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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I just place my order for fresh scallops at Harris Teeter. It is an interesting concept of ordering scallops before they are caught.

    • Ha, I heard about this the other day! I wish I liked scallops… it is indeed interesting.

    • How much are they? I assume that they’re “dry” scallops and that’s why they want advance orders?

      • $19.99/lb. I was wondering if they’re dry as well. It’s part of their Catch Shares program where they place an order with a small local fisher (this one is a 43-year-old from Quantico).

    • Thanks for the reminder. It’s a great idea and makes a lot of sense. I’ve done it before at HT with oysters. The scallops are 19.99/lb. – pricey for an ordinary meal maybe, but a fair price.

    • I get emails from HT occasionally about pre-ordering various seafood, and the scallops had me wondering if I should try it sometime. Grocery store seafood counters are so hit or miss (usually a miss) that I just stick to frozen, but I’m guessing it would be a lot fresher if it’s specially ordered. Do tell us how they are!

  • Rant: Arranging childcare in this city is just unbelievable. After getting on multiple wait lists for day care (all which are stupid expensive) literally the moment we knew we were pregnant (almost 11 months ago now) , we *still* don’t have a start date for care for when I return to work at the end of the month. The day cares wait until the last minute to let you know of an opening and most nanny share openings generally want kids a little older and closer in age for the other kids and so there seem to be zero options. I just, ugh, this is unbelievably difficult.

    • The perennial reason why people end up moving to hellscapes like Chantilly. A lot of us don’t want that, but don’t have 5 generations of mothers and forty-seven cousins in our neighborhood to help like a lot of my neighbors. Not that they have it easy; a lot of them would prefer to have better options, too. I could see family leave and pre-K programs increasingly becoming a bigger issue in DC elections. Obviously doesn’t do anything for you now, but there a lot of other people going through the same thing. There are some things where this city is just the worst.

    • we were on 15 wait lists starting at 6 weeks pregnant. I still get calls from centers asking if we want to stay on the wait list. My son is 2 1/2. The centers made it seem like there were year long waits, which would have been fine. So we paid the wait list fees (almost $1000 all said and done) and nada.

      Start your own nanny share. Seriously. It’s what we did. We hired a nanny of our own with the understanding that if it was working out, we would add another family. And as someone who had an older kid and a younger kid joined the share, it worked amazingly well. While the baby was napping, my son got one on one time. I’m happy to talk to you offline if you need advice. I found it incredibly difficult and ultimately it added to the severity of my post partum mental health issues because I felt lost and unable to control a simple care plan for my son. But we LOVED our nanny and I would have paid out the ass for her. Feel free to reach out!

  • Rave: Shah & Shah did a beautiful job on my rings! So glad to have them back!
    Rave: May have found an anniversary present for my wife–I’ll need to remember that come August 🙂
    Rant: mtpkiddo meltdowns and antics. Totally depleted my patience last night and tried hard to do so again this morning. Argh.
    Rave: Enjoying the cooler weather, even with the rain.
    Rave/Rant: Caps game 4 tonight. If we can’t win tonight with Letang suspended, then I have little hope for the series.

    • Accountering

      +1 on Caps tonight. Pretty much need to win or we are toast. Need to lift the puck on Murray – but I think we got this one.

  • Bear

    Rant: Sleep has been elusive the last week or so. I’m getting increasingly grumpy…
    Rant: People who complain about not getting enough support when they fail to realize everyone is stretched thin. Not sure how I’m supposed to hold everyone’s hand all at the same time.

  • Rave: Made spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner last night. I was so hungry and it was so good.
    Rave: Slept like a baby last night. Must’ve been really tired.
    Rave: Just got an email that the purse I ordered as a birthday gift has been shipped.
    Rant: Got tricked by NetZero into getting a paid email account while I got rid of the DSL and Norton Antivirus software from them that I was paying for. I will triumph over NetZero!
    Rant: The weather. It makes me want to sleep all day.
    Rant: Who the hell hijacks a Metrobus?
    Rant: Hate that someone that was just doing their job got killed cause of the hijacking yesterday. My condolences to the family of the victim.

