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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: metro

    that’s all i can think of. I’m so tired and frustrated with it all.

    • Yes, f’ing metro, such a mess, seemingly run by total incompetents who JUST DON’T GET IT (current GM excepted until he proves otherwise). Hate to say it, but it needs a Federal takeover.
      Related, this year’s potholepalooza makes me think we’ll experience a similar collapse of city services in the next year or two. Granted, my perception that our current Mayor is a fool is probably coloring my observations, but it seems the streets are more pockmarked and repaired less thoroughly/cleanly/effectively than in past years. Anybody else?

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: Flying to Chicago tomorrow morning to see the Cubs/Nats game.
    Possible Rave/Possible Rant: The time is almost nigh for me to online check-in on Southwest. I do NOT want a middle seat. I’m waiting like a coiled snake ready to strike. Cobra Kai Never Dies!
    Rant: It’s supposed to rain/thunderstorm right at game time so it’s probably going to be delayed and eat into the time I was hoping to wander around Chicago and explore.
    Rave: I get to hum “I’m leaving on a jet plane” to myself in the jetway again.

    • You could do preferred seating with Southwest. I think its like $15 extra, but it guarantees you are in the “A’ group.

      • Kukki Bakemono

        Yep. Though, I can never bring myself to pay any more than I need to for a flight. I just prefer aisle seats because I like to walk up and down the aisle to get my legs working and that’s much more convenient if I don’t have to always bug one or two people to get up so I can get out.

        • albany

          Careful Kukki, you’re on a slippery slope to being that old couple doing yoga stretches in the aisle (I wish I were making this up).

  • Rant: My neighbor across the hall is being sexually harrassed by the handyman in the building. This infuriates me because he is employed by the landlord and I don’t think she will report it. What can I do?

    • Talk to your neighbor, but you may need to report it yourself.

    • Can you report it? Do you think the landlord will listen? Or are you afraid of retribution against your neighbor?

      • The landlord is a POS disguised as a professional that owns other buildings. She has had several problems getting things fixed, I have had problems with the handyman as he lives above me. He is loud, has large dogs that he lets in our yard area and does not pick up their poo. The landlord has been told of this and nothing much has changed.

    • Ugh — that’s terrible, and extra-bad if he has keys to everyone’s unit (or access to such keys).
      Didn’t someone describe a similar situation here several months ago? I wonder if it’s the same handyman…

      • I’ve been googling, BTW, but so far without any success. I’m almost certain there was a previous PoPville post or comment about someone being harassed by staff from their apartment building.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: so hard to wake up this morning, so I was late
    Rant: I’ve become such a slacker at work. I need to get my act together.
    Rave: I’ll barely be at work in June. Hooray!

    • maxwell smart

      SO with you re: getting up late. Most of the time, I don’t mind my basement cave, and on sunny days I actually get a decent amount of light in the morning, but on days like today, it’s the perfect cave for sleeping all day, which is exactly what I wanted to do.

      • Emmaleigh504

        My not very cave like apartment seemed like a cave this morning. It was so dark. I kind of hope it’s dark and rainy tomorrow so I can hibernate and get it out of my system.

  • Rant: Suddenly over-run by cockroaches. Been in the same place for 20+ years, with nary a roach. Now zillions of big ones. We have boric acid, roach motels, poison traps that they take back to their nests. Going out of my mind.

    Related Rant: Houseguests arriving soon. How to explain that the scritchy noise they hear isn’t rats, just cockroaches in the motel hidden behind a stack of books a foot away from where they’ll be sleeping?

    • Are you in a house? Apartment/condo building?
      Have you tried spraying yet (or asking the building management to do so)?
      When I was in grad school, I had to deal with a really severe roach problem that turned out to be trickle-down from my upstairs neighbors. So unfortunately I know a lot about dealing with roaches. 🙁

    • Ugh, I can empathize. Have you gotten new neighbors recently? I used to live next to a house with an untreated roach nest (at least that’s what the exterminator suspected) and eventually the roaches made their way into my house. They especially love warm damp weather like this. Conner’s Pest Control is good for getting them removed but it could take all summer if they’re coming from another house.
      You might want to put your houseguests up in a hotel or AirBnB, or at least give them the option. I had family visit during my infestation but it was fairly under control at that point so it was unlikely they’d see one.

