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  • Great photos, but I have to say I worry a little about the photographers being up on roof decks during electrical storms!

    • Yeah, I was too concerned about the storm to leave my car – sat in the parking lot of my friend’s apartment building in Montgomery County until the worst was over.

    • justinbc

      Some of these have got to be via the blessing of a tall building with large windows. There’s no amount of lens cover that would have saved my camera from the strength of the rain last night during peak storm.

      • The window possibility didn’t occur to me until later, probably because my photos taken through windows never look this good. 😉

  • WOWOWOWOW, amazing! I heard every crash and hiss and thump, but I dared not look out the window. It’s great to see these photos of what I missed. That one from Eric P is extraordinary. He should have that one printed and framed.

  • The hail was crazy last night. It sounded like marbles raining down the from sky.

  • Looks like the Ride The Lightning album cover! All it needs is an electric chair.

  • i love the comments here/elsewhere….cheers to 24 years in Texas!

  • There can be only one.

  • awesome shots!

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