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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • MTB Trail closed this morning because of the train accident. No word on when it will be reopened, no detours marked, but I was able to get on at R Street.

  • Headed to Iceland later this week for 5 nights. Any tips? Thanks!

    • no advice, but have fun! Watching this space because I’m starting to plan an Iceland trip myself, tho probably in a year or so….

    • I follow the Cava art director on social media and she has a love affair with Iceland and blogs about her trips. I am using a lot of her info to plan a trip toward the end of the year…they’re pretty solid resources and it’s nice coming from someone I can relate to. – – – – website: gurrity [dot] com
      have a lovely trip!!

    • Kukki Bakemono

      It’s probably too far out of aurora season to make that worth your while, but I’d recommend that if a tour company says there will be enough darkness to see them. They usually let you come back the next night for free if you didn’t see the lights (I wound up going three nights in a row that way). I did that and the Golden Circle tour (which I do recommend) when I went in February. I missed going to a thermal pool because the tour company forgot to get me from my hostel, but I do recommend you hit one up. I will next time I go.

      If you have more time than I did, you can rent a car and drive the ring road all around the island and spend as much time as you want at each site. Then you can ogle the adorable Icelandic horses longer than I got to and maybe figure out how to smuggle one in your carry on luggage.

      I always go on a walking tour when I go to a new city and the one in Reykjavik was pretty good: http://citywalk.is.

      Reykjavik isn’t that big so you can definitely wander around on foot and explore. I took a large amount of pictures of the street art, which was pretty awesome. They don’t salt or ice the sidewalks (I think they just wait until the geothermal heat melts it) so that made it challenging to run in February, but all that should be melted by now, probably.

      Kaffitar has good coffee if you need a caffeine fix and C Is For Cookie (I had to go being that Cookie Monster is my spirit muppet) was a nice, friendly local place to eat. Café Loki by Hallgrímskirkja, or as I call it the Spaceship Church, was recommended to me by my walking tour guide and had very good traditional Icelandic meat stew and some dessert that was Skyr (Icelandic yogurt) wrapped in a crepe with caramel sauce that was pretty good. They have a kickass mural on the wall with rainbows, too. You can ride an elevator up the church to get a good view of the city or blast off and beat Elon Musk to Mars, probably.

      The National Museum of Iceland was really good. I don’t know if it’s expensive or not because I got free passes from a Scottish couple, but I enjoyed it. I didn’t get to see an opera at Harpa, but there’s that if you wanted to see one.

    • If I did it again, I’d likely rent a car and drive around to the sites. However, I really liked a tour of the golden circle with a stop at a hot springs with Sterna travel. I believe it was called the Golden Circle & The Secret Lagoon. The hot springs were great – not at all crowded when I went (in October). But the best thing is that most people opt for the trip that just does the golden circle. So while most people were getting on and off these huge busses with just 1 tour guide, we had a small van for just about 5 of us with 1 guide. That may have just been my experience, though.

      I had a late flight, so I did the blue lagoon on the way out to my flight. I went and blissed out for a couple hours, took a shower, and they had transport to the airport, which is pretty close. However, note that they do not have bathing suit dryers, so be prepared to pack a wet suit (they do have bags for your suit, if I recall).

      • I also really liked The Settlement Exhibition in Reykjavik. I did the same walking tour Kukki did, and it was also really good. Walk around the little lake in the middle of town. On the right side of the lake (walking from the sea, up to the National Museum, there are really cute benches with statues on them.

        • Kukki Bakemono

          That lake was frozen when I went and I didn’t realize I was walking on a frozen lake until there was a clearing in the snow where I could see the ice. After that initial wave of fear subsided, I was able to enjoy the gorgeousness of that area.

      • I’m going to Iceland in October, so thanks for these tips! How was the weather when you visited?

        • It was actually fairly nice (disclaimer: I like colder weather). All I packed was long sleeved t-shirts, light sweaters, and a light fleece (LL Bean’s Trail Model fleece, which does have a bit of wind protection). I wore gloves a couple times. It rained most every day, but we were lucky and it stopped every time we got out of the bus. I will say that other people felt colder than I did because I tend to run warm.