  • Rant: Being led down a wild goose chase by Sprint.
    Rant: My potential roommates dropped out last minute. Thankfully I had a pipeline going of other candidates, but this means I’m going to have to reschedule my plans this weekend to show the house again.
    Rant: I literally had to take a Xanex and go to bed early after learning Trump cinched the nomination yesterday.

  • Rave: Had a nice time with my mom yesterday in Philly, even if it was only for a few hours.
    Rave and Rant: Had a mostly great check-up with my specialists, though one is leaving and now I have to decide if I’m going to keep that specialty care up there or switch to local. Which is further complicated by the fact that the local specialist recommended by the other specialist is the chief in his specialty department at the hospital – and department! – in which I work, and further complicated by the fact that now, it looks like I’ve only got 10 months until I need another procedure, so deciding between local and far-away care is made a bit harder. But overall, good visit, and I’m lucky that right now the hardest decision I have to make is between a really excellent doctor here and a really excellent doctor there, and I have the ability to see whichever I choose. I realize not everyone has that luxury.
    Rant: Still waiting for my federal refund.
    Rant: DC had the balls to send me a letter asking me to “verify that I filed” my taxes and hey did I really mean to submit this? They want several more documents that can identify me and where I live. I guess they’re just being careful, but it also seems like an attempt to avoid returning tax money.
    Question for the Populace: For those who received a request for additional identifying information from DC, did you mail it or hand deliver it in person? Cause I don’t trust these bastards, but I also don’t want to have to take a huge chunk out of my day to travel down to SW DC and wait for who knows how long….Advice?

    • Can you send the docs via some method that will track receipt? (Fed Ex, priority mail, certified mail, etc.?)

      • This may be the way I go, I just hate having to pay extra money just to get my own back!

    • If you go when they first open, the wait should be menial.

    • But the other option is DC doesn’t check, it’s fradulent, and then you never get your refund. They’ve had so much identity theft in the last year or two, I don’t see any other option.

      • no, and I get it, but it’s still a pain in my ass either way – a minor one, but annoying nonetheless!

    • I’ve been dealing with tax verification madness the past few weeks from 2012. I’ve found faxing to be the easiest and most painless route, provided DC is okay with it.

      • FROM 2012?!?!? What?! That is madness! and no, faxing is not an option! DC lists either mail, or hand deliver. Grrr.

    • Regarding the doc – at least you are well aware of their credentials!! For real though, if you do decide to go local, you couldn’t be in better hands. Talk to Former Co-worker with similar issues, she was in the same shoes I believe. Glad all s well!

    • Ughhhh, so I just found out DC is holding our refund hostage due to this same issue. They said they sent a letter on April 18, but so far I am not able to even track down this letter. Living in Canada is complicating this issue. The lady I spoke to would not or could not provide me with what information they need over the phone. Ugh, this is really freaking frustrating.

      • oh man! I’m so sorry, that sucks having to deal with this already sucky thing from so far away!

        • My dad has it and is scanning it so we can deal with it. So we have to send copies of our DC licenses, a W2 (ummmmm which they already have?!), and something else showing our DC address (like property tax bill)? Why are they doing this–never had to do it in the past!?

          • yeah, and I still have an out-of-state license, so I’ve got to send utility bills and – what else? – my freaking W-2, which as you say, they already have!!! Jeeze!

          • Huh. I wonder why some people have to do this and others don’t. I just had to call and take a verification survey and I got my refund the next week…..

          • Yeah so I still have my DC license, but my wife converted hers to Ontario. Can she use her [Canadian] passport? She still has a copy of her DC one, but it’s expired at this point. This all seems a little over the top.

          • I’d send both dc license and passport. They’ll ideally see you were living there in the file date.
            They told me changes in address can trigger the extra checking or paper check, some people got it without any changes.

      • Accountering

        I got my $28 without a peep. I guess they figure people wouldn’t go to the trouble of fraud to get $28?

        • Some people will stab you for $28. It takes all kinds. But maybe for people who are new to DC get yanked around? or have larger amounts of money to be returned? Dunno.

