UPDATE: Recovered! Cotton & Reed Distillery’s Van Stolen from U St/Columbia Heights


From Cotton & Reed’s facebook:

“Putting an APB out on our precious, pristine van, which was stolen last night or this morning around U Street/Columbia Heights. Both sides are dented, the Port City Brewing Company logo is still faintly visible on each side, and there are a couple Port City bumper stickers on the back. If it ever comes back we will redecorate soon, we swear. If you help us recover it, we’ll owe you big time. And you want us to owe you big time. DC tags: FC 1056”

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  • Check online for parking tickets, although it is a bit soon, many vehicles get stolen then just dumped someplace and get ticketed. (And of course, no one in DC govt. thinks to cross-reference stolen vehicles with tickets.)

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