GDoN “Outside is a gardener’s paradise” edition (reader request)

Exterior (Front) -

This house is located at 1005 Taylor Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Brookland’s Best Bungalow – Curb Appeal Defined! Hard Pine floors, original details, upgraded kitchen, Central AC, tank-less water heater. Basement with tall ceilings and rear entrance: ready to finish! Outside is a gardener’s paradise with raised veggie beds, intricate plantings, and a large shed. Just a quick walk to Metro, shops, restaurants, and parks! Living at it’s Best! OPEN SUN 1-4”

Living Room -

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1 bath is going for $599,000.

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  • I have no opinion re price, but this place is pretty adorable. Also, I have supreme garden envy – they’ve done a nice job!

  • I know this house well — cleans up nice! Yard has concord grape, asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, oregano, chives, blueberries, fig. Wonderful neighbors.

  • 600k for a detached house close to the metro and various developments is pretty good. House looks nice. One big shortcoming is the single bathroom for three bedrooms; I imagine most people would want to at least add a powder room by whatever means necessary. Depending on how difficult that’d be to ever pull off, I’d say good deal.

    • Adding a bathroom in the basement is pretty common for these types of houses. There’s not usually a lot of room to work with in the rest of the floor plan. Similar challenges if you wanted to expand the smallish kitchen.

  • I thought pine was by definition a soft wood — no? Maybe they meant “heart of pine,” not “hard pine”?

    • yeah they almost certainly meant heart pine…

      • typical real estate babble – their errors are actually often funny. I saw a listing for an Italian eight house once…

    • I’m thinking they meant heart pine, which is very hard and now hard to come by, but found in all these old houses. I have it in my upstairs and had to replace some of it that had deteriorated. Finally found some in Baltimore.

  • Ideal location for me. Missing a bathroom

  • Definitely some common bungalow issues–only 1 bathroom, and the upper room directly under the roof is going to be brutal hot in the summer–but this will probably be sold by Tuesday with multiple offers. That’s a cozy little corner of the neighborhood, and I think you can count on one hand the number of metro-walkable, move-in ready houses listed for under $700k in the last few months.

    • Basically, it’s a lot like my house in Atlanta but with a smaller front porch and a more functional basement. The room under the roof is basically just an attic–these arrangements usually aren’t very practical, unless there’s more ventilation; an exhaust fan may be a big help in summer. One also might be able to put a second bath adjacent to the kitchen depending on the specifics of the floor plan.

  • There’s a really cute one on Newton that’s already under contract. Asking price was $499k. I’m very curious what it’ll go for.

  • 947 sq feet with no finished basement is teeny tiny. That kitchen is painfully small for this price. That said, it’s cutesy and right by the metro in one of the more reasonably safe EOTP neighborhoods, so someone will snatch it up. But damn.

    • This place is adorable, but I wouldn’t call a 14 minute walk “right by the Metro.” Walkable to Metro, but not right by it.

      • I stand corrected. Yeah, that’s actually pushing the outer limits of metro walkability. I think it will go slightly above list, just because someone desperate will be smitten by the charm and probably will have been beaten down and demoralized from the housing search.

      • It’s not 14 minutes. 7-8 at most. We live a few houses down the street.

        • Oops, thanks. I was relying on Google maps walking directions, but someone who actually does the walk would know better than Google!

  • The house sold for 330k in 2004 and is now listed at 599k without major renovations (kitchen / finished basement etc.) I am biased but I still think this house is a good deal.

    It was a big deal when the first house hit the market in Brookland for 900K, then a house passed the million dollar barrier now there are multiple million dollar listings in Brookland not counting the Bozutto townhouses in Edgewood, some listed @ 900k+.

  • Anonomnom

    I love this place. It is adorable, and yes the commentors are right that the kitchen is small and no bathroom, but the charm is just amazing. As is the yard! I’d take that and work on adding a bathroom (finished basement?) and be quite happy.

  • SouthwestDC

    How do you put in a reader request? I saw one (535 4th St SE) that I has a lot of fun things to comment on.

  • When I lived in Brookland, I regularly passed by this house on walks and thought it was the cutest house! It’s so charming. If I could buy it now I would, sigh. Maybe a tad overpriced for the size, especially with the tiny kitchen, but it has a nice sized lot to compensate.

  • I love this house – totally charming, great yard and garden, and also lots of future potential. I think having just 1 bath might be a disadvantage to some people, but it looks like there would be potential to add a bedroom/bathroom to the basement in the future (this is what we did with our rowhouse, which had 3BR and 1BA for the first 10 years we lived here). I think this would be a great livable house and could be a great investment as well.

  • Range with no hood of any kind over it (not even a microwave with the usual crappy “recirculating” hood), and no adjacent counter space; I realize this is a tiny kitchen but damn, that’s poor planning. I envy the big yard, though.

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