  • Rant: going to have a big showdown with my boss. I messed up, but he plays power games and mind games and also generally disrespects anyone under the age of 40, so this will be… awful, but hopefully not disastrous.
    Rave: really supportive friends and a wonderful therapist helping me put this into perspective.
    Rave: I get to see my family this weekend, including my youngest sister who just took a leave of absence from college. I get to tell her in person how much I love her.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: having difficult time waking up in the mornings. I’m going to bed at a decent hour, what gives?
    Rave: hot tea on cold mornings.

    • I share your rant. 🙁

    • I’m blaming this blergh weather on my inability to wake up at my normal time, and the all-day-long yawning in between sleeps.

    • That One Guy

      I feel like I kept waking every two hours or so. It was not very restful. Glad to hear other people are suffering and are just as grumpy as I am.
      By the way, you’ll appreciate this, there’s an ice cream shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Van Leeuwen that sells Earl Grey ice cream. Yep, mind blown.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: This year’s crop of cyclists in DC are the worst I have seen (and this rant is coming from someone who also bicycles to work). PLEASE – wear a helmet. Do not listen to music. Do not talk on your phone. Obey traffic signals, especially on major roads in rush hour – drivers and cyclists with a green light should not have to yield to you! Bike lanes on one way streets are also one way!

    • So true. As a fellow daily bike commuter I hate to see the terrible behavior exhibited by some (not all) cyclists. Makes us all look bad! What’s with coming up to a red light blowing through the crosswalk and then stopping basically into the first lane of traffic?! Seems very dangerous and maybe saves you like 2 seconds. You can still get a jump on cars once the light is about to turn without doing that.

    • OMG the talking on phones! I saw someone riding a bike AND texting USING BOTH HANDS the other day and I just stood there with my mouth open, I couldn’t believe it.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I was running on the sidewalk on 16th Street (up north, near Carter Barron Amphitheater). and a guy came up so close to me that he clipped my foot, then bumped me with his arm/shoulder as he passed me. He just kept going without any sort of apology or anything, so I ran up behind him and told him in words not fit for print that all he had to do was say “excuse me” and that bumping me again would not be a good idea. This was a man in his forties or maybe fifties, not a child or a teenager. This is outside of the “central business district” by nearly 5 miles, and people drive much too fast up there, so I have no beef whatsoever with anybody riding their bike on the sidewalk up there, but it is not ok to come up behind pedestrians quickly and bump them (twice!) as you attempt to pass them without slowing down or ringing a bell or saying “excuse me” or anything.

      • HaileUnlikely

        although it should be obvious enough in context, I failed to mention in the above that the guy who bumped me was riding a bike.

        • Agreed. I’ve had some close calls, too… thankfully not quite this close. The least people can do on the sidewalk is say “On your left/right!” I’ve heard arguments before that pedestrians walk unpredictably if you say you’re coming — but I disagree. If you are CLEAR where you are people won’t walk into a biker’s path for the most part….

          • maxwell smart

            I would say (based on experience): Announce “on the left” with enough time to make adjustments as needed – plan on pedestrians not moving, stopping, moving to the wrong side, etc. – don’t wait until the last minute.

        • HaileUnlikely

          And do not pass at full speed, slow the hell down when passing, and if you strike somebody while passing, at least apologize for goodness f*cking sake.

    • I’m with you on everything except the “don’t listen to music”. How about “don’t be oblivious to your surroundings”?
      I’ll listen to music (or e-books). The buds are sufficiently poor quality that I can still hear what’s going on around me. If it’s really crowded, I’ll pause it, or pop one earbud out. I also keep my eyes around me for passing cyclists, and make way for them.
      It’s 40 minutes each way to/from work, and I’ll enjoy a little music or a book.

      OK, one more issue – why do you care if someone else wears a helmet? That’s their business, and for many riders in DC, not a big deal either way.