          We did get to see the northern lights, so take a tripod. I was coming back from another trip and hadn’t brought mine, so my pictures were absolute crap.

          • Oh, the one time I WAS cold was when we were out looking for the northern lights. So dark and REALLY windy and COLD.

            I do think I heard that it was a bit warmer than normal last year.

          • I went in November, at Thanksgiving, and was there for the first snow of the season. It was unseasonably warm early in the winter last year.

        • We’re going in October too! Hoping to see the northern lights as well. Thanks for the tips everyone!

    • I thought the Saga Museum was a nice way to get a quick background and it’s near the whale museum, which is totally up my alley, but if you don’t want to see life size replicas of whales that’s understandable. They have a 110 foot long blue whale hanging from the ceiling. At the end of the Saga Museum there’s an area off to the side where you can dress up in Viking garb and take pictures with a stuffed polar bear. It’s really more fun than it should be.
      You can see about 100 picuters too many here: https ://www .flickr.com/photos/jeslettt/albums/72157660881083993/with/23568081884/

    • Make sure to get a car and head out of Reykjavik. We spent most of our time in Vik exploring the black sand beaches, crazy rock formation, glacier lagoon and it was incredible. Eat a ton of smoked fish and lamb stew while you’re there. Bring lots of layers and waterproof shoes- it can quickly shift from cold and rainy to warm and sunny.

    • Get a car. Driving there is easy, the people are insanely friendly/helpful, and it was really great being able to go off on our own at our own speed.
      If you like hiking, there’s a good trail on the top of Skogafoss (waterfall by the Ring Road). We were told it’s about an 8-hr hike so couldn’t do it ourselves (discovered the trail at about 5pm on our second, and last, day), but looked totally amazing. Not being able to do this hike was our biggest regret of the trip, so we’ll have to go back. Even if you don’t want to do the full thing, make a stop at Skogafoss and walk to the top. The trail is on the other side of the gate opposite the observation area (climb over) and work walking a bit. Afterwards, we went to Vik for dinner. Not much there, but the black sand beach was cool with rock formations just offshore, and the restaurant we went to was really really good (Halldorskaffi), and fairly reasonable considering the large portions. If you can, I’d spend a night or two in a town outside Reykjavik so you can check out more of the countryside.
      I didn’t have enough time, but snorkeling/diving the Silfra fissure is also supposed to be fantastic. My coworker did it with his wife and raved about it.
      Maybe we did it wrong, but we weren’t overly impressed with the Golden Circle. Maybe because we were on our own we didn’t benefit from getting background information from a tour guide. We were also really tired and cold by the time we got to Geysir and didn’t wander as much as we should have. Gulfoss, however, was amazing.
      In Reykjavik, if you like beer check out Micro Bar. They have a good selection of Icelandic microbrews, a lot of them were really good. There’s also a restaurant/bar built out of an old laundromat which was neat. Get breakfast at the Grey Cat (Grai Kotturinn). We also went to the settlement museum and really liked it. Like others said, you can easily see Reykjavik in a day.
      A little disorganized, but I think that’s mostly what I remember!

  • Rant: This Sunday resulted in eighteen e-mails from the boss and other bosses in my inbox –in a virtual pissing match with no real outcomes and my job and my work in the middle of it all.
    Rave: Recognized the panic/anxiety rising in my chest and went to get in a swim with my husband. And our Sunday evening was so pleasant because of that.
    Rave: This past week and this week are like the super bowl of three day eventing. Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event last weekend and Badminton this weekend. Yay for livestreaming!!
    Rant/Rave: Excited to be planning a joint Bachelor party for my buddy and his fiancé. But they both have such differing views on what they want and we’ve looking at around 10-14 people. So any ideas for a joint (gay) Bachelor party? Games to play (for example, my buddy wants all the Bachelorette trimmings…you know what I’m talking about and his fiancé wants none of that)? Where to have it? – we’re thinking two – four hours outside of NYC, gay friendly, probably renting a house, with a variety of potential activities nearby?