    • Ugh, sorry. The big roaches used to come out in full force in my previous apartment after a few days of muggy rainy weather. I stuffed every crack and crevice with steel wool and sprinkled boric acid everywhere, it worked but it takes time. If it’s getting that bad I would reach out to the professionals and put your guests up in a hotel.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ugh this reminds me that a friend of mine got a roach infestation in her car after a flood. I don’t know how she still drove it. I would just die.

      • It’s a house.

        Pixie, I’m curious about your boric acid technique. We’ve dumped tons of it in problem areas. Maybe we’re supposed to be sprinkling instead, as your post suggests?

        Houseguests stay with us because they’re too cheap–although very wealthy–to stay in a hotel so I’m not going to put them up. Get what you pay for!

        • Yes, just sprinkle it, don’t pour out tons of it. You want the roaches to walk through it, and if there’s too much of it piled on the floor they will just avoid it. Sprinkle it in small spaces like underneath the fridge. I hate how I know so much about this…

        • HaileUnlikely

          I basically agree with this but would use diatomaceous earth rather than boric acid. Boric acid is pretty toxic. Diatomaceous earth should not be deliberately snorted like crack or dispersed into a cloud and inhaled deeply but is otherwise completely safe and is sometimes even fed to pets to treat certain GI issues.
          Also, if spending perhaps $300-$400 to get rid of them would be worth it to you, you can just call a pro. In my limited research and experience, bedbugs are new to the pros, so they’re not all that great at eliminating bedbugs. But pros have been eliminating roaches forever and know how to do it. I haile recommend Ward’s Pest Control.

    • To get rid of them, I did everything the people bellow said, but also used the following (granted, I’m in an apartment): I put Gentrol Point Source IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) Discs in any space between cabinets, walls, behind fridge, dishwasher, etc. It’s birth control for the cockroaches so they can’t procreate (you gotta replace them every couple months). Then we bought Advion Cockroach Gel Bait – which they eat then die when they bring it back to their nest.

      Then we bought a bunch of caulk and just went to town on our apartment. We recaulked absolutely every crack and hole (first filled the hole with steel wool). So far we haven’t seen any in a year *fingers crossed*

      • Thanks so much, Welshi and everyone else. Fingers crossed that the houseguests don’t have any disgusting encounters in the night.

  • Rave: the other day someone abandoned a soccer ball on the sidewalk. That was the great day of DOG’s life.
    Rave: last night he wanted to take it with him on his quick night walk, but he can’t carry it, so he grabbed the headless Christmas reindeer instead. It was the cutest thing ever. I had to put the harness on and off over his head with the thing in his mouth.
    Rant: I feel like that picture.
    Rave: I can’t wait to lay on my couch tonight and go to bed early.
    Rant: I haven’t brewed any beer lately.

    • I love your DOG stories. :).
      What’s the story on the “headless Christmas reindeer”?

      • I went to Petco before the blizzard and all of the Christmas toys were $1, so DOG has 3 of the same red reindeer. He likes to rip the little parts off, the antlers and ears, but then when people come over and he has an audience deserving of a show of his prowess (read: not just me, cause who cares about me) he’ll take to tearing it apart. He got the head off, but there’s a squeaker in each foot, so it sticks around.
        I think there’s one more brand new, intact one, awaiting the death of this one.

        • Nice — I like the idea of backup identical toys.
          My cat also benefited from post-Christmas clearance sales — she received two stockings full of mostly red-and-green mousies and balls.

    • Emmaleigh504

      DOG is the cutest dog ever.

    • My dog is like that too. He goes beserk whenever he sees a ball or anything kind of spherical. No way would he let us walk past an abandoned soccer ball and not take it home.

      • DOG dove for an avocado pit in the gutter the other day and carried it until he broke it in half, then was perplexed and saddened over the loss of it.
        Side note- you know your neighborhood has made it when organic juice pouches and avocado pits are the new street trash.

    • My old dog used to carry sticks with him on his walks. He’d find a good one at the park and carry it all the way home. Then he’d get sad that he wouldn’t fit through the front door with his stick and he had to leave it outside. My dog now doesn’t like to play with toys on her walks. She’s way too busy sniffing for chicken bones and watching out for squirrels.

