How Excited are Folks Getting for Slim’s Imminent Opening?

Georgia and Upshur Street, NW

A poem by Charlie:

“Hey, Slim,



Hey, Slim.

Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim. Slimmm!

Slimslimslimslimslimslimslimslimslimslimslim! SLIM! SLIM! SLIM!!!


Hey, Slim.

Better be good.”


On Monday Slim’s posted: “We have 4 inspections scheduled for this week. Getting closer!”


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  • When? Wheeeeeeennnnn are they opening?!

  • Will they operate on two floors or one? it seems like a small space for just the first floor.

    • What you see is what you get. I’ve been inside a few times including upstairs and it is certainly only a downstairs place. There will be sidewalk seating though once it’s up and running smoothly.

    • Agreed this seems like a small space — very excited for this to open close to my house, already dreading long lines.

    • Just the first floor. But the plan is to have outdoor seating as well … after they’ve opened.

  • Chances are Slim that they’ll be open before the end of the month.

  • its getting a bit old now. If having government inspectors show up was the main delay, I dont understand why they didnt use third party inspectors. Yes they charge a bit more ($200), but at least they show up same day or next. Small cost relative to the number of days delayed and forgone revenue.

  • Is it a legit diner with grezy ass diner food? Or are they going to ruin every meal with stuff you’ve never heard of and need a thesaurus to figure out what you’re eating just to make every pretentious dick in this city happy.

  • I was excited when I heard about it in march 2014…

    For context, the articles about it then referred to the existing Upshur street establishments of Domku, Willow, and Bentley’s…

  • General Grant Circle

    Toooooooooo excited. Since like March 2015.

  • When, oh when will restaurants with bar stools put in footrests (I’m looking at you too Le Coup)? Those of us with shorter legs find it uncomfortable and tiring to dangle our legs through a whole meal. Maybe it’s just me….

  • can’t wait for this to open, but I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. there’s a PoP post from last year promising that this place would be open by July 2015….really don’t understand what’s taking so long. Paul Ruppert should really know how to open a restaurant by now.

  • Is it just me or does the signage around the front look….well…..bad? Like really cheap and installed poorly. And that building really needs a new coat of paint. But I’m being picky

    • agreed. the signage is horrible. it actually really bugs me every time i see it (which is pretty silly, i realize, but still).

  • If the folks in Petworth think they’ve been waiting too long for Slim’s, we’ve been waiting even longer for Swampoodle up in Brightwood! It’s a pain to wait but at least you all have other great neighborhood options.

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