    • Having just come from a Vegas bachelorette party, I can say that a few things that seem to be bachelorette party trends include: (1) everyone has to wear the same shirt with some stupid bride related thing on them; (2) OR everyone wears black while the bride wears white; (3) there are these weird scavenger hunts that the maid of honor makes the bride (and sometimes everyone else) play? e.g. “take a selfie with at least 3 random boys and tell them youre getting married!”; (4) everyone gets really, very, exceptionally drunk.

    • I Dont Get It

      New Hope, PA?

    • Go to Rehoboth beach. Gay friendly, and can still do clubs and typical bachelor things but also have laid back relaxing time.

      • This is what we wanted to do, but it was soooo damn hard to find a rental in the summer that rented for a long weekend. Everything was Saturday-Saturday. We ended up doing a lake house and it was a lot of fun.

    • A joint bachelor party sounds like it’s going to be tough if Bachelor A and Bachelor B want completely different things — somebody’s going to be disappointed.
      Are separate bachelor parties out of the running? I thought the point of a bachelor/bachelorette party was “one last solo hurrah with my friends before I get married”… though of course that rests on the assumption that the two individuals have different friend groups, that the parties are all-men or all-women, etc., etc. (Obviously people can have whatever kind of bachelor(ette) party they prefer.)

      • We had a joint one for a lot of reasons. Basically yeah our lesbian friend group is the same so it felt kind of dumb to ask them to go on 2 separate bachelorettes! Of course we wanted the same type of bachelorette so it made it a lot easier. I agree that in this case it seems like separate is the way to go.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think we can do separate. One is that my buddy’s fiance is from far away so his childhood friends won’t be able to attend, and their city friends group is very similar so we’d have to ask people to attend two different bachelor parties. We’re looking at the Bachelor party not as one last hurrah before you’re married but more a time to celebrate these two awesome guys (and pay their way).

        • Fair enough.
          At first I didn’t get what you meant by “the bachelorette trimmings.” Now that I’ve figured it out (I think), I think it’d be better to skip that and leave Friend slightly disappointed than to do it and leave Fiance feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend full of friends, exercise, fun, and lounging around! I feel slightly more ready to take on the week!
    Rant: Trying to keep this positive, low-stress attitude is hard as I am still waiting for my tax refund and am anticipating a day of travel, traffic, waiting, and who knows what else as I head up to Philadelphia to see my two specialist providers. Always feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and even though I love my care team, there’s a little bit of dread mixed in!
    Mega-Rave: My mom is going to take the train in to the city and meet me for lunch because she’s the best! Pretty sure I might burst into tears when I see her, just because I’m so lucky to have her as my mom.

  • Rave: Spent a pretty chaotic weekend in Vegas for a friend’s bachelorette weekend. Not usually my scene, but it was really fun…
    Rant: …except for the night when my hotel roommate brought a dude over and got it on with him at 3am not 3 feet away from me (thankfully in another bed). I told them to knock it off, but, for goodness sakes…
    ..So now Im sleepy 🙂

  • rant: I am losing interest in Game of thrones. I find myself bored now while watching it.
    rave: got some cute things online shopping over the weekend.
    rant: It’s monday

    • re GOT: me too. I caught myself playing on my phone while watching, a sure sign of boredom. It seemed like a lot of filler, too, but also a lot of setup that I hope means it will pick up the pace moving on, and that these two episodes are not a sign of decline now that the show is well beyond the books.

    • That One Guy

      I wish they fleshed out the individual story lines of different characters instead of trying to move everyone at once. It’d be more interesting to invest time with one story line at a time, no?

      • I feel like they fleshed a lot of people out last season, I’ve enjoyed these initial episodes because they’re moving the storyline along and I’m not sitting with the dread and anxiety as much. Totally ok with that!

      • I was thinking at one point last night how it would probably make more sense to focus on certain characters in one episode and get to the others next episode.

    • WHAT? Even after last night’s epic episode?? Last week was super boring I’ll give you that, but last night had so many big things!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Asparagus from the garden.
    Rave: Sweden in exactly one month!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: My birthday this weekend. Sis took me to Chez Billy Sud. Delightful.
    Rave: Anyone watch TLC Who do you think you are? Last night Chris Noth got into his Irish roots. Very compelling says Dianne’s Irish half.

