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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Wasted lots of time on my phone this morning.
    Rave: Have my weekly Amtrak commute tonight to turn off my phone, drink my tea, listen to music, and tuck into Middlemarch.
    Rave/Rant: Lots of pony watching this week but no barn time for me this week.
    Rave: Biked to Ohio Drive last night – forgot how much I loved Hains Point. Such a lovely bike ride despite the rain.

  • Rave: Ken Burns Jefferson Lecture was fantastic. Really thought provoking, he didn’t pull any punches in regards to America’s relationship with the past. I’ve been a fan since watching “The Civil War” with my parents as a little kid. His documentaries have always resonated with me. My personal favorite is his first “The Brooklyn Bridge”.

    Rant: I may need to make a gametime decision to attend my sister in law’s graduation on Sat. The ceremony is outdoors and if it rains it will be moved indoors. If that happens she only has 5 tickets, which I’m going to assume are going to her parents, my parents, and my brother. I still want to go up for belated Mothers Day with my Mom, and I’ve already passed on invites for the weekend. But I also don’t want to travel.

  • Rave: Great lecture by Ken Burns last night. Nice to run into PoPville folks SKJ84, Caffeine, and Tall E beforehand, and to hang out with Emmaleigh504 and Quotia Zelda at the reception afterward.
    Rant: I ate too much at said reception. But the food (desserts and hors d’oeuvres) was so tasty… and FREE.
    Rave: Managed to get the trash and recycling out in time this morning (last week I was too late for the recycling pickup) AND to find a parking space on the non-street-sweeping side of the street.
    Rant: Was a little worried this morning to see a orange kittycat on a porch roof and was wondering how he was going to get down…
    Rave: … but was relieved when he jumped to the porch roof next door (maybe 4 or more feet away!) and I saw on closer inspection that that house had an open window above the porch, which was presumably where the kittycat came from.

    • There was a reception afterwards?!?! I didn’t realize that! Boo to missing out on free food. Also good to see you too! I saw Emmaleigh and Quotia Zelda as I was leaving, but didn’t get to say hello.

      • They didn’t do a good job of publicizing the reception this year — maybe it was printed in the playbill, but if so, I didn’t see it.
        I knew about it only because I’d been to the one last time I went to a Jefferson Lecture (Martin Scorsese).

        • Ah! There is nothing online, and I don’t remember anything in the program. Oh well! Still had a great time.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Usually they have an announcement inviting the audience to the reception, I don’t know why they didn’t this year. It was a nice reception. Nice to see you, Textdoc.

    • I Dont Get It

      Wait, there was free food? I might have gone! I turned in my tickets last week because I had seen Ken Burns so much in the last month doing the talk show circuit I wasn’t sure he had much more to say. But FREE FOOD!!!!!!

    • I missed the PoPville meet-up AND the reception?
      Really glad I went; the color guard and national anthem were unexpectedly moving.
      And, “the humanities makes us smarter” – Ken Burns

      • There was no PoPville meetup; I just ran into a few people randomly. (I kept an eye out for you, but with no luck!)
        We’ll have to organize a proper PoPville meetup next year — at least at the reception, if not for the lecture itself.

      • My friend and I both remarked on how we expected to see at least one person we knew among the hundreds (thousands?) of people who attended the lecture !

  • Rant: I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in this fellowship. I like my agency, the people I work with, etc., but it’s still really slow paced and the project I’m working on isn’t interesting to me. (And this is after switching from something else I didn’t like.) People keep telling me to move to another agency but that requires finding someplace that will actually hire me more than halfway through the program and it would also burn a lot of bridges. On the other hand this isn’t really the position I want to convert to permanent in. Blah.
    Rave: On the bright side my agency is one of the best for workplace flexibility…not having to actually be in the office eases the boredom/lack of motivation.