      • maxwell smart

        That’s fair – I will say that most, if not all, people I have seen with earbuds are also completely oblivious. At least have 1 ear free to hear what is going on. I commute on major roads with a lot of traffic – being able to hear the traffic behind and next to me gives me important cues to avoid daily collision. Biking on the streets in DC isn’t a leisurely bike ride on Capital Crescent – awareness is extremely important. That’s why I recommend helmets. The roads are dangerous. Protect your head.

    • This is so true. Lately I’ve witnessed a lot of people mingling with traffic on bikes who look like it’s their first time on two wheels. Like they don’t understand that you need to maintain a certain speed in order to keep your balance and stay upright on the bike. Or greatly underestimating the mass and force of a motor vehicle in relation to their bike. I suppose it’s possible that some of these people never learned to ride a bike when they were 4, but it’s so hard to fathom!

  • Rant: In various stages of the interview process with four different organizations. One of which is making me write reports and (phone/video) interview with 5 different people before even getting to the in-person interview stage, and for a temporary/election-cycle position. So sick of interviewing.
    Rave: Caught up with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year because life got in the way. I forgot how much I enjoyed her company!
    Rant: Spent the weekend out of town sleeping squeezed on a twin bed with my SO and my not-so-small dog. My back still hasn’t recovered.

    • Why are you doing that much work for a temp job? Good chance to move forward after the election?

      • It’s an organization/cause that I really care about and the job is an important one in terms of being able to shape the narrative around the election and funding/policy down the line. There’s some chance they’d keep me on afterward but yes, the rant was mostly me saying I don’t know why I’m doing so much work for a temporary job.

    • SKT, how is your current job going? My recollection was that you liked it much better than your previous one… but if you’re interviewing with four different organizations, does that mean you’re liking it less than you used to?

      • I was managing a big project on a contract/freelance-basis and loved it. They have another similar big project coming up that they want me to manage but they don’t have a timeline for when that will be yet. They’re a startup and everyone is freelance there and they have me working on smaller projects in the meantime but it’s not enough so I’m back to looking for something more full-time.

  • Rave: Google honoring Jane Jacobs today. Love that many people will get a peek into the work that I do and a person I admire.
    Rant: So much up in the air. Looking at so little consistency over the next three months in terms of where I live, where i work, where I sleep. Also staring down another move/consolidation and renting out fully our DC home.
    Rave: Once again, it helps to have a husband who responds to massive amounts of work and potentially stressful situations by using spreadsheets, putting his head down and plowing into it all.
    Rant: I’m the organizer of our stuff. He’s not good at packing, organizing, remembering where stuff is. So while he’s managed our refis (and that’s stressful as sh**) I’ll be managing all the move/packing.

    • In another life I would have been an urban planner. Or wildlife biologist. I was just reading an article about the family structure of crows and thought how awesome it would be if my job was actually to watch birds and write about it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Last night, Lucy, who usually sleeps during the night woke up at 12:30 am and started barking because she wanted water and at 1:30 am she had another bark attack since she needed a potty trip to the deck. Lizzy, thankfully, managed to pace through the night without getting trapped in chair stretchers or a Harris Teeter bag. Senior Citizen Dogs!
    Rave: My herbal tea “sangria” this morning is particularly tasty.
    Rant: I’m refereeing a p*ssing battle with the CISO and Corporate Treasurer. Most likely, they will eventually agree that it is somehow my fault.
    Rant: Me. I had entered the Division Tagline contest (our new CIO seems to be very touchy feely) and yesterday it was announced I was first runner-up. The rant is that after several attempts at submission, I finally gave up due to system problems. I never bothered to pull up the list to vote since why bother if I can’t vote for myself? Whoops!
    Rant: My fellow Hoosiers! You can do better!

    • I feel your pain. My work was squarely in the middle of a p*ssing match between two high-level managers this weekend – 20 e-mails flying back and forth on Sunday…still no resolution! I’m sorry you’re stuck in the middle, good luck!