    • No, but I did watch one of the Who Do You Think You Are episodes where Sean Hayes (“Jack” on the TV show Will and Grace) traced his roots to Ireland, to the same tiny town (Ballylongford in County Kerry) where my mother’s mother’s family came from. I was so surprised to see him visit there, maybe our relatives were relatives? Very cool!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday!

  • Rant: Husband moved to Philadelphia this past weekend to attend grad school for two years at UPenn. Currently planning to see each other every weekend, since we each have a car, but I have the feeling that it’s easier said than done. Any advice on how to navigate a long-distance marriage?
    Rave: It’s been a whirlwind for the past month coordinating two moves. I’m happy that April is over.
    Rant/Rave: Work has been insane lately. My husband being gone will at least give me extra time to catch up/get ahead for the summer.

    • Hey S – feel free to email me. We relocated (back to) Philadelphia so my husband could go to Penn Law. We love it. It’s not the same, as we’re together, but you have any Penn-life questions. I now work on campus and he’s at school.
      Also, my husband and I were long distance when he was deployed to Afghanistan. Honestly, it was fine and I rarely got to talk to him and obviously never saw him. You learn to create your own life, which makes reuniting for good very hard. I was so healthy (ate well, worked out a lot), as well rested. It was wonderful – maybe it makes me sound like a jerk, but I am so much more aware of how much I take care of everyone but myself since having that alone time.

    • My husband and I were long distance while we dated. A few thoughts – grad school is hard and incredibly time consuming (at least it was for me). When I was in grad school I did not have a lot of free time, or money, so it was easier for my husband to come visit me instead of me going to him. So be prepared for that.
      When I finished grad school we kept doing long distance for another year. Schedule your weekend visits in advance. We had a shared Google calendar that we used to plan out our visits. We saw each other every other weekend and alternated travel. So it worked out that one of us had to travel about once a month. It can be expensive and draining traveling back and forth, so make sure you’re both taking care of yourselves. Also Skype and video chat are essential.

    • Ahhh Philly, man I love that city. My husband and I went to Penn and as J used to be in DC says, it’s really lovely. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
      My husband and I did long-distance for 9 months (London – DC) and now we’re doing long distance between NYC and DC. It’s tough but it’s also wonderful. For me, things that have helped are: committing to communicating/sharing your days via whatsapp/skype while also committing to talking on the phone (we save really important conversations for in person), deciding on a schedule that works for you of who does the commute or which weekends are where (i prefer to bear the burden of the long commute but have the consistency of schedule), committing to investing in the new city (find friends, put down roots, etc.), and keeping clothes/toiletries/workout gear in both locations so you don’t have to always travel with a suitcase. We’ve been seven months at this NE Corridor lifestyle and while it gets tiring (we have a travel schedule planned and booked tickets for the next six months!), it’s also exciting (his position is perfect for him in NYC, we love both cities). It also makes the reunions that much sweeter! Best of luck and feel free to reach out if you need any support.

    • SouthwestDC

      My boyfriend and I are temporarily long distance while he’s on a work assignment, and he’s far enough away that I can’t visit. The loneliness is really getting to me. If he was out of the picture, or gone for longer, I’d be more motivated to make some friends to hang out with. But he’s supposed to be back in a month or so, so I’ve just been biding my time. The house is cleaner than it’s ever been and I’ve lost 6 pounds, but I don’t know what else to do with myself. Y’all have any suggestions?

      • Andie302

        Shows he doesn’t like, books you’ve been putting off, maybe mastering a couple new recipes to surprise him when he gets back, or some sort of hobby/skill you’re interested in (knitting, scuba, yoga, cross stich come to me off of the top of my head). I hope your month goes quickly!