    • Andie302

      My office is in the hiring process for someone in the middle of their fellowship. If you’re not happy, you should try and find something else. Couch it as a rotation if you want to just test the waters, but now is the time to find something you might want to convert to, especially if you already know you don’t want to convert where you are. Spinning your wheels is definitely not the purpose of the fellowship!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I was at the gym working out when I noticed the neighborhood Bruja entering the pool. I excitedly pressed my nose against the window to see if she would sink or float but alas, she was wearing floaties so we will never know for sure.
    Rave I guess: I have an appointment tomorrow at The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics to look at my shoulder. The pain has been only getting worse since I returned to working out so I hopefully this is a step in the right direction!
    Rant: I’m wearing a tie with a tennis sweater at work today and I fear that I look like I’m on my way to interview for a job at a fancy ice cream shop or audition for first tenor in a Barbershop quartet.

  • Rant: Feeling low and miserably fatalistic.
    Rave: Trying to focus on the hopeful things and the good things.
    Rant: I can’t get my Ragdoll to stop eating her own fur! She’s always been one to regularly upchuck hairballs, she doesn’t seem to be in any distress or having anxiety issues, but it just seems like she goes through these periods of eating so much fur! I watch her grooming herself and it’s like she just yanks out a chunk of fur, and goes “aw, hell with it – gulp!” and then, sooner or later, I’m cleaning up a hairball off my floor. Ugh! She’ll let me brush her, but no matter how consistent I am with brushing her, she’s torturing me!
    Rave: Getting texts of adorable videos of my nephew. Brightens my whole day!

    • binntp

      My kitty is also swallowing boatloads of her own fur these days. I blame it on the change in seasons!

    • Do you give her hairball gel? A 1/4 teaspoon daily on her food has helped mine a lot.

      • no, she hates that stuff, but she will eat certain hairball treats. Guess I need to be more consistent in giving them to her.

      • IIRC, LBP tried a kind of hairball-easing food… and her other cat (who _wasn’t_ getting hairballs) ate the food and things were, um, eased a little too much. 😉

        • Yeah, I have to be very vigilant in watching to make sure fluffy kitty is the only one eating anything “hairball” formula, because sleek kitty will eat anything given the chance, despite having a very sensitive tummy!

  • special_k

    Rave: Ken Burns at the Kennedy Center! Thanks to Quotia Zelda (I think) for the heads up. This was not at all on my radar.
    Rave: The Woodrow Wilson HS Vocal Music Program on the Millennium Stage. I really enjoyed their performance.
    Rave: Got some great quotes from the Populace yesterday. Going to send my CASA kid some encouragement.

  • Rant: So damn sleepy. I passed out at 7pm last night and pretty much slept until morning. I blame the weather. And pregnancy.
    Rave: DH and I leave for sunny Florida tomorrow!!! This vacation couldn’t have better timing given the sucky DC weather lately. We are ready to act like total goofballs.
    Rave: I bought vacation clothes (cute romper, shorts, sun dress) this weekend–excited to bust them out!
    Question: We’ll be back to DC on Monday and will go out to dinner to celebrate our actual anniversary–anyone have any suggestions of good places they’ve been recently? Monday is tricky because many restaurants are closed.

    • Andie302

      My foodie friend keeps telling me that Kinship is amazing. Not sure if it’s open on Monday, but it seems more likely that you could get in there than any other day of the week. Enjoy your trip and happy anniversary!

    • I went to Chez Billy Sud and was pleasantly surprised (always skeptical of Georgetown). Its very classy but not ridiculously priced — and the food is absolutely delicious! If you’re more into eclectic/ethnic (and not white-table-cloth-french) then I recently tried Thip Khao and really enjoyed the flavor complexity of the food. Its definitely noisey and not as intimate, but delicious and open on Mondays.

      • We’ve been wanting to try Thip Khao… this may be a good opportunity since we never seem to be able to get that way early in the week when the restaurant may not be as busy!

    • Bear

      I passed out when I got home for about an hour and a half….and then couldn’t sleep last night. I need to find a way to take naps at work during the day so that I’m not passing out as soon as I get home – this pregnancy stuff is exhausting!

