Da Hong Pao (formerly Playbill Cafe) Opening by Early June

da hong
1409 14th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“I walked by 1409 14th St. earlier today (former Playbill Cafe) and saw the owners of the new restaurant putting up their signage. The new restaurant’s name is Da Hong Pao Restaurant. They hope to open at the end of the month or in early June. No website yet. It’ll be nice to finally see something in this space.”

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  • Dang I was hoping it would be named “14th St Cantonese Seafood Dimsum & WIne Bar”. Does anyone know if it’s actually owned by the same people who run Yums? I’ve seen the man who works inside Yum’s present inside the construction site here pretty often while walking by.

  • Jerry Grundle

    I hope it’s Da Bomb.

  • No shortage of asian cuisine on this stretch of 14th! Teakwood, Baan Thai, Thai Tanic, Yums, Great Wall Szechuan, the new 14th St Cafe Asian Bistro, and now this. Too bad I’m moving from this block over to west Dupont next month!

  • In the near future, the Logan Circle neighborhood will be referred to as “New Chinatown.”

  • For anyone who’s interested, Da Hong Pao is a rare oolong tea grown in China that literally means “Big Red Robe.”

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