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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Excited to host a baby shower for a good friend this weekend. Does anyone know where I can find helium balloons in NW???

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Really enjoying this working from home thing/consultant thing.

  • Rave: managed to run 23 minutes last night. I’m gonna be ready for the 5k next month!
    Rant: my students are just really draining me. I’ve become especially irritable with them lately as a result. 21.5 days of school left!

  • rant: living with another person. we’re so different. ugh
    rave: got new headphones. finally.

  • Rant – the moving company I’ve used in the past doesn’t have storage space available to store my stuff while I look for a new home. I’d greatly prefer to just deal with moving and storing with one company. Ugh, back to the drawing board – either with finding a moving company that can move and store my stuff, or a storage space.

    Rant- hit a nasty high manhole cover/pothole one-two punch (street was being repaved) and killed my car last week. Still haven’t heard back from insurance what is wrong with it and I hate my loaner car.

    • If you need recommendations, we used Town and Country movers for move plus storage, and were happy with the service and price.

    • The Pods usually have a storage component you can add on. I used a pod-moving service when I moved from Boston to DC (and they stored for 2 weeks free so I could spend the holidays with my folks). It was awesome.

  • Rant: I feel like I’m alone in feeling the burn that congress halts DC efforts to declare fiscal independence and function more like a state. Everyone I talk to looks at me like they don’t know what I’m talking about…

  • Rave: I’m officially a DC resident!
    Rant: left my credit card in a bar last night. Didn’t realize I left it until I went to pay for my ID.
    Rave: Thankfully was able to get cash out at my bank.

    • Pablo Raw

      I did that once, left my card at the bar. But that’s because I was drunk.

      • Yeah..This isnt the first time I’ve left a credit card at a bar. I’ve done it at least twice before. I wasn’t even that drunk, I got distracted while calling my Uber and forgot to grab it from the bar.

        • I always wonder how this happens (call me old fashioned but I usually use cash). Don’t they give you your card back when you pay? Or do people walk out and forget to pay and thus leave their card?

          • They hold your card at the bar to keep your tab open. When you’re done drinking, they charge it all in one go. But you have to ask them to close it out.

          • Ah, okay — so it is forgetting to close your tab then. I guess I’m just surprised that happens so often! But I suppose it’s understandable.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’ve never left my card at the bar with my tab open, but on a couple of occasions, when I was not drunk (once had a drink, other involved no alcohol whatsoever), I accidentally left my card at a restaurant in the little folder thing (whatever that’s called) that the server puts it in along with the check when they give it back to you after charging it – I must have just been distracted. It appears to be a fairly common thing – when I went back to get it the next day, they pulled out a small box that appeared to be full of nothing but credit cards and pulled mine out of from among what must have been at least 50 other credit cards.

          • yup. In my case I had already closed out, but left the card in the book. Usually I double check, but I was in a hurry. When I worked in restaurants we usually had at least 1 or 2 people a week leave credit cards at the bar. The protocol was to bring it to the directly to management/security and the person could pick it up with their ID.

          • Ah, interesting.

          • I’m shocked that this hasn’t happened to more of you. Back in my heyday of going out I’d leave my card at a bar at least a couple times a month. And I’m not normally a forgetful person (even when inebriated).

          • Allison

            Although I rarely open a tab, my foolproof method of dealing with this is to write “TAB” or “CARD” in sharpie on my hand. Do I look stupid? Yes. Have I ever forgotten to close my tab? Nope!

          • Ha, that’s one way to do it. I think the reason I forgot so often is because I’d switch from drinking to dancing at some point and no longer have it on my mind. I imagine it would be harder to forget to close out if you were stationed at the bar the whole time.

  • Question: does anyone have a hairstylist they recommend? I’m supposed to have an appointment for a hair cut next week (right before a string of 3 wedding weekends in a row!) and I just found out it was cancelled because the woman who usually does my hair is leaving town on short notice! I wear my hair both curly and straight, so would love someone who understands curly hair, but open to anyone at this point! Thanks!!!