  • Rant: having issues with work…..we are a tiny, tiny non-profit. I make crap money but I am OK with it because I have a very flexible schedule and the benefits are good, especially in the long term. However, another employee, who works from home 3 days a week, treats me like the help and not like a coworker. No matter what I do, I feel like she’s annoyed by how I am doing it. She never assists me at a job that I am relatively new at – almost every response is, “it’s on the shared drive”. But what’s more annoying to me is how work is not the priority for her, parenting is. And I’m all for parenting, but she worked from home 3 days and brought her kid to work 2 days. Now, she’ll be here three days a week with her kid and at home two days a week. Her child is 1. This is because she can’t afford childcare for two kids. Um….I make less than half what you do, and I TRULY cannot afford childcare, but I manage to make it work because I know it’s not my job’s responsibility to make sure I have child care. I know I’m not being weird about this – a toddler doesn’t belong in the office when people have work to do. I’m not being crazy here that this is unprofessional, right? Not just the complaining about childcare costs to a subordinate, but also the overall dynamic?
    Rave: Coming to DC for two nights for our gala next week…I have a free night to hang out and see friends
    Rant: Starting to feel like my husband is getting stuck solo parenting a lot, which is no fun…..maybe I need to bring him some baked and wired to make up for it?

    • Telework is not supposed to be a substitute for child care. And yes, having a toddler in the office on a regular basis is not professional.

      • see, I wonder if I just have too old school of a view of telework. I mean, my boss is generally great (too often he never forwards me emails then blames me when I don’t know something gets done,…but still). I’m even OK with the occasional “my kid is sick, I’m working from home” or “my kid has a doctors appointment, so I’m staying home to avoid commuting twice in a day”. Even a rando Jewish holiday the school is closed. But on a regular, ongoing basis….I have a problem with it. I don’t think the cost of childcare of the responsibility of the employer, especially a very very small employer. Her husband can’t find a job (PhD, so can’t find a FT faculty position) which again, isn’t our responsibility. My husband is a full time student with zero income (well, according to the government…GI Bill isn’t taxed 🙂 )

        • +1. If her husband can’t find a job, why isn’t he staying at home with the kid? No offense because everyone’s situation is different but I 100% agree that telework is not a substitute for childcare (except in rare circumstances like doctor’s appointments where you can work longer if you don’t commute). If you’re watching a kid at home you are not going to be paying full attention to work, yet you’re still getting paid for those hours.

          • so the bigger issue here is that I don’t know how to address this issue. I benefit from my boss’s flexibility, but I think the reason of “we can’t afford two in childcare” is really not professional. Do I say that? I just started working here in September….so I don’t want to get fired because I need my job. Or do I just start looking for other work?

          • This is a great question and a really crappy situation. I’m not sure. If it were me, I would probably start looking for other work. But (and take this with a grain of salt) maybe it would be possible to approach your supervisor about a smaller aspect of the bigger issue (the “low hanging fruit,” if you can identify some) and say something like “I understand that everyone’s situation is different, but having a child in our office is distracting me from my work [or whatever the specific issue is]. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions.” Maybe your boss would be willing to find a better compromise? (A separate office, etc.)

          • so we each have our own office, so she just hibernates in there with her door closed whenever she is here. Super helpful for working together. But I gather it’s “fine” because she’s essentially given me all of the work she doesn’t want to do, I just can’t ask her for clarification or anything. I mean, it’s a big problem IMO because it’s very unprofessional. And I feel like the organization deserves better than that. Nevermind that I truly cannot afford childcare and it’s not like I have a spouse who can stay home (school is actually full time). It’s a very odd and uncomfortable situation.

          • Ugh… yeah… I’d start looking elsewhere….

          • What is unemployed hubby doing all day? Seems like an easy option if money is tight with the occasional work from home when he has an interview. I’m also sure he could find some sort of work outside of academia if he tried, but that’s neither here nor there.
            I’d look for other work, and perhaps mention it’s difficult to get x task completed because the woman is unavailable for most of the day when the child is in the office.

          • If you _do_ bring it up with your boss, I’d avoid getting into the whole “She says she can’t afford child care” thing. Frame it strictly as “She’s delegating a lot of her work to me and is unhelpful when I ask for clarification” and “The presence of a child in the office two days a week is distracting.”
            Otherwise it could sound like your beef is more with her as a person. And while you might indeed have issues with her a person, it would be better to keep any discussions about her strictly limited to the work aspects.