      • I know! Stupid window in my office would make mid-day napping obvious. The problem works out similar to you: Exhausted during the day, come home eat dinner, all I want to do is rest on the couch. That turns into a 3 hour nap. Then I finally go to bed, and struggle to fall asleep because of my 3 hour nap, but still manage another 7 hours of sleep. If you figure out any good stealth napping techniques at work, let me know!

        • Bear

          Same issue – window into my office, so I can’t nap there. I need to find a windowless conference room or something.

          • We have a “wellness” room that has a lock and a couch but it’s really for breastfeeding so I don’t feel comfortable napping in there in case someone needs to pump! But the desire is strong…

      • Thanks! One of my friends recommended Convivial as well and we hardly ever get to that area of the city.

    • Embrace all the sleep, pregnant ladies! Your body needs it. You are growing an entire human. 🙂

  • Rant: Grand jury 2 service – five weeks, five days a week, 9 – 5 each day. Not complaining about jury duty, per se, just the time commitment for this.

    • Did the same a few years back. Time commitment absolutely sucks, as does the fact that they take your smartphone away from you in the morning and you can’t get it back to the end of the day. BUT, if you are on the major crimes grand jury (homicides and rapes) like I was, it really is a life-changing experience. You will see and hear things that are unspeakably horrible, and meet with ordinary folks who somehow manage to make it through. The whole process is exhausting — some nights I’d come home after particularly harrowing testimony, sit in front of the TV and forget to eat. But you make some good friends — my group still has reunions once a year — and in the end you will find it worth the pain.

      • I will be honest, your comments aren’t selling me on finding it to be worth the pain. I have a full time job and a kid and will likely have to spend extra hours each night working because it doesn’t stop, even if this is an excused absence for me. I hope to find it a worthwhile endeavor – truly. I’m just not feeling it at the moment. It’s been an incredibly stressful 6 months at work, year and a half personally. I just need a breather.

      • I was on the major crimes grand jury in DC, and I totally agree that it was life changing. It gave me a completely new perspective on this city. But it was also traumatic and draining. Basically, every day for 5 weeks you get to hear people tell you about the worst day of their lives. (there are several other grand juries that deal with non-major crimes, and their jurors didn’t seem traumatized, just bored.) I’m not sorry I was on the jury, but no way would I do it again. Keep in mind that if you show up, it’s pretty much certain you’re going to end up on the grand jury…very few people get dismissed.

        • Oh yes, I will definitely be there. For all my grumbles, I would never dream of not showing up. It’s my civic duty to serve.

        • I was dismissed at the age of 23. Mine was for a whole freaking year so I was really relieved. Not every day, but you could basically be called at any time throughout the year.

          • What happens if you’re traveling when you’re called back?

          • I’m not sure? I was dismissed after one day because I was about to start a job with the federal government and my offer letter said that I might have to move to one of the field offices–based on need and skills, blah blah. So there was no guarantee I was going to be in DC in 2 months, let alone for a whole year.

        • I was on a petit jury, but it was a violent crime and took six weeks overall, with some scattered days off. I was much more junior at my job then, but was also in grad school part time and it was hard. My then-bf would be texting my inane questions throughout the day and all I could think was “I don’t care, I’ve been looking at autopsy pictures for hours!”
          But, I did have an experience like Gumpper. In my case the pain and misery were balanced with a real feeling of community and inclusiveness in the way our jury operated. Of course that didn’t erase the horrors, but it really did make getting through it so much easier. We met a few times after, went to the sentencing together, had a one year reunion, but while I haven’t stayed in contact I know there are a few people who did. I got to meet people from DC that I never, ever would have otherwise and it was just illuminating. I really value that time in a bittersweet way.

      • I was a homicide jury in 2009. (I think maybe they were split up differently back then. I recall the options being homicide, sex crime and rapid indictment process, but maybe I just didn’t realize homicide included other major crimes…because we only heard about homicides….) Completely agree with Gumpper. It was horrible, emotionally exhausting, boring, heartwarming, and occasionally fun– we had pot luck lunches every day of our last week. One suggestion for the boredom when you don’t have your phone and you’re waiting for testimony or out at lunch – I used the opportunity to learn a language. I bought a book and studied every day. It’s amazing how much you can do when you are forced to be there and don’t have a phone or laptop to distract you. Good luck!