      • I think the stick thing is soooo cute! Mine is uninterested in them. It’s just spherical objects. The disappointment when it turns out to be fruit (DOG doesn’t like fruit) is palpable.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I so love dogs walking with toys or sticks or even when they grab the leash and walk their humans. More cute dog stories please!

    • I love DOG!

  • Bear

    Rant: Okay, this is seriously enough with the weather. Where is spring? I need sunshine! And my tomato plants need to go outside already! They are not happy indoors…
    Rave: Friday, no plans for the weekend except an acupuncture appointment. I know I’m getting old when no plans is a good thing.
    Rave: Finally moving forward on some work on the house. Getting the bathroom vented next week, hopefully the week after we’ll be able to get all the insulation work done. It will be so nice to have a house that’s not drafty!
    Rant: Still trying to get the husband on board to have a structural inspection done. He was all about it until we found out how much it would cost. Doesn’t change the fact that we have some pretty clear indications of some structural issues…

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Last night Lizzy got stuck behind the trunk the TV sits on and managed to pull out all the wires for the TV, cable, DVR and possibly my Tandy 1000.
    Rave: The 14th and U Farmer’s Market opens tomorrow. MMM…Kuhn’s Orchard’s fresh spring asparagus!

  • RANT: I know that this is minor in comparison to all of the other metro shenanigans currently taking place, but does anyone know why EVERY redline train departing Metro Center towards Silver Spring/Glenmont starts and stops moving about 8 million times when leaving the station for Gallery Place? There, of course, is no advisory or anything regarding this on WMATA’s website…shocker.

    • Good question. I experienced this first hand last night when I had to reroute due to the Federal Center SW situation. Someone else on the train said it has been happening for at least a week. I don’t think I could take going through that every day.

  • Repeating my PSA/reminder from yesterday afternoon: This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you have any attractive potted plants sitting in front of your house, hanging from the porch, etc., now might be a good time to bring them indoors or put them temporarily someplace less accessible.

    • Additional PSA- this weekend is Howard’s commencement and Obama is speaking, so just don’t go near there at all. Plus move out, it’s going to be awful.

      • I had forgotten about that — thanks!!

      • thanks for that info! I was planning to drive through that area on both days. Of all the things I appreciate about Popville, finding out things like this is at the top.
        FYI commencement is Saturday at 10am.

      • Also there’s the Funk Parade on Saturday, so there will be road closures just south of Howard too.

      • Plus Race for the Cure. I’m staying home on Saturday.

  • Rave/rant: today is technically my flex day but in practically it’s just another work from home day.
    Rant: metro. very interested to see the maintenance plan about to be presented.
    Rave: I walk to work.
    My unsolicited, armchair opinion is that metro needs to close down temporarily to address all of their maintenance issues AND needs to bust up the union before any change a la a “safety culture” will have any chance of success.

  • Rant: Returned home last night to discover that my keys were not in my purse. Realized I had probably left them in an office drawer, as at some point I had been emptying the contents of my purse into the drawer to look for something in the bottom of the purse.
    Rave: Because I hadn’t yet collected my spare keys from LittleBluePenguin, who lives nearby and looked after my cat for a few days when I was on vacation, I didn’t have to go all the way back to the office.
    Rant: I need a better within-purse organizing system, and possibly a bigger purse.
    Rave: Friday!!

  • Rant: this weather. Confirms that living in Seattle or London are never, ever options for me.
    Rant: going to a dry wedding (religious)

    Rave: Nutella Mocha from Compass.

    • It doesn’t actually rain all that much in London — it’s just overcast a lot of the time. And when it does rain, it’s often just drizzle.

    • Kukki Bakemono

      I agree about living in Seattle. I was there for three months one year, all summer months, and I think there was about two weeks worth of actual sunshine. My brother went to grad school there and always says he wants to move back. One website quoted NOAA data that had Seattle with 226 days of “Heavy Cloud Cover”. That’s a bagful of NOPE.

  • Rave: rain means I didn’t have to water any of my plants this week.
    Rant: rain is likely to spoil weekend outdoor plans of riding and hiking
    Rave: which will mean more time to read and finish Sonia Sotomayor’s book. Highly recommend it!

    • I share your first rave! I planted two new plants (a boxwood and a creeping phlox) about a week ago and haven’t had to water them once.
      The rain is kind of getting in the way of my ability to plant some more plants, though.

      • I’m worried they’re getting too much water. Water is an invitation for rot and disease and it’s something I generally like to control myself!