    • I like my stylist lizz at eastern confederate, but I have straight hair.

    • I love Jacob at PR at Partners Metro Center. I have super curly hair but he cuts it in a way that allows me to wear it straight. Plus when he straightens my hair, it actually lasts for a few days without much need for touch ups. I’ve never had that happen with any other stylist – my hair would always curl by the end of the day.

    • I love my stylist, Nate, at Immortal Beloved.

    • If you’re willing to go outside of DC, I love Tracy at Color Touch Hair and Nails on 23rd St. in Chrystal City. She is the owner and does awesome work. I have curly hair that I sometimes wear straight. Reasonable prices and really listens to what you want. If you show her a picture she tells you what is realistic for your hair type, which I love.

      • Interesting, I walk by that place all the time and it wouldn’t have occurred to me to get my hair done there. Maybe I’ll give Tracy a try next time I need a haircut. I’m curly and usually just go to whoever’s available at Bang.

    • hijacking– any recommendations for balayage highlights?

      • Melissa at Bang Salon Verizon Center

      • Lisa at the Bubbles on K. Someone (I’m sorry I don’t remember who! mtpresident?) recommended me to her like a year or two ago, and my life has never been the same since. She does magic for cut and color.

    • Kendall at Parlour does really good work on curly hair, but he’s only here every 6 weeks. I know there are a couple other people at Parlour who do curly hair – just make sure you tell them you want a deva cut.

    • Fiddleheads salon has been SO GOOD for my curly hair, tho I never wear my hair straight so I can’t speak to that. I usually see Michelle, but everyone there is Deva trained and knows their stuff. (The whole Deva thing still seems a little cult-ish to me, but if it works, it works!) They have one location on 17th in Dupont and another location in Bloomingdale right off Florida/N Capitol. Highly, highly recommend!

      • I should try Fiddleheads again. I wasn’t impressed with my Deva cut but that must have been about 10 years ago!

  • Rave – My pup graduated from reactive dog class last night! I’m so proud of my girl and the progress she’s made the past few weeks. Turns out I really enjoy dog training and I’m going to start volunteering at the training facility. Yay!
    Rant – It’s not Friday.

    • That’s awesome!
      Where did you take the class? My dog is 90% great, friendly, able to walk by other dogs or meet calmly even when little dogs jump at him, but 10% mortal enemies with a few select dogs that have done nothing to him. It’s embarrassing.

      • We took the class at Your Dog’s Friend in Rockville. We took some private lessons with trainers in DC, which were great for learning the basics, but Your Dog’s Friend has the best set up for group classes because it’s a big space with plenty of room to accommodate problem dogs like mine. She was not able to walk by any dog without reacting and causing a scene, but now as long as the other dog isn’t too close, she will look at the other dog and look back at me for treats!
        Is your dog reacting to a certain kind of dog? My dog has a special hatred for big, fluffy, chow-chow type dogs.

        • My dog completely lacks self awareness, he reacts to large black dogs.
          And one tiny dog that shares his name. He fine with all other tiny dogs but that one.
          Thanks for the info, that sounds great. And congrats! It must be so much less stressful.

  • Rave: It’s my Friday! I love short weeks.
    Rant: I’m having a hard time coming up with a breakfast idea to make for my best friend tomorrow when she gets back from Tanzania tomorrow. I have to be gluten-free. She has to be dairy-free. That makes things complicated.
    Rant: I waited too long to make hotel reservations at the beach for next weekend.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit, knowing that I was having a rough day yesterday, came up to me and asked if watching MASH would make things better. She really knows me too well at this point.

    • I’d say Spanish tortilla or eggs in purgatory (you can use grits or polenta instead of bread to serve them over)

    • Andie302

      poached eggs and fruit? That is a tough combination!

    • check out Nutrition Stripped; most all McKel’s recipes are gluten- and dairy-free by default and denoted otherwise. i adapt many, many of my meals from hers.

