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  • It’s nice to see independent coffee shops showing up in places I would expect to find a chain, such as The Coffee Bar’s 17th and M NW location.

  • Compass’ plans are for MASSIVE expansion. They’re an ‘undercover chain’. Whatever, good for them

    • What is an “undercover chain”? They’re two super nice guys building a business from the ground up (to use a phrase from the Washington Post series about them). I hope they have all of the success in the world with their expansion.

      • I think some people have the tendency to dismiss a business once it gets to big for their liking. Its no longer cool in their eyes. I’m happy for the team at Compass Coffee. Gallery Place is a huge get.

      • Marketing geniuses. Hats off to them and may they slay Starbucks. The coffee isn’t even close to the best being made in DC.

        • Agreed. Glad to see a local business succeed but the coffee is undrinkable. They do appear to be roasting themselves and burning the living hell out of the beans to mask the poor quality.

    • definitely feels like a chain (and kinda meh coffee), but can’t hate on two local guys finding success!

  • DC1

    Congrats to them! Definitely one of the better coffee co’s out there.

  • First store on 7th St., second store on 8th St., third store on the 600 block. Will the next location be on the 500 or 900 block?

  • I think we have enough coffee shops now. A Baked Joint, 6 Sbuxes, 2 corner bakeries, La Colombe, Chinatown Coffee Co., Dolcezza, Pitango, L’Hommage, Bakers and Baristas, the list goes on and on, all within 5 blocks of the Verizon Center. Can the neighborhood and tourism support all these coffee shops? It’s the same story in Mt. Vernon Triangle with the 3 Hakan Ilhan restaurants-Future Ottomman Taverna, L’Hommage, and Alba Osteria(which don’t seem very busy, along with Texas de Brazil). Will they outpace the growth in this area?

    • Compass Coffee offers a better experience and coffee than all these other shops around Chinatown. I wouldn’t worry to much about them succeeding.

      • Huh, I haven’t had this glorious experience you’re describing. I’m all for an independent chain doing well (and same for these guys!) but I just do not get the hype over their coffee. Not being snarky, I just truly don’t get the zealotry. In my experience La Colombe, Dolcezza, and Peregrine all serve equal if better coffee.

        • La Colombe coffee is OK, it’s pretty weak and closes early. Dolchezza is super over priced ($5.50 for a tiny nitro cold brew?) . Peregrine is the weakest coffee in DC.

          • Hmm, this is where our palettes differ. La Colombe has some really nice roasts. Compass, while I thought it was fine, didn’t have any distinguishing characteristics – it was like Dunkin Donuts. Also, have to disagree about Peregrine – what I’ve had there I’ve quite enjoyed. Anyways, people have different tastes, and now there are more choices for all so it’s a win for everyone 🙂

          • Agree with you on the others but Compass is pretty bad as well. Chinatown coffee spots ranked:

            1) A Baked Joint
            2) Chinatown Coffee
            3) La Colombe
            4) Dolchezza
            5) Dunkin Donuts
            6) Mcdonald’s
            7) Starbucks
            8) Compass

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