  • Rant: Now the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund” thing is telling me that it’s still processing and they will post more information “when it becomes available.” This does not sound good.
    Rant: So very broke.
    Rave: Friday! Finally think I can see the light at the end of the work tunnel, too, which is great!
    Rave: Farmer’s market season! Even if I can’t buy anything tomorrow, it’s just nice to know they’ll be there for the next 6-7 months!

  • Rave: “Hey Jude” was playing in the coffee shop earlier, and at least four of us were singing along. T’was awesome.
    Rave: FRIDAY! No plans for tonight except for watching The Amazing Race (LOVE THAT SHOW!).
    Rave: Was super troubled about something yesterday and was able to talk to the b/f about it…I’m not usually able to share like that, so this was a good feeling.
    Rant: Waiting for Metro’s announcement………………………..

  • rave: promising phone interview
    rant: being out of the county for 2 weeks makes it hard to be available
    rave: the interviewer said they want to do an in person before i leave
    double rave: I’ll be flying to japan in 1 week
    triple rave: baby beaver

    • Enjoy Japan! Will you be there for the whole two weeks?

      • Yes! Splitting our time in Kyoto/Kansai and Tokyo. I’m fluent but my bf is not, and last time I was there I was with other students who were fluent so it’s going to be an interesting experience and I’m so excited (but conversely, very checked out at work). We’re also flying back first class thanks to airline miles, which hopefully will soften the blow of going back to work the next day.

    • We may pass each other in the airport – I will be at Narita Friday, 5/13 at 4:30, and Saturday, 5/14 at 11:00. Flying Japan Air.

      • Are you doing an overnight in Tokyo before proceeding to Bangkok?
        I reiterate my Bangkok recommendation for Mango Tango, BTW. (As long as you like mango, that is.)

        • I have 18 hours on the ground in Japan on my return flight. Given the time from Narita to Tokyo, and then back for an international flight, I am going to have time to eat dinner somewhere, sleep for a few hours, go see the tuna auction at the Tsuikiji market, and then go back to the airport.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Lobster tails on special at Harris Teeter
    Rave: Lobster tail and kale salad for dinner tonight
    Hair appointment tomorrow means I won’t be around for the Funk Parade

  • Rave: First Therapy appointment set! I start on Weds. I hope I click with my therapist.

    Rant: Roommate searching has got me on the edge. I had a potential cancel on me last minute yesterday, which considering I had to cancel my evening plans to show the rooms, was especially infuriating. I really don’t have much free time this month, and I hate having my time wasted.

    Rave/Rant: Lots of potential plans for tomorrow and I’m not sure what I want to do. Funk Parade, invite to a Derby Party, movies, or Birthday party? And maybe showing my rooms thrown in. I guess I’ll let the day take me wherever.

    • Emmaleigh504

      good luck with the therapist!

    • Have you tried doing an open house yet? That could be more efficient than a bunch of individual showings, especially when some of them are no-shows.
      I’d recommend not posting your actual address in the Craigslist posting, but asking people to RSVP for the exact address. That way you get a sense of about how many people to expect.

      • I did an open house the first go around. It was mildly successful, I found the roommate set who who eventually dropped out. My major issue is time. I’m out of town next weekend, and my evenings are pretty booked this upcoming week. I could shuffle things around, but I need a guarantee people are going to show up.

  • Ally

    Rave: Finally worked up the balls to tell a very demanding freelance client that, after a 1-month project turned into a 1-YEAR project, enough is enough.
    Rant: Nanny’s been out sick all week. This is starting to get expensive.

  • topscallop

    Rave: it’s Friday!
    Rant: this weather
    Rave: at least it’s good book-reading weather. I have the last two Elena Ferrante books to go through, plus the Man in the High Castle is waiting for me at the library. BF is out of town so in between the friend dates I have scheduled, I’m excited to get in some quality reading time.
    Rave: made it to the gym twice this week, and will aim to go again this weekend. Wedding season is nigh and I want to like the pictures I’m in.
    Question: has anyone had custom jewelry designed in DC? Was it insanely expensive?

    • I absolutely loved the Elena Ferrante novels. I miss reading them.

      • I tried reading the first one and couldn’t quite get into it, but I should give it another try. Did you know the novels are being made into a TV series (in Italy but we’ll probably have access to it eventually).

