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  • I have!! Their Pho is excellent–savory broth and perfectly cooked noodles. But I can’t get over the smell of the restaurant. They use a cleaning product on the floors that is SO strong smelling that I can’t eat inside. Luckily, they have a patio!

    • +100 – I love their Pho, but the smell was so overwhelming that we ended up switching to carry-out the last time I went there. Their smoothies are tasty, too!

    • +1000…I was in there yesterday and couldn’t get over how it smelled like an elderly retirement home.

  • Shouldn’t it be Pho 16, in keeping with the tradition of naming the restaurant after the year it opened? Or is it the year the owners arrived in the US? I forget.

  • font / menu design looks a lot like Pho 14. Hopefully it is not affiliated and better!

  • Great pho and really sweet people working here. But I agree that the cleaning product smell can be overpowering. They also tend to have really strange events playing on their two very large TVs. Last time I was here they were showing monster truck competitions.

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