Keep Your Eyes Peeled for this Stolen Sweet City Ride


“They stole my motorcycle yesterday. It has huge sentimental value. I hope you can help me find it. IT’s a 1972 Honda CB750k color orange”

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  • While i hope it makes its way back to you im highly doubtful unless the crook is a complete fool
    id always suggest at least hiding a motorcycle if you dont have anywhere secure to store it.. ie on the street is the last place it should be stored

    either way best of luck getting it back; hope it finds its way back

  • Tom

    I loved this bike, so I can remember spotting it in LeDroit Park during a walk recently. I believe it was before yesterday, though. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  • I may have found it in front of the john Quincy Adams house. Is it va license plate 860243? 2129 I st nw.

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