“This is 5 days after a neighborhood walk through with DDoT and local officials about the unsafe traffic on this block.”


A reader reports Wednesday around 5:30pm:

“As I was stepping off the 60 bus on Rock Creek Church Road at Webster, a black SUV smashed into the bus after having zigzagged his way at high speed up the road. The driver got out of his disabled vehicle and ran up the road, but people in the neighborhood chased him down and pinned him down until the cops got there. Fortunately no one seems to be seriously hurt, but the poor bus driver is pretty shaken up.

This is 5 days after a neighborhood walk through with DDoT and local officials about the unsafe traffic on this block.”

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  • Was the vehicle stolen or the guy drunk? It seems super weird to get out of a car and run, leaving your car behind.

  • People drive like maniacs up that road. It definitely needs some sort of traffic calming.

  • Even though the SUV has DC plates, MD drivers still suck 🙂

  • Does anyone see any traffic enforcement anywhere in this city? I live in Bloomingdale, and in addition to the hideous amount of allowed/ignored but dangerous illegal parking, the countless maniacs (not limited to out of state drivers, btw) who race up and down 2nd NW, not stopping at stop signs and zooming around the cars that actually do stop at stop signs is upsetting. Curious to know if it’s everywhere or just in some areas.

    • Nope. Seems like nearly all traffic enforcement is done by camera. So blowing through stop signs is fine, but take upper 14th street at 31 mph and god help you.

      • I think there are now some cameras that can detect when people fail to stop at a stop sign.

        • They are mobile camera fixtures. They move from week to week to different stop-signed intersections. Though, they are blatantly obvious if you’re a driver. I’m not sure of their effectiveness.

    • I got a traffic ticket on mt bike last month for crossing on a red light when there was zero traffic. I definitely broke the law, but I was surprised as it’s the first traffic ticket I’ve every gotten here that wasn’t by a speed camera.

      • That’s such a colossal waste of police time, ticketing cyclists when the city is full of people driving like this. Super dumb.

        • Red’s red. Why should different rules apply to people?

          • Why should law enforcement prioritize reckless drivers, who by any objective standard pose a lot more danger to others, over reckless cyclists? I feel like that question answers itself.

      • It’s refreshing to hear an adult own up to his/her actions. Stinks you got a ticket, especially if there was no traffic, but thanks for not blaming someone else or being outraged at the person who did their job.

      • Please tell us how the city identified you from a picture of your mountain bike? Does it have a license plate?

    • Enforcement is often opposed by the local AAA chapter and local media, citing a “war on cars”.

    • I was actually pulled over 3 days ago- First time in 16years in DC. My registration sticker on windshield keeps unsticking from the windshield-not completely but enough to where you can’t see it from head on- which I guess they saw and came after me. Once they saw I had one they just told me put some tape on it. Didn’t ask for any license or any information whatsoever. Was actually a good interaction with the two cops.

    • Got pulled over by Dave Thomas Circle by a cop with a bone to pick (understandably) about that awful intersection. He let me go because he was blocking the box too.
      Overall, I am a cautious driver but tend to operate within common sense rather than within the letter of the law: I drive under the speed limit and proactively avoid blocking the box, but I don’t worry about signaling my merges or running a yellow at slow-but-steady speed.
      I never worry about enforcement (knock on wood). MPD has a lot more to worry about — check out the Washington City Paper article today that tore into Lanier.

      • “I don’t worry about signaling my merges” — Why not? It’s not just the law; it’s practical — and courteous — to signal your intentions to other drivers.

        • Yea, why don’t you signal merges? It sounds like your “common sense” is likely not the same “common sense” of the rest of the drivers on the road – particularly when you’re switching lanes without notice.

        • + a million. Traffic works better if drivers know what other drivers around them are going to do, and that only happens when people follow the rules of the road and signal what they intend to do. I’m amazed how many people don’t get this or don’t care.

        • And the cyclist in your blind spot who is currently relying on a view of the position of your hands on the steering wheel via your side mirror to determine whether you’re about to hit them.

        • i agree, it’s infuriating when i’m merging with my blinker on only to find out someone else had the same idea without using a blinker and i have to take great measures to avoid a wreck. all because someone thought it was okay to be proactive in some aspects, but not others.

    • ah

      Yeah – it’s sorely lacking. DC is on the verge of being one of those chaotic third-world cities like Jakarta or New Delhi where everyone drives as they please with no regard for traffic signals or laws.

      There’s no effort at enforcement – cameras can do something, but when the cops themselves are the third car through a red light it’s clearly not a priority.

  • Every street is like this. Yesterday I saw a guy blatantly run 2 red lights and honk at pedestrians to scatter as they walked through the intersection on a walk signal. Downtown business area.

    • Running red lights seems to be a problem all over. I was in NOLA for Christmas for a week and saw red light running every day and more than once in a single day. And not the “gotta get though the yellow but went though the red light” version, but blatant “the light turned yellow and then red half a block before I got to the intersection and I had plenty of time to stop but couldn’t be bothered” version. A few times it really looked like they thought they were the only car on the road or that they didn’t even register a light was there.

    • Unfortunately true. A few years ago I was crossing Constitution Ave right by the Capitol (2nd ST NW) when a guy blew through a red light at 40-50 mph. The pedestrian crossing had been green for 5-10 seconds so I was in the middle of the crosswalk. The driver LEANED on his horn but didn’t bother to brake. I did a big starfish jump backward and narrowly avoided getting hit, but I think that’s as close as I’ve ever come to straight-up dying. And several Capitol Police officers who were right there and saw the whole thing? Couldn’t care less — they couldn’t even understand why, if I didn’t get hit, I was even talking to them about it.

  • I drive very defensively and find that actually ENCOURAGES aggressive driving from those “stuck behind me.” Reasons for driving defensively include never wanting to hit a pedestrian or cyclist regardless of whether I’m “at fault.”

    You can’t fix impatient/impulsive/stupid.

  • This corner and particular bus stop has always been a worry for many of us who live on this side of Petworth and use the 60 and H8.
    Crossing the road is just hazardous with the way cars drive up up and down RCC. I know many parents who cycle and cross at that junction to ride to work, sometimes with kids on the bikes. Many have tried to raise the issue but to no avail.

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