National Law Enforcement Museum coming to E Street NW between 4th and 5th

LE Museum

A reader reports:

“On my walk this morning, I noted that work has started on the National Law Enforcement Museum located on E Street NW between 4th and 5th. This is directly across from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.”

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  • begs the question of whether there’s a Dunkin Donuts nearby. Having once screened police candidates and having very mixed feelings about law enforcement practice because of it (police chiefs et al often have time limited resources to hire and not great pools of talent), I wonder how they will deal with the recurring waves of corruption, brutality, general incompetence et al. that also are part of the law enforcement landscape.

    • They won’t. Police Unions on the organization’s board will do everything they can to leave this aspect out, so it would be interesting to see where that lands, but I’d bet it gets “whitewashed.”

  • I understand your concern. But the best way to change something is from within. So here’s the link to apply! Hope to see you in my passenger seat. I mean it will take 6 months to a year to be hired and then some where between 6 months and a year to get out of the academy. But ill see you soon!

    • Blithe

      Thank you for this comment! I often read posts by people who complain bitterly — often with some justification — about X agency/policy/community concern, etc. — noting that things are “unacceptable”, and need to change, while simultaneously disavowing any need to personally involve themselves in the changes that they wish to see.

  • Oh and btw everyone knows Dunkin has the best coffee.

  • Is this a new building being constructed right in front of the D.C. Court of Appeals? If so, seems very strange… not exactly a spot that seems ripe for a new building.

    • From what I understand it’s going to be in the basement of the Court of Appeals. But they’re adding a door to enter just the museum.

    • I asked one of the project supervisors. The museum will be underground and somehow accessible from inside the court building.

      On another note, it had never dawned on me to send in pics and news like this to Popville. I will have to start doing that.

  • It’s going to be underground, and mostly underneath E street. The 400 block of E Street is going to be fully closed (bike lanes and sidewalks included) for 25+ months as they dig a big hole, build a building, and then put the road back on top.

  • Does anyone know when this will open? My brother in law is a police officer in the northeast and loves visiting DC, so I imagine he’ll want to plan a visit once it opens. Thanks!

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