          • I’ve discussed the delegating of the work, and my boss says “that’s why we hired you”. But if I write down everything I am doing and compare that to compensation, it’s like….WTF. And unfortunately, the issue is with how I think it’s generally unprofessional and I don’t want to work somewhere that is OK with that level of unprofessionalism, unfortunately. We’re a great organization and I enjoy the work. AND I don’t think i’ll find the flexibility I have here (I work from home occasionally, or leave to work out before the day is over). So yeah – part of me just thinks stick it out until hubby is finished law school because it’s VERY convenient (we’re on the same campus, commute together, etc)

          • Does your boss know how much is being delegated to you? I’m sure you were hired to pick up the slack, but that doesn’t mean you should do more work than her for half the pay. Second she should at least help you find what you need. That is worth mentioning at least.
            Two years is a long time to feel overworked and underpaid.

          • I have no idea – but there’s really no way to address this overall issue without sounding bitchy or lazy in the long run

        • I don’t have kids so maybe I’m not in much of a position to give an opinion. But a 1 year old at the job? 3 days a week? Unacceptable. I thinking of the noise the child would make with crying and how that would interfere with folks working. Does anyone else complain about it?

          • there’s only two of us and the woman with the child. I’m a parent, and I see it as 1) shouldn’t your child be doing something other than sitting in a pack and play while you work? and 2) the older they get, the more stimulation they need….so yes, it’s distracting. She doesn’t cry often, but she naps (so we can’t talk to the coworker during naps), she needs to be fed (can’t collaborate during nursing and feeding time). It compounds and eventually she’s working from home just in her closed door office.

        • janie4

          I think your better approach is to point out to your boss that the work distribution is getting really unfair. Save the emails where she says “it’s in the shared drive” or “just figure it out”. Indicate that you want a clear delineation about what her work is and your work is. Say to your boss that you had thought that part of her job was to help train you, and it’s really affecting your ability to master the job (things taking you twice as long).

          Based on the response to that, you can transition into your issues about the fact that her essentially working from home in the office is again impacting her ability to impart knowledge to you. Alternatively, try to find out what your boss thinks about the situation of her bringing the kid to work. If you sense any ambiguity about it, point out your concerns.

      • This. Also, in my job, if someone wants to telework and has kids, they have to show they also have childcare or they’re not permitted telework. I don’t think that applies to the occasional day here and there for a sick kid or school being closed, but it definitely applies to anyone with a regular telework schedule.

  • Rant: can’t get myself to update my resume, to apply to jobs in Stockholm. Needs to get done.
    Rave: Soul radio on Spotify is on point.
    Rave: reading The little life. Only 50+ pages in, but such a beautiful book.

    • that book! i couldn’t read it in public because it inspired so many emotions. it just gets better and better, too. i wish i could read it for the first time again!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The puppy was being a little asshole last night. When he gets over-excited, his herding instincts come out, and NO I AM NOT A SHEEP so stop nipping at my kneecaps!
    Rave: Even so, he’s just so sweet and adorable and loving. He’s 35 lbs. but really thinks he’s a lapdog.
    Rant: Tired, cranky, and feeling blah.
    Rant: So far, I’m not feeling The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Please tell me it gets better.

    • Quotia Zelda

      One more Rave: Ordered Middle Zelda’s prom dress. For those of you who remember Eldest Zelda’s cotton candy confection from last year, this one is so different. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=38767216&category=W-DRESSES-PARTY
      (it won’t be that short on MZ! The model is 5’10”, and she’s only 5’4″)

      • Emmaleigh504


      • binntp

        I’m glad you added a note about her height. My inner prude immediately thought, “That dress is too short!” 🙂

      • It’s so cute! Prom dresses have really changed since I was in HS about a decade ago – what happened to huge fluffy floor length gowns?

        • Quotia Zelda

          Her sister wore a big fluffy floor-length dress last year. MZ was originally leaning toward a long dress, but the regular sizes were too long (and we left it too late for alteratuons), and she didn’t like anything available in petite.