    • binntp

      Breakfast tacos. Corn tortillas, beans, salsa, avocado, and you could use vegan substitutes for an egg/cheese scramble.

      • I was going to say heuvos rancheros. I made some the other day with homemade green salsa (easy and can be done the day before) and everyone loved them. Or throw some chorizo on b’s tacos.

    • That One Guy

      Grits with sausage or bacon. Throw in some fruit and that’s not a bad breakfast.

    • Honestly no clue if this is entirely gluten + dairy free, but some kind of oatmeal (overnight oats, baked oatmeal, etc.) using coconut milk? With fruit and nuts?

      • as long as you use GF rolled oats and non-dairy milk then it is. there are many, many easy recipes out there for breakfast bowls with chia seeds, GF rolled oats, quinoa, nuts, seeds, fruit, and non-dairy milk out there. very easy and completely customizable!

    • MASH is the best. I consider it a spiritual exercise.

      • As long as it’s Frank Burns/Henry Blake MASH, and not Charles Emerson Winchester III/Sherman Potter MASH, I wholeheartedly concur.
        Pop quiz – how many people posting here have no idea what MASH is?

  • That One Guy

    Every time I find myself sitting in a MRI exam room I get flash backs of when I took my dad to get his scan done and wonder what he must have been thinking as he lay there. Who could have guessed it was cancer. It’s okay though, if there are infinite number of different universes I like to imagine there are those in which he’s still be alive and others wherein he would have died before I was born. I find that odd thought grounding.

    • Strangely enough, that thought is the exact same one that the Other Mrs. Rabbit used after we lost our daughter to make sense of it all. She found it very comforting to think that in another universe our little girl survived. But she’s always been a big fan of the many-worlds interpretation.

  • rant: the amount of work I am doing as a junior employee with minimal pay is completely ridiculous.
    rave: updated my resume
    rant: I’m sort of stuck…I need a job, and I need flexibility while my husband is in school. So I have to just stick it out for a couple more years. Frustrating but knowing that I can quit when my husband gets a job after law school makes me feel a bit better.
    rave: down 20lbs
    rant: how much more slowly it comes off now that I’m old and taking care of a toddler

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I made an inappropriate joke in the DR’s exam room yesterday.
    Rave: My Dr, whom I’ve had for 20+ years laughed.
    Rave: The First Annual Department All-Hands in Baltimore Tuesday went well.
    Rant: It was in Baltimore.
    Rant: It wasn’t the “First”, just first with this CIO*. He means well but somehow thinks he invented the concept.
    *Certainly first and hopefully last in Baltimore.

  • Rave: It’s almost Friday! Looking forward to seeing my family this weekend and celebrating baby stuff!
    Rant: I’m in a crappy mood again. I think I just need more sleep?
    Rant: I “treated” myself to a donut thinking that would help, and now I feel disgusting. Ugh.

  • Rant: Of all the ways to end a phone call– bye, later, ciao– my brain picked “Love you!” to sign off a call with my boss.
    Rave: She didn’t miss a beat. Replied “Love you too!”

  • Rant – This is random, but do any of you with cars start driving to work in the mornings to find your rearview mirrors have been pushed in? This has happened me me two or three times since I moved to Dupont Circle. I have to wonder who is doing it, and why? Is it some sort of prank?

    I was driving to work this morning on the BW Parkway and found that my passenger side mirror had been pushed in overnight, which was a little scary when I was trying to change lanes. Mind you, the driver’s side was parallel to the street, so it’s not as if a biker pushed it in. No one should have been around that part of my car as it’s not really close to the sidewalk, and there was a tree between my car and the sidewalk.

    I just find this very random. Thanks!!!

    • It could be a well-meaning thing. My neighbor (I think?) will frequently push my side mirrors in for me.

      • Thanks. I don’t look for this when I start my car, so it can catch me off guard. Also, I would understand if it was the side parallel to the street, but in 2 of 3 times, it’s been the side parallel to the sidewalk with 2-3 feet of grass in between, so those shouldn’t need to be pushed in. I hope it’s just well-intentioned neighbors!