    • At least it’s limited to five weeks — isn’t there grand jury service that’s once or twice a week for a year? (Or longer?)

  • Rave: Painter cleaned up my window frames and painted a fireplace. All ready for shutter install!
    Double rave: Met some new neighbors and they are very nice!
    Rant: this weather is slowly killing me..

  • rave: Gonna learn how to drive. yeeeeeah. at my age, I feel pretty pathetic that i really cant drive. lol.
    rant: where is spring? the sun? WHEREEEEEE????

    • I’m turning 32 this year and have never had a drivers license. I’ve had several learners permits but never a license. I’ve done pretty well without one, though now we are going into metro shutdown mode I may need to rethink things.

      • maxwell smart

        Having grown up on the West Coast, this is something I just can’t comprehend. Like not owning a car. Objectively, I don’t need my car. I drive maybe 1,000 miles a year and it’s largely convenience miles to go to the grocery store. But my mind can’t comprehend not owning a car.

        • I can comprehend not owning a car. It’s more puzzling to me when people (other than those who’ve grown up in, say, Manhattan) don’t have driver’s licenses. In most places in the United States, public transportation is so inadequate that it’s hard to function as an adult without a driver’s license.
          IIRC, SKJ84 came to D.C. right after college, so she wouldn’t have needed a driver’s license the way she might’ve if she’d moved to, say, Dallas.

          • Right? There have been countless occasions in my life, many work-related, where I absolutely had to be able to drive somewhere. Even within the DC area there are a lot of places you simply can’t get to without a car. I’m kind of in awe of people like my cousin who have figured out how to live in such a way that they never need to drive themselves around.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yeah. I can get by without driving because if I need to get somewhere that transit won’t take me, which is very rare because I can afford to live in a place where distances are short and options are numerous, I can afford to pay somebody else (taxi, Uber, airport shuttle, whatever) to drive me there. It’s very different for somebody in an area where typical distances might be much greater, and for those who can’t afford to pay others for rides and who do not drive for reasons that are not voluntary (e.g., can’t afford a car/insurance/all that; unable to hold a license due to certain medical conditions, etc.)

          • Yup! Though it does make trips home a bit difficult. And when I was in Indy last month. Honestly I think I would probably suck it up and get my license if I lived in an area where car culture was prevalent. I will admit sometimes I do wish I had my license when it comes to running errands. The closest grocery stores to me are 20-30 minute walks, so I really have to plan out my trips. But other than that I don’t think I’m really missing out. I can bus, bike, Uber and metro my way around the city just fine.

          • I guess you don’t have to leave the city very often, like to go somewhere in Fairfax County or PG? That’s kinda amazing. Can I please have your life?

          • HaileUnlikely

            Anon- be careful what you ask for.

          • I was responding more to skj84. Grocery shopping is the least of my car-related needs!

          • to Anon, I actually do! Not so much PG country, but I go out to Fairfax semi regularly. Same with Maryland. It’s never occurred to me to limit my travels throughout the city. It’s not easy, but not impossible. I usually try to take the furthest Metro out, then either Uber or bus to my destination.

          • Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed, but that sounds expensive if you’re doing it at least a few times a week!

          • Also, what did you do before Uber?

          • Anon, carpooling. If Im way out in VA its generally to meet friends. So I’ll try to catch a ride with a driving friend if possible. I generally don’t like to depend on my friends for rides, but if someone offers I’ll take them up.

        • I Dont Get It

          I’m from the Midwest and get this and probably equal you in the number of miles driven per year. However, I may be giving up my car soon and it’s very unsettling!

          • We gave up our cars when we moved to Toronto and it has been AMAZING. Not having to deal with the maintenance, getting gas, traffic, spending money, etc. has been really freeing. Then again we can walk everywhere and the public trans up here is pretty solid.