        • SouthwestDC

          Yeah, I’ve already been doing all that… and those are all hobbies I already have! 😉

      • My gf and I were long distance for a few years and are now living together, though she frequently travels internationally. For the temporary periods like you’re experiencing, I usually go on adventures around the city – bike somewhere new, go on a local “hike”, try out a new coffee shop, work longer days for earn comp/over time, extra work trainings / professional development, catch up with all my long distance friends and family via skype/phone, go on a day-long photo excursion, search for hidden gems, or do things I like but she doesn’t or things that are just easier when I’m alone (e.g., organizing the apt, changing out seasonal clothes, cooking days experimenting with different recipes, personal care days (taking my sweet time at the gym, working out extra, extra sauna time, etc.)).
        [ full disclosure: i truly love and crave my alone time (only child syndrome), so i realize the above may be easier for me than for you/others ]
        hang in there, Caroline!

        • SouthwestDC

          I’m generally a loner too which is why I don’t have many friends to turn to in situations like this. I was doing fine in the winter but the last month has been brutal. It also doesn’t help that there’s been a lull at work so I just feel like my whole life is on pause.

          • what is interesting is that I used the time my husband was deployed to purge my “friends list”. People who never called or checked in when he was in an f’ing combat zone never checked in, so I took that to mean they weren’t true friends. I got tired of being the one to make plans, so I purged. And I was alone and fine and healthier than ever.

          • IMO, it’s risky to have all of your social eggs in one basket like that. Even if you’re a loner, make a conscious effort to make friends so that you aren’t solely reliant on your boyfriend.
            Many years ago, I was in a relationship that I should have ended much, much sooner. Part of what made the prospect of a breakup so difficult was that my social life was mostly my boyfriend — breaking up would have meant having to start over almost from scratch.
            Even if your relationship is perfectly healthy, I still don’t think it’s a good idea to have only a few friends beyond your significant other.

      • You can have a bf and friends; they aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • Wait… I guess you’re a completely different Caroline than the PoPville poster Caroline who’s a lesbian??

    • Congrats to your husband on starting grad school! My fiance and I have been long distance during my first year of law school this year. Distance isn’t my favorite thing ever but it has not been too bad. I would recommend asking him how you can be supportive of him since grad school is tough and can really kick you while you’re down sometimes. I really like getting mail (from my fiance and other friends) and care packages of study snacks/highlighters. We FaceTime a couple of days per week and talk on the phone at least once a day. But understand if one of us gets too busy with school/life to have a long conversation. We also try to build in some fun things but also a lot of down time for when we do see each other.

  • Rant: Stupidity and (European) airfare policies are a bad combination. With mom withdrawing from the trip to Spain but the girlfriend deciding to splurge on a long weekend in Barcelona, I needed to move my flight from Granada to Barcelona up a day. I went on line and found that both my mom’s ticket and mine were on the same agenda and I’d have to pay the change fee (fifty euros) and the difference in fare (twenty euros) for both (or just book a new ticket for) 120 euros). So I call up and they split the agenda and send me a new e-mail with a new ID code. Thinking that the new agenda concerned my ticket, and rushing to get the change made so I could get on with life, I rebook the ticket only to find, as I check the new boarding pass, that I rebooked mom’s. So I call again, beg and plead to no avail, European Airlines not having the 24 hour grace period U.S. airlines do. While I’d whining to some poor schmuck on the other end of the phone, I get into the proper agenda and, again distracted, rebook my own ticket. For the wrong day. Utterly defeated I don’t even try to call customer service and just re-rebook. So now a very reasonably priced 90 euro ticket has an actual cost of 280 euros. And I have only my own idiocy to blame, so it’s a psychic as well as an economic blow. Oh, well. I’m sure it will be worth it. Right?

  • Rave – Completed my first 5K! In the rain! I was slow, but I did it.
    Rave – I love rainy weekends, they are quiet and cozy. I love walking my dog around the park in the drizzle and feeling like I have the place to myself.
    Rant – Work, as usual.

  • Rant: Incredibly shitty Friday, with everything that could possibly go wrong going wrong.
    Rave: Incredibly awesome boyfriend who helped to ease my anxiety and stress. Thanks to him, and some of Friday’s issues getting worked out, it ended up being a pretty good weekend.
    Rant: Took my daughter and BF’s daughter to Sala Thai on Saturday. I had just spent a good amount of time explaining to the BF’s daughter how safe DC is, and how much I like it, and how she doesn’t need to be scared walking down the street, and a fight or something happens right outside the window in front of the Metro station. Loads of police respond (props to the cops?), so of course it caught her attention. It made me wonder if I really am one of those people who are too close to the problem to see it.