        • Yeah the first one was a bit slow, the second novel was my favorite. The story gets more interesting as the narrator grows up. Like Topscallop mentioned below, I have a hard time picturing how they would translate to tv or movie.

          • I think that was my problem– I’m not that interested in stories about children.
            Would it be wrong to start with the second one?

          • Jill – If you’ve read some of the first novel you’ll probably be ok with starting the second one. Something big does happen at the end of the first book, but you could just Google a plot summary and figure out it out Also the in beginning of the second book there’s a brief summary of what happened to each character in the first book.

          • Thanks Pixie. I didn’t get very far in the first book, but that may have been because I was reading the Kindle version (I do better with hardcopy or audiobooks). I’m going to place a new library hold on it now!

      • topscallop

        I find them so absorbing! I wonder how they’ll translate to TV – I imagine a sort of Downton Abbey feel, but the drama is so internal to the characters it’s hard to picture.

  • Rant: Overslept this morning, and couldn’t find a watch my father gifted me which has sentimental value
    Rave: Found the watch! Was soooooo relieved.
    Rave: Its FRIDAY!!!! Really need this weekend.

  • Observed: People pronouncing the word “literally” LIT-rilly, with a hard emphasis on the first syllable. Seemingly a whole lot of people at all once. Did someone in a blockbuster movie or TV show do this? Or maybe it’s just a California thing? Can anyone out there help me get my head around this? :p
    Rave: Taking a four-day weekend to catch up on sleep and taking one glorious day in Napa. I really really really need it.

    • Also, does anyone have a lead on a one-month rental in either Metro-accessible DC or in/near Alexandia starting immediately for about $1000? I realize it’s a giant long shot, but have to ask. It can include share situations of all kind.

    • Rob Lowe said “Literally” that way on Parks and Rec.

    • palisades

      I LITCHERALLY can’t believe you don’t know the reference. Rob Lowe’s character in Parks and Recreation pronounces it that way. ANN PERKINS.

      • +1! fka Shawess, you need Parks and Rec in your life. Treat yo’self!

      • I can top that: In high school I was always wondering why everyone was saying “how YOU doin?” because I didn’t watch Friends. I think I was out of college before I learned where that came from.

    • I think Joe Biden has been saying it that way for at least two elections, but I guess it must’ve taken off in response to “Parks and Rec.” (Which I haven’t seen.)

    • I love you guys. Thank you.
      Is it terrible that I can’t get into Parks and Rec? My Hulu and Comcast queues seem to think that I need to watch it — it always shows up without me trying to find it. I like it when it randomly comes on every few weeks or so, but never think to intentionally watch it.

      • I know a lot of people that don’t really care for parks & rec. It took me a handful of episodes to get into it, and I really liked the middle few seasons, and then it kind of went back downhill for me. To each his own!

      • I have absolutely no interest in it. I guess I just hate pop culture.

      • topscallop

        Skip season 1, it gets much better after that.

  • Revel: Dog hates the rain and does not want to go for a walk, just rings her doorbell, goes out to the yard, pees and comes right back in.

    Rant: The poor eaglets look really misrable!

  • Rant: The state of one of the houses I can see from my back porch, owned by the infamous Insun Hofgard, is just abysmal. Trash, plywood, overgrown vegetation, trespassers during the day and night. I’ve already contacted 311 and had it deemed blighted, but that was more than a year ago. The house is just a shell and there has been no work done on it since they bought the property in 2012. Do I have any recourse here? Or is it just going to sit there to rot until all the suits against her are resolved?

    • Not sure if DCRA has already been involved, but they’re supposed to cite people for debris/trash/overgrowth on the property.
      Is this already on the radar of your ANC Single Member District rep? If not, bring it to his/her attention and also to the attention of the MOCR (Mayor’s Office of Community Liaison) rep for your ward. (I found the MOCR for my ward to be much more effective than my councilmember or the councilmember’s staff.)
      The mere fact that the property was deemed blighted is somewhat promising — my understanding was that it’s really, really hard to get a vacant property deemed blighted (and often difficult to get a vacant property even to be deemed vacant).

  • Rant: feeling like work has not been a good fit for a while, wanting to quit without something lined up. Just want to be honest with myself. Don’t want to rush into something else and have the same situation happen again.
    Rave: warmer weekend

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