          • maxwell smart

            Hmmm… I’ve been seriously debating moving to New York City due to work… long story… and although having a car is super impractical, I’m also not sure I can emotionally part with my vehicle. We’ve been together since 2005. We were meant for each other!

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have a license but have not driven in so long that I would probably want to take at least a brief refresher lesson before driving in a place with high-volume and high-“intensity” traffic like DC or in a place I wasn’t familiar with. If I were to go back to the quiet suburb in upstate NY where my family lives and where I learned to drive, I would be reasonably comfortable driving around there. And FWIW, I know people who live not far outside of DC (e.g., in Columbia or Laurel) who have never driven in the city and are terrified of doing so. This is not a super-friendly place to learn.

    • Good luck! I recently got my first driver’s license at 28 but still can’t really say I know how to drive since the last time I drove was at the road skills test… :-/ Are you going to take professional lessons or have a friend/family member teach you?

    • I got my driver’s license at 24. For those who think that it’s impossible in the ‘burbs, I lived in MD for over a year without one and got along just mine.

      • What part of MD? I just to live near a bus stop in VA (inside the Beltway), and thought I could at least give my car a break during the week since there was an “express” bus that went to the Pentagon. Little did I know the suburban bus system is dysfunctional to the point where it’s really not usable.

        • HaileUnlikely

          “usable” means something different if you have other options than if you don’t.

          • Yeah, I felt sorry for people who were relying on the bus to get to work. It wasn’t unusual for it to show up an hour and a half late.

        • My commute for a couple years fit the same description and catching the bus to the Pentagon worked just fine for me. As Haile said it depends on whether you truly have other options; and if you do, what you’re willing to trade off.

          • Yeah, kind of like how you can bike or walk just about anywhere if you give yourself enough time. The bus is ok if your job allows you to be flexible with when you arrive/depart and doesn’t stray too far outside normal 9-5 Monday-Friday hours. And if your bus stop is in an area that’s safe and doesn’t require you to cross a multi-lane highway, even better. 🙂

        • Charles County. So no Metro buses. We had something called “VanGo” but that sucked. I walked a lot, and basically carpooled. There are a lot of people who don’t drive at all. It’s not wholly uncommon. Some people can’t afford it, some people are scared. I happened to fall in the latter category. I was hit by a car as a child by a woman learning to drive. It gave me an irrational fear of learning myself. I overcame it, and am a perfectly happy driver and car owner now, but really, one does not need to drive in order to have a sense of freedom or independence like the car makers would have us believe.

          • That depends on what you call freedom and independence. I guess with the advent of uber the problem is pretty well solved, but I’ll take the ability to get in car on a moment’s notice any day. Saves time, and I think money too.

          • HaileUnlikely

            It indisputably saves time. Whether it would also save money depends on too many factors to enumerate.
            For me, not having a car certainly saves me money, as I don’t spend anywhere near the cost of insurance, gas, and maintenance on personal transportation and delivery of goods that I could otherwise purchase in person and drive home with. Where I work, parking is so expensive that I would do it extremely rarely.
            The biggest cost for me is probably opportunity cost in terms of activities that on a case-by-case basis I elect not to do because they’d be too difficult or complicated or expensive starting from the position of not having a car.

    • I’ve never had a driver’s license. Grew up in the Midwest and got around fine there, too, without one. I’m in my 40s. It’s not always the most convenient, but I manage okay.

      • What was it like? I feel like you’d have to rely on people for rides a lot of the time.

        • I hated having to rely on friends for rides when I was in high school (I wasn’t allowed to get a driver’s license until shortly before I left for college) and when I didn’t have a car my first two years in college. Oh, and having to walk from my dorm to the nearest grocery store (not very close by) and trudging back with heavy bags.

          • I’m noticing more and more that some people really don’t mind it at all which has caused me to stop offering rides.

