Just Some Horses Hitting the Town Saturday Night


Sarah sends the shot above from Adams Morgan and Morskie sends the shots below:

“non-police horses spotted on 16th & U NW by @berckes. I guess this is the next step after dirt bikes”.

Lauren also had a sighting: “I saw them come from fairmont and head down Sherman”


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  • Oh please can we have more of this. I’d take a bunch of dudes on horses over the motorbikes and four-wheelers any day of the week.

    I am curious about the DC rules of the road for horses. And where do they park them?

  • They also came trotting down U Street around 10pm.
    And yes, these are the new dirt bikes in terms of social media bragging rights. Kids have been riding horses around Brownsville (Brooklyn) and in rougher parts of Philly in the previous months. No clue where they are keeping these animals in dense urban environments.

    • They are probably “Concrete Cowboys”. In Philly there is a stable devoted to at risk youths. The horses are well cared for and loved. I was wondering if there is a similar program in this area.

  • I just like that they are all “parked” in the motorcycle parking spaces.

  • Horses belong on grass and dirt, not concrete and asphalt. Hate seeing horses in cities on roads (including police horses).

  • I think this is part of Howard graduation tradition? I’ve seen them other years

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