    • palisades

      Yes it would happen to my car when I was parking on the street. Always annoyed me for some reason.

  • Rave: this $4 shiny thrift store blazer is making my day.
    Rave: about to give a presentation to some important people and I’m pumped and ready.
    Rave: it’s going to be nice out!!!!
    Rant: before it’s going to be awful 🙁

  • Rave: Two job leads in one morning, including one incredible position that I missed applying for last time it was open because I don’t check my LinkedIn very often. This time, they’re going through “my” headhunter, Apparently the potential employer is very picky or eccentric, which is either very good or very bad for me. The other opportunity is boring but might pay well, won’t involve moving away from the Girlfriend and will — to some extent — ameliorate the insecurity inherent in my current position. In either case, it’s nice to feel wanted, which could be important because…
    Rant: Mid-year review this afternoon. Not sure how that snuck up on me, but at least the band-aid’s getting pulled off fast.

  • Bear

    Rant: Work drama. Sigh. I really want to be a consultant so I can focus on the work I enjoy doing and also so I don’t have to deal with internal politics as much, but I need the income stability & benefits. That thread from the other day about the trade offs that come with being a manager vs. staying on a technical path really hit home and I just don’t know what my way forward is right now. I mean, nothing is changing in the next year given the fact that I’m pregnant, but what then? I honestly don’t know.

  • Rant: Put on a pair of jeans this morning and they were just a little bit too snug for my liking. The magical combo of working through too many lunches (and thus not walking as much), not being as careful about what I eat, and really doing zero exercise has caught up with me.
    Rave: I have a gym membership ready to go! All I need is the time to make that happen. Hopefully after the move.
    Rant: Started thinking about all the little things we need for the new house. Like hangers. More towels. Bathroom stuff. Curtains. It all adds up!
    Question: I will be the only coffee drinker in the house, so having a coffee pot really won’t be of much use. I am trying to decide between a Keurig and a Nespresso machine. Does anyone have any experience with Nespresso? I’ve had a Keurig before, so know their limitations/benefits.

    • Andie302

      Costco and amazon have been lifesavers in our rentals, and while I don’t always think that’s what I prefer in the long term, it’s super easy to either hit Costco with a list (especially if you can divide and conquer, and manage to get there when it’s not ridiculously busy) or just get boxes delivered by Amazon. It’s a lot of moving parts, and I imagine more so with kids and blending two families! Congrats on the new place!

      • Great advice, thanks Andy! I see many, many Costco runs in our future lol. I always forget the sell more than just food and bulk toilet paper.

    • I have a Nespresso machine because I love espresso drinks and like to push the button and walk away. Honestly, I’ve thought about going back to a manual machine because I can buy whatever coffee I want, change the ratios more easily, etc.
      I would never buy a Keurig. Us Nespresso owners like to think we’re above *that* kind of pod machine.

      • This is what has me thinking Nespresso… I was given a wonderful little gift for Mother’s Day this year that froths my milk up for me, and it would be a shame to ruin that lovely froth with shitty coffee.

      • That One Guy

        If in doubt about Nespresso you can go check out their store in Tysons Corner to sample their drinks.
        My views are biased because I too am a Nespresso user. I find Keurigs not very flavorful.

    • You could also get a single-cup French Press. That’s what I use when my fiance isn’t home.

      • +1 for French Press.

      • For weekend, a French Press would be perfect. On weekdays, when I have to get myself ready, kids ready, and somehow make it out the door on time, not so much. I know it might not seem like a huge task to make coffee, but it is often the last thought I have and simply pushing buttons is SO much easier.

        • Cold brew coffee. Do a big batch on the weekend, drink it all week. You can either drink it cold or heat it up. Takes no time at all once its made.