  • Rant: I see so many people bantering law enforcement on here: they didn’t update their Twitter fast enough, they didn’t do this quick enough, blah, blah, and blah. It really annoys me. I’m not defending them, I just think it’s funny how people can take their time to complain. I understand wanting to feel safe & sound, but if you hear helicopters flying around your neighborhood, do you need a Tweet from local law enforcement that you need to remain indoors? Whenever I hear sirens, to me that means I avoid the area of concern and remain in a safe place until the commotion has stopped. Most the time people want “information” is because they are nosy and want to know more. If the general public was really at danger, I do believe there would be more police presence outside of the perimeter directing pedestrians to take cover or find a safe place. If the police force is concentrated in a particular area, more than likely they have the situation under control and the public isn’t at risk.

    • I Dont Get It

      How did people survive before Twitter?

      • I’m still not on twitter. I kind of don’t get it. I guess that makes me old.

        • I’ve tried to make a Twitter account a couple of times and it always gets hacked. I’m done trying. But I’ll admit, I do look up the DC Fire and EMS feed whenever something’s going down.

        • I’d recommend it just for informational purposes. For example, I find it to be the most useful source for up-to-the-minute info about metro problems – I check it a few minutes before leaving the house. I follow users who put out info that I find useful, but I never tweet.

      • I Dont Get It

        I think the point I was trying (admittedly poorly) to make is that people managed to avoid crime scenes for years before Twitter.

    • +10 I’d much rather have all the police resources/attention focused on finding the knife-wielding lunatic than worrying about communicating updates to the twitter people.

    • You hide in a safe place anytime you hear a helicopter or sirens? No offense, but how do you ever do anything?

      • Yeah, I basically agree with FreshlyAlive but that seems a little extreme. I mean I definitely avoid getting in the way of cops doing their job but I hardly take cover every time I hear a siren or helicopter.

        • My dog howls at fire truck sirens, and sometimes he loses his voice on a particularly busy day. Good thing he doesn’t feel the need to do it with police sirens too!

        • +1000… I thought most people just proceeded with what they’re doing unless they’re literally within the police tape. If I hid in a safe place every time I heard a helicopter I literally wouldn’t ever be able to leave my house. Also, a lot of those helicopters are news helicopters that have nothing to do with crime…

  • Rant: I really need to start getting up on time again. Ugh. Running late is no fun!
    Rave: mtpkiddo finally got a full night’s sleep, though was not happy to have me wake her up this morning. Here’s hoping for another one tonight!
    Rant: mtpbaby barely ate and only took cat naps with grandma yesterday and then was uncomfortable with congestion in the middle of the night.
    Rave: he’s back at daycare where his magical primary teacher is sure to get him back on track.
    Rave? I hope? Caps game 6 tonight!

  • Rant: Watched The Good Wife series finale last night. Very disappointing. Probably my least favorite series finale of all time.
    Question: Has anyone been to Quebec City in the winter? We are getting married right before New Years in NY and are considering a mini-honeymoon in Quebec since its not too far and seems to have a lot of cool things to do in the winter. Considering staying in Auberge Saint-Antoine. Would love suggestions of things to do/whether we are crazy because it will be so cold!

    • Your rant makes me sad. I haven’t seen the finale yet but I loved the Good Wife and was hoping for a good ending. Although series finales are almost always disappointing.

      • I actually enjoyed this season so I had some high hopes – or at least hopes at all – for the finale. It just went all negative and the writers seemed to make some random decisions.

    • haven’t watched this season at all. I think it went downhill after Will died and Kalinda left. 🙁

    • Have you already been to Montreal? I’ve haven’t been to Quebec City, but my impression had been that Montreal was considered the more interesting/fun of the two.

      • I visited Montreal years ago. I’ll have to do more of a comparison. We will only be there for a few days so I think we would like the quaint vibe of QC and then doing some outdoorsy things (the fiance is very set on ice fishing…). But I will look into Montreal as well, thanks!

        • I can’t speak for Quebec City, but we went about 90 minutes outside Toronto for Valentine’s Day weekend and it was COLD. Like my eyelashes froze in the hot tub cold! But it was fun and pretty. We did an airbnb bed & breakfast, which was in a quaint little town where you could walk to the Main Street. Nearby they had skiing, snow shoeing, etc. I think if it’s only for a weekend it would be nice.

