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  • Used to live across from Upper Crust Pizza back when I lived in Beantown. Loved it! Can’t wait to see if the DC outpost is as good as I remember it.

  • Anyone who has ever been to Boston knows that Santarpios and Pizzeria Regina are regarded as the best pizza places in Boston.

    • +1000

    • I was just going to say the same thing. No way is Upper Crust the best pizza in Boston!

    • oh man great calls on both of those. day-dreaming about santarpios sausage now.

    • Agreed, Santarpios is the best

    • Santarpios was the best. I spent a decade in Boston and the pizza was OK. Also there used to be an upper crust on Pennsylvania near the white house but i think it closed down a couple years ago. Why are they trying again?

      • Because inebriated people are much more likely to crave pizza; there are many more inebriated people by U st than the WH.

    • +infinity. Eastie born & raised, so all I have to say is long live Santarpios! I smiled so hard at the mention of it when I saw “Spotlight” earlier this year.

    • Agreed! Upper Crust is okay, but I always thought that Fig was better in that neighborhood.

    • I just realized that I just replied to my very own husband.

  • I like this place. I think it’ll do better here than it did on Penn.

  • So, right across the street from another pizza place?

  • Boston’s best pizza? Is that like saying New York’s best clam chowder?

    • jburka

      Uh, ever heard of Manhattan clam chowder? It’s the red one.

      • And it pales in comparison to New England clam chowder, in my opinion.

      • Manhattan clam chowder is probably from Rhode Island and from what I heard it was used in the derogatory way. I like it also, but it’s not clam chowder.

      • And the more reliably good one. New England clam chowder, well done, is fantastic – but all too often it isn’t well done and tastes like wallpaper paste with chunks of potato and no discernible clam flavor – a gummy, pasty mess. Manhattan clam chowder doesn’t have the same reputation, but it’s much harder to screw up.

      • Rhode Island clam chowder, the clear one, is the best.

    • There’s a huge Italian population in Boston. Why wouldn’t they have good pizza?

    • There’s a huge Italian population in Boston. Why wouldn’t they have good pizza?

      • I’m one of the said Italian folks from Boston and I can confirm that Santarpios/Regina are just as good as, if not better than any slice of pie you’ll have in NYC.

  • hammers

    meh; upper crust isn’t great. I just had it a couple weeks ago for the first time in years, and it was a solid C.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Also, I think the lawsuit resulted in the chain or one of the locations being purchased by the employees, but I can’t remember all the details.

    • +1 — wonder why they’re not seeking space closed to DOL HQ down here

  • Upper Crust is exactly as expensive and 75% as good as Pete’s Pizza. Their business practices are deplorable. DC pizza may be underwhelming, but I would not go to Upper Crust unless everything else was closed.

    From Boston Globe: But in the summer of 2010… a lawsuit was filed by former Brazilian workers at stores in the Boston area accusing