          From what I’ve seem, though, there is a lot of variation in what girls wear these days.

    • hammers

      I really liked the Elegance of the Hedgehog. I think there were some truly beautiful passages in there. It wasn’t the most exciting book ever, though. And it has been several years for me, so I don’t remember when the story unfolded.

    • I didn’t feel it and wondered if it maybe was better in the original language and the translation was the problem. Read some of it in French and still wasn’t feeling it. It’s a short read so it wasn’t too much time invested.
      On the other hand, I’m 50 pages into Middlemarch and haven’t really gotten into it yet! I’m persevering and hoping it opens up soon….

      • Have you seen the mid-’90s TV adaptation of “Middlemarch”? I didn’t read the book until after I’d seen the TV version, but for me the book almost flew by.

    • No, it doesn’t get better (Elegance of the Hedgehog – not the puppy – the puppy should get better.) Never feel obligated to keep reading a book you don’t like. There are plenty of great ones out there!

      • And one to recommend – “How to build a girl” by Caitlin Moran. A book club pick. I hated the title, (oh crap, another of those books) the cover and the opening pages, but it turned out to be fresh and excellent. Some faults sure, but ultimately, the voice was unique and compelling

        • I loved Caitlin Moran’s “How To Be a Woman” — lots of passages made me laugh out loud.

  • Rant: Thinking I’ll need a new job soon.
    Rave: Things are basically OK with current job, despite the trend downward.
    Question: What level of detail do you keep in your resume for jobs 5+ years ago? I consider my most recent experience to be most relevant, and if I keep everything I’ll end up with something three pages long. Thinking about just putting a summary two sentences about really old jobs instead of bullet points of accomplishments.

    • Unless the old jobs are highly relevant to the jobs you’re applying to, it may be a better option to just delete them. I’m assuming this is private sector and not federal govt.
      If you’re keeping them, I like a blurb of accomplishments as it relates to the work for example oversaw 10 million dollar project leading to blah, blah, blah…whatever ties it into the application

    • My rule is no jobs listed from more than ten years ago.
      Also, there’s a sliding scale of detail, with the oldest ones getting the least, but even then I try to retain only the quantifiable stuff.

  • Rant: Had another terrible nightmare in which I inadvertently left my cat somewhere for a week with no food and water. (Or maybe it was a supply for only a day or so.) This followed a very similar nightmare last night.
    I’ve had dreams before in which I somehow lost my cat and was trying to find her, but hadn’t had nightmares about neglecting her. This is a new and unpleasant development.

    • Boo! Those are awful nightmares! But the good thing is, you know that in real life you would never actually do any of those things, and the fact that the thought of forgetting about /losing her was so upsetting just shows how much you actually care. I wonderful if Jung had anything to say about dreams in which you’ve neglected / lost a precious family member…?

  • Rave: Parents had fun on their visit over the weekend, and it went well with them meeting the guy.
    Rant: Not a vacation for me, and now I’m super-stressed and can’t seem to feel right. A long workd day to get things done and putting things back in order will help with that.
    Rave: Got asked back for a second interview at interesting firm. Fingers crossed!

  • Rant: Numerous people walking into the street with heads turned the opposite way. So dangerous!
    Rant: Dog keeps an early schedule no matter when I take him out last.
    Rave: Soon it’ll line up nicely with my gym schedule.
    Rave: 24 hrs gym.
    Rant: Lots of competing things to do.

  • Rave: In addition to all the treats school is giving this week, enjoying Chipotle & Chik-Fil-A (I won’t spend $ here, but will happily accept a free sandwich) teacher appreciation freebies!
    Rant: The kids are not as into Teacher Appreciation Week. Although I have gotten a pen from one student and a drawing from another, I’d be happier with students just being on their best behavior.
    Rant: I’m so over all this rain and cold! Time for some warmth!