        • Same here. During the week it is challenging trying to get the little one ready and still make it to work on time so I prefer to just push the button on my Nespresso machine. The fact that their pods are actually recyclable makes my conscious feel a bit better. But I do love a good french press coffee…

    • The inventor of K-cups is on record regretting his invention, for the terrible environment impact. Go French press!

      • If I did Keurig, I would use it with the reusable basket. I hate K-cups.

      • Environmental impact aside (and it is significant), calling the product of a Keurig “coffee” is torturing the English language beyond recognition. It’s tepid, brown water that smells vaguely like coffee and tastes like – well, tepid brown water. I don’t know about a Nespresso, but it couldn’t possibly be worse. French press would be much better.
        Also, maybe we’re anomalous, but when we have only one coffee drinker in the house we make 7 cups in the drip coffee maker. If it’s both of us (or all three, since my daughter likes a little bit as well), we make a full pot. I’ve always been curious about people who have just one cup of coffee – why would you limit yourself to one cup of something that tastes that good?
        In case you didn’t realize it, I would rather give up booze than coffee.

        • LOL…. Yes, I get it, I really do. Keurigs = crappy coffee.
          This is mostly for weekday use. My morning routine only allows me for one large cup of homemade coffee. I drink more at work. I am thinking a french press would be great for weekends, but I just can’t see making it work on weekdays.

          • We got a quick-boil electric kettle and a Chemex and it’s super fast and super good. A downside to the reusable pods is that you have to take the time to reload them, and I’ve read that you have to have the right kind of grind for them to work well.

          • I get you on the Keurig, anonamom. I used to make my own coffee to take to work via french press in the morning during the week, but then I’d get all frazzled on days that I forgot until the last minute and then waiting for it made me late. (It’s great if you remember to let it sit while you’re doing other things — but mornings = no brain.) Ever since I moved to an office with a Keurig I gave up making french press at home before work and just leave the house without issue and make my (crappy) coffee at work. It serves it’s purpose.

          • Same as you, Friday Girl. One thing I do like about the Keurig is that the coffee turns out extra strong! I bought reusable pods that fit in my office machine, but the coffee didn’t turn out the same way, and the pods started cracking after a few weeks of use. So now my lazy self is back to destroying the environment along with everyone else at my office.

    • I have a four cup coffee pot that counts as “single serving” for me

      • Me too – put coffee and water in the machine the night before so in the morning all I need to do is turn it on.

      • At home on weekdays I use my espresso machine to make a double shot. It’s the perfect amount for the morning when I’m in a rush and don’t want to take coffee with me.
        I also used to have a Gevalia coffee machine that produced a single mug of coffee.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Lots of good suggestions here. I get that you don’t want to do French Press due to time constraints, so my AeroPress would be out for the same reason. I like the suggestions above for the 4-cup coffee pot (for me that is basically a single serving) and also the cold brew (keep several cups worth on hand, just microwave a small amount when ready to use)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: dad needs a vertebrae rebuilt.
    Rant: he has biopsy today and results will take freaking forever to get back.
    Rave: doesn’t seem to be the bone cancer that his sister has.

  • Question: What are the price range for a mice exterminator? Thanks

    • $75 adoption fee at the Humane Society, I think. But I’ll rent you my exterminator for $50.

    • One that is really going to do a good job? $500-$600. Of course, you can find a place to do it for $250, but the mice will come back.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t know about for mice, but I have been very pleased with Ward’s Pest Control for roaches. I had a major infestation of german cockroaches at my old place and they took care of it. I called them after I bought my new place because there was abundant evidence of rodent activity there (poop everywhere) – they looked around, concluded that there was no longer an active problem, declined to take my money, and left, which was very fair and reasonable of them when they could have easily charged me for the visit and probably tricked me into paying for additional services as well (I have seen no subsequent evidence of any issues and thus believe they were correct)

  • That One Guy

    People don’t understand that when I call it Hoodbridge, it’s for a reason. It’s like living in the 80s all over again but instead of cinder blocks it’s stones. https://mobile.twitter.com/JeremyMcPike/status/733065457121517568

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