    • I was planning on watching the last season once it’s free on Amazon prime, but I’ve heard some wacky things happen. POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: Does Will really come back from the dead??? Weird.

    • I’ve always wanted to go int the winter to see the frozen Montemorency Falls! I love Quebec, I really should go back.

    • Quebec City is beautiful, but it is cold. Below zero cold. So cold that you actually have to worry about uncovered body parts turning black and falling off. Too cold for outdoor activities, unless you consider hypothermia an outdoor activity.

      If you want to shack up in your hotel room boinking, drinking maple whiskey, and gazing at the gorgeous view, go for it. If you actually want to go outdoors, consider Vermont.

  • Rant: I took Nyquil before I went to bed last night so I wouldn’t be kept awake by my cold symptoms. Twelve hours later I’m at work feeling completely woozy and out of it. How long does it take for this stuff to wear off?
    Rave: The Tom Petty documentary on Netflix is so good!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: this weather, will it ever get better?
    Rave: the Jefferson Lecture, always a nice time with Quotia Zelda and the lecture was good too.

  • Raaaaaaaaaaave: I’m ENGAGED! How in the world did this happen? He COMPLETELY surprised me and I was so confused! And the ring is so SPARKLY! 🙂 All we did was go for a bike ride on Sunday night and I come back engaged?!
    Rave: Planning a DC themed wedding, most likely!
    Rant: Planning a wedding in DC — oof, pricey!
    Rant: No more Screen on the Green!

  • Revel: looking cute in a dress I paid $2.47 for at Old Navy
    Rant : my students said I look weird in a dress
    ?: ran into a couple students at the grocery store yesterday.it was a big event.
    Revel : confirmation from my principal that I can leave as soon as I’ve taken care of closeout procedures. This means I can stay late the night before and make my flight to Quito.

  • Rant: I’m beyond exhausted even though I had a decent night of sleep last night. And I’m not supposed to have coffee. It’s going to be a long day.
    Rave: The picture frame I ordered to go with the Other Mrs. Rabbit’s gift to me (a gorgeous photo she had taken of our daughter and edited with a photo overlay of a hiking trail out at Great Falls) is absolutely perfect. It’s made from pieces of wood recycled from an old barn. I love it.
    Rave: I converted so many people over to the mint julep lovers side this past weekend. It was awesome.

  • Please, no spoilers in RRRR comments. Even if you say “SPOILER ALERT,” it’s all too easy for the reader to glance at the screen and simultaneously read “SPOILER ALERT” _and_ the five or so spoiler-containing words that follow.

  • Rant: Baby is having major fussy crying spells over the last week. Not sure if it is a growth spurt or if he just needs way more naps. Tracking his sleeping patterns to see if that helps.
    Rave?!?: Only one hour of inconsolable, insane baby crying last evening.
    Rave: I managed to get almost eight hours of sleep last night, even if in two to three hour increments.
    Rave: According to the doctor my knee pain isn’t anything serious. I’m hoping stretches and taking it easy put me on the mend with the next few weeks. Anyone else have experience with iliotibal band syndrome?

    • Yes, and you can easily find IT band stretches by doing a quick internet search. Taking it easy and doing stretches should help – but be disciplined with the stretches. For me, gentle IT stretches a couple times every day (set a schedule, don’t just do them whenever you happen to think of it) seemed to do the trick. For me it was a running injury, and I did have to stop running for a couple months – but the combination of a break from running and stretches worked for me. I still do the stretches from time to time for ‘maintenance’, I haven’t had full-blown IT band problems since that first time.

  • RANT: Balancing demands of current job while trying to onboard for new job.
    RANT: Could not care less about finishing anything at current job. I don’t want to leave my friends here in the lurch, but I’m not about to start anything. And I’m really trying to muster enough enthusiasm for even that.
    RAVE: NEW JOB has a SIGNIFICANT pay increase.

  • Andie302

    Rant: I put my hair up in a musty towel this morning after my shower and now all I can smell is the mustiness. UGH! This is the curse of a sensitive nose
    Rave: One more day of all this hair

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