  • Rave: Work is going really great. I’m in my final few days of training and I’m really excited to start working on my portfolio next week. Mostly because unlike my last job, I’m actually going to *have work* and I won’t need to spend 75% of my time every week trying to make work for myself, which is ridiculous to ask of any employee, in my humble opinion.
    Rave: The semester is over. Two more months and I’m done forever.
    Rant: Super tired this week for some reason and have been sleeping weirdly. Is it the weather? I think it might be.
    Rant: Thinking that maybeeee I should try to start dating again. But really, I’m not sure. There are few things in life I dread more than trying to find people to go on dates with, and then actually going on the first few dates. It’s just not enjoyable for me.

  • Rant: I am getting so frustrated with the job search up here. Every time it seems like I am getting somewhere the door slams in my face. A partner at my wife’s firm put me in touch with a senior HR person at another firm and told me to apply to jobs and let her know which ones I applied for. I told her I applied to x job in April and she passed the info along. I received a response about an hour later (yay!) saying they already extended an offer to someone (boo), but to check the site for more jobs and apply. I am really starting to lose hope and I am so sick of not working. Sometimes I think we should just do what other couples on here do and have a long distance thing even though I’m pretty sure I’d hate that.
    Rave: At least we can still afford all our needs and wants.

  • Rant: After three rounds of interviews, a difficult writing task, and checking all my references, I just found out through the grapevine I didn’t get a job I applied for. Ugh–I have to say the checking references things really made me think I had it. Usually we only check references for the final candidate, but not so in this case.
    Rant: I know for others who have been pregnant this would likely be a rave but I have developed hardly any symptoms. This is making me extremely nervous and anticipating bad news at my 9-week U/S. Mind games are awful.
    Rave: Anniversary trip next week. That should keep our minds off things for awhile 🙂

    • fingers crossed for you….(I never had any symptoms….)

    • Bear

      I’m 10 weeks and have had minimal symptoms so far – it doesn’t necessarily mean anything’s wrong, but I am also stressing about it. I will say that even in the last week I’ve started to feel more hormonal (mood swings, fatigue, etc) and if I don’t eat within an hour of waking up I do get borderline nauseous (but no morning sickness, thankfully). Everything was fine at my 7 week U/S, going back tomorrow for a follow up. Best of luck on your next appointment!

      • Thanks! I obviously want to be so wrong in this situation. I’m hoping everything is okay and I just have an easy going speck right now and/or that my body handles HCG okay.

      • Congrats!!!!!

      • Congrats!! What wonderful news! Are you still traveling a lot for work? My husband and I thinking about starting a family some time in the not too distant future and trying to figure out what it means for international travel for ID work…

        • Bear

          I haven’t traveled since I found out, and I’m on the fence about it. I’m not “out” at work yet so I haven’t had the conversation with my boss about travel expectations, but I work in a region where malaria (among other super fun diseases) is endemic and the only malaria meds that work in the region are not approved during pregnancy. So….yeah. I’m not risking getting malaria while knocked up. It does potentially complicate my job but my boss is very reasonable. I’ll figure it out somehow.

    • ….the only symptom in 41 weeks of pregnancy other than using it as an excuse to get fat again…was sore boobs but I got them before my period anyway, so after IVF I was like “this means my period is coming”. and then they went away and came back hardcore in the second half of pregnancy. Heartburn eventually kicked in, but that’s much later for most (when fetus gets hairy)

      • I hope this is me. Last time I was pregnant I had tons of symptoms, increased smell, peeing all the time, exhaustion, sore boobs, lots of bad cramps (starting to think this one was maybe not a great sign given the outcome). This time, if I hadn’t taken multiple tests I wouldn’t even know! Oddly enough, my top signs are super thirsty and tired. That’s about it. Sometimes I think I feel nauseous, but not really anything significant.

  • Rave: Going to pick out new glasses tonight! It’s tough to find frames that fit my face (round!) but always fun to start a new look. Time to ditch the pink frames!
    Rave: Lots of fun events coming up the next few weekends, including the arrival of the boyfriend’s parents next weekend. We have an extra bedroom but they’d rather spend mucho money on a hotel than stay with their son and his girlfriend/not wife…oh well, their choice. More room for us! On the flip side, my mom felt entirely comfortable staying for a week. That was a bit long.
    Rant: This darn weather! Just warm up already!

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