Update: Finn Found in Petworth, Toby still missing from Shaw


Update: Finn found!


“Toby scooted under my backyard fence in Shaw. He was last seen around 6th and R st. NW maybe around 5:15 pm. 202-302-4050. “

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  • This pup was running down Upshur Street around 6, with someone in hot pursuit (possibly his dad?). I was amazed because dog and dad had just made it through the Uphsur/Georgia intersection unscathed. That pup was running like I have never seen a little dog run before! Anyway, he was running toward 13th, on Upshur. I hope he’s found soon!

  • special_k

    Thanks to PoP for posting! Finn returned home on his own. I hope Toby is found safe soon, too.

  • SouthwestDC

    Awe happy to hear Finn has been found!!

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