In Coffee Closing News – Saxbys Downtown

1000 Vermont Ave, NW (just north of K Street)

Thanks to Callan for sending: “Welp. Saxby’s coffee closed on Vermont Ave downtown”

At first I thought it might just be a remodel but this location is no longer on their website.

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  • A chill throwback coffee joint that I’ll definitely miss.

  • DC1

    The problem with Saxbys is all the DC locations that they are independently owned, therefore service and product consistency throughout the different locations varies tremendously. This one, the one at the Reagan building and the one in Dupont (probably the worst one of the lot) are owned by the same guy who has zero experience and likes to cut corners quite a bit. Not surprised if the Dupont location bites the dust in the near future.

  • This is sad. The owners there were very nice, the coffee was good, and almost never a line. Definitely hurt them that there were 2 Starbucks and a Pret all within half a block of there though.

  • ThunderCheese

    They usually gave me the pre-8am price break on coffee even after 8am. Nice people. Will miss this.

    Callan, OP

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