    • Sorry about your terrible horrible no-good, very bad Friday 🙁 But I’m happy to hear BF was able to be there for you when you needed him! We should catch up sometime soon! Hope this week starts off better!

    • HaileUnlikely

      You mean the Petworth location? If you were surprised to see that happen there, then quite honestly, yes, I think you might be one of the people who is too close to the problem to see it. I was very grateful when my then-fiancee moved out of one of the buildings right near the metro. Waiting for the bus in front of the Petworth metro station late at night got old pretty fast. Too many stabbings, shootings, robberies, incidences of shots fired right there. There was a stabbing across the street (on Rock Creek Church Rd) a little after 9 AM yesterday morning. I’m not saying that the entire city is a horrible dangerous place, but incidents that warrant a police response a weekend evening/night in front of the Petworth metro is pretty much par for the course.

      • Ah! So that’s what all the sirens were about Sunday morning?! Does anyone know what all the sirens on Friday night / early Saturday morning were about?

  • Bear

    Rant: This weather. I want to just stay in bed.
    Double rant: The rest of the week doesn’t look any better.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I checked for outstanding tickets on the plate of the car that “hit and run” my car. This Citizen of the Year has $3000+ in outstanding tickets. I’m wondering now if even the police or the insurance company tracks her down if she actually has insurance.
    Rave: I went to the House History seminar on Saturday and learned that my house is 20 years older than shown on tax records and was built for $3000.
    Rant: That explains so many things!

    • I went too and ran into Textdoc there. I can’t believe we missed you! Well, we wouldn’t have know who you were anyway. Were you in the morning or afternoon session?

      Oh, and I had to spend a lot of time tracking down the permit for my house because someone made a typo when entering it into the database (put in 1025 rather than 1023). The database guy helped me track it down and I did learn a lot more about how to do research on houses having gone through that. And I found a photo of my house from 1949, which was very cool.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great long weekend in Key Largo! Great diving, plenty of time outside both on water and yesterday in the Everglades, and got to see manatees in the wild in two different spots.
    Rave: Work wasn’t too crazy while I was away
    Rave: Cutting off my hair on 5/11 – woohoo!

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: My experimental Chai Boba Sponge Cake I made for my brother’s birthday this past weekend came out pretty well. A few tweaks I want to do for the next iteration, but I was mostly pleased with it.
    Rave: Headed to Chicago this weekend to cross Wrigley off my list and am getting pretty excited about their food game based on panning around google maps and hovering my mouse over restaurants. Hopefully their bakeries don’t disappoint.
    Rave: Toki Underground has probably the best music playlist I’ve listened to in the city so far. It’s like they have my Spotify username and password or something. Wait a minute…
    Rant: Crummy weather all week.

  • Question: Does anyone use a fire resistant safe deposit box in their home that they would recommend? I am looking for something to save documents, passport, cash. Thanks

    • I got one at Target by Sentry. It has a key lock and has a temperature rating of 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Since my apt building is sprinklered, I hope that’s long enough.

    • I’d recommend a number pad and not a key if theft is at all a concern. They can be opened pretty easily.

      • Amending this to specifically the flat keys. I imagine the tubular keys are a bit more secure.

  • Rave: Homeless hangout at 7th and H NW in front of the Starbucks was empty this morning. I could actually get by without bumping into someone. #firstworldproblems
    Rant: Freaking out cause I’ll be 40 at the end of the month.
    Rave: Family planning a birthday dinner for me which is great since I haven’t had anything close to that in over 30 years.
    Rave: Ordered my birthday gifts to myself online. Jacket, sneakers and purse.
    Rant: Something’s wrong with me. Realized that I talk to people on Metro in my head. This morning I was thinking “Hurry, hurry, get that seat before someone else does” to a lady standing on the train at Brookland. I also was thinking “nice Steve Madden bag” to the lady sitting in the handicapped seats in front of me. I know. I’m crazy.

