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  • wish they’d replace it with a good Mexican restaurant .

    • I agree. I’m not crazy about the place, but a lot of people disagree with us. Overall, I’m glad to see a beloved neighborhood institution staying put.

  • The move down to Van Ness/Wisconsin doesn’t make much sense for them. It’s closer to Cactus Cantina, which has arguably better food and the location near Metro is much better (and they have parking closeby too).

    • aaaahhhh what guapo’s is so much better than cactus cantina!

      man, maybe it’s just the high school nostalgia, but i still love guapo’s.

    • maxwell smart

      Look. I’m not saying Guapo’s is great. And as someone who grew up in New Mexico, I know good proper mexican food. Cactus Cantina is AWFUL. I’d rather go to Chiptole.

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