’s photo makes skunks look down right cute.

  • Rave: 5-minute wait at DC DMV inspection facility, car passed.
    Rant: really bad traffic this afternoon.

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