  • Rave: Nice, relaxing weekend…found an awesome dress for the boyfriend’s graudation, got in a bike ride, slept in, played cards with friends…sad it’s over.

    Rave: Personal best on my Friday night run – 3.88 miles. I know it’s not much but it’s good for me!

    Question: Thinking about taking a running training program from Potomac River Running Store. Anyone done this? If so, is it worth the money?

    • My mom has done the training programs out of PR and enjoyed them. The programs helped her get into running and stick with it. She is very social so it made running/training seem like a fun, social activity rather than a solo chore.

    • Echoing what AliceInDC said, running programs are good if a) you’re looking to train for a specific race/event, especially if it’s a new distance for you, or b) you want to make running a social event. For me, b doesn’t apply because I hate talking to people while I’m running, but I often think that knowing more runners may make me more likely to stick with a plan, because I’d have people to keep me accountable and encourage me. A program also might be useful if she’s worried about injury. I don’t have any specific experience with the Potomac River Running Store though.

  • What picture is the artist painting. I see this head symbol a lot around DC and I never know what it actually was/meant?

  • Rave: The Rainy weather that allowed me to lay in bed all day yesterday.
    Rant: Roomie asked me on Saturday if he can give me half rent now and half this week when he gets paid. I went out to bar Sat night and ran into him. He said ah didn’t know you come here- I said every now and then-he then says it was his 4th time there this week. Then wtf is my rent?
    Rant: I haven’t raised my tenant’s rent in 2years since they’ve been renting apartment and current rate is $150-$200 under market.
    Rave: Will send 30 day increase notice. Taxes has gone up, so has utilities which are all included in rent.

    • Yikes on Rant #1!
      Are roomie and tenant the same person? If so, it seems like it’s really taking the p1ss (to use the Britishism) for him to be late on paying his under-market rate while going to the bar four times a week.

      • No different. But still geesh- I’m not in the business of carrying someone’s weight while they are out partying it up across town. It just provides clarity/insight into how their predicament. It’s just a temporary roomie situation.

        • Ugh, yeah that is completely irresponsible and not okay at all. I hope you told him this…. I tend to be to abrupt but I would have been like “Um now that I know this is where you spend your money give me my rent like right now.”

  • Rant: My dreams keep getting more and more bizarre. Like Dave Grohl and that guy from the TV show Sister Wives doing an interview for E! True Hollywood Story about how this one fertility medication ruined their lives. I think the combination of stress and fertility drugs may finally be getting to me. But at least it was kind of funny.
    Rave: Four day week for both the Other Mrs. Rabbit and me!
    Rave: Super productive weekend. Still have a bunch to do before we have people over this weekend but the house looks much better.
    Rave: Crepes rolled with homemade strawberry rhubarb sauce.

  • Rave: Great race on Sunday – not my best time but never run as smart/steady of a pace for a marathon before.
    Rave: Runners high that lasts for a few days.
    Rave: This weather – I don’t have to water the new lawn.
    Rant: Left my wallet at home.

    • The one time a few years ago I left my wallet at home ended up being a rave as I realized how solid my friends are. I can’t remember what it was about the weather that made me go “nope” to walking back home and getting it when I realized I had forgotten it upon arrival at the Metro station, but something that day was yucky. I had just enough cash in my pocket to buy a paper ticket (ha-that’s how long ago this was, I don’t even think they were charging the premium yet) to get to work, but not home. I posted a message on FB asking if any friends nearby me could lend me a few bucks just to get home and had dozens of offers for help within minutes. One even took me out for lunch (I had not packed, but had enough snacks in the office that I wouldn’t be totally hangry just skipping). I mean, sure, they all knew I’d pay them back (the very next day), but it was really nice to get a response like that when in a pinch. 🙂

  • Does anyone have a good visa service? Having trouble coordinating mine because the countries’ rules sort of conflict (Two of them say you can’t get a visa until you are X days from travel, but it takes 3 weeks to get a visa, at which point I’ll be out of the country already). Thanks!

  • Rant: this weather today and this weekend made me so unmotivated. I had to bribe myself with a trip to Qualia just to get myself to the grocery store.
    Rave: got balayage highlights that I LOVE at Bang.
    Rave: got errands taken care of, but spent tons of money buying outdoor gear.
    Rave: I love my dog, he’s a goof, and is super well behaved in large crowds.
    Rant: but he hates street cleaners and growled at other dogs at the dog park who wanted his tennis ball.

  • Rant: Argh, exhausted mtpkiddo woke up before 5:30 again. On the plus side, she’s entertaining herself. However, she’s exhausted and her behavior has been reflecting that.
    Rant: Both kids have colds, which sucks for everyone involved.
    Rant: Managed to lose my keys this morning–in my own damn hand. Ugh, it’s definitely a Monday!
    Rave: Despite the crazy, still managed to have a largely lovely weekend.

  • Rant: the kind of weekend where nothing seemed to go right. I’m in such a funk right now. the weather is not helping!
    Rant: looking for housing is such a struggle. it seems like everything that is posted is looking for immediate occupancy. I get why its like that here but it is frustrating for someone like me who would like to know more than a couple weeks before I have to move that I will have somewhere to live! If anyone has any leads around Shaw/U street, let me know!

    • When are you looking to move? What set up (roommate, studio, etc)?

      • I’d love a studio but don’t think I can afford that. So currently looking for existing situations to move into (2 or 3 bedroom places, no group houses) or for an open apt or house (I have some friends who would move in). Flexible on the move date, sometime in June would be preferable but I could stretch it to July or August if I really had to. Most stuff seems to be open for May now so hoping things for June open up soon.

        • If I see anything for June, I’ll mention it, but you may want to post a looking ad on craigslist or in fb groups for D.C. housing. Most people don’t post sooner because most people don’t start looking much further out than 30 days. It’s a catch 22 for sure.

          • Thanks, appreciate it! I’ve been on the lookout but either things are still for May or just not what I’m looking for. It always works out, just frustrating to have to wait!

  • Rave: I loved the episode of GoT last night – it’s both exciting and terrifying territory, as a long-time book reader, to have the show pass the books. This is unprecedented!
    Rant: It’s Monday.. and the children are acting like it’s Monday…
    Rave/Rave?: I am leaving work early for doctor’s appointment. Nice I get to skip out, but annoyed that the latest my doctor could schedule was 2:30. Really? The office closes at 5.

    • And I forgot: Major RAVE: Sundress Fest yesterday was SO fun! At one point I just looked around and was so content with my new DC life and all the diversity/openness of the community!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Took cold medicine yesterday night and I was super groggy this morning.
    Rant: Bought aunts some groceries. Hopefully they don’t try to set me up with someone as a result.
    Rave: Great rock climbing with friend. Still way too out of shape to really enjoy the challenging routes.
    Rave: Survived another trip up to NJ/NYC.

  • Massive rave (tiny rant): I had been stuck in this funk of not buying a washer and dryer for, I’m not joking, 2 years (my building has a free laundry room, but it is BUSY and has a top-loader so I had to do more loads), and I finally did it. Just delivered today and I am *thrilled.* It’s the lamest thing in the world to be excited about, but I just couldn’t wait and washed a load immediately. The machines play a fun little tune – that I’m sure will annoy me within a few weeks – rather than having a standard buzzer/beeper. Just a tiny bit annoyed that they were supposed to be delivered yesterday and HHGregg somehow put it in their system wrong and I ended up scheduled for today. Though that was *also* probably a good thing given all the traffic snafus the derailment caused in the neighborhood yesterday (I can only imagine trying to direct a lost suburbanite in a big truck around that).
    Bonus rave: Because of the delivery snafu, I had to be home today. I could have gone to work after the morning delivery, but decided to take the whole day off. It was a very good decision. I’ve had a *very* busy 2+ months at work and we’re in the long Federal Holiday drought (Presidents Day to Memorial Day), and I didn’t quite realize until I plopped down to watch the Price is Right just how much I needed a day off. I still need to go grocery shopping and do some food prep for the week and have a doctor’s appointment this evening, but even having a few things to do feels breezy. Like that feeling of deep calm where you realize you’re breathing more deeply, even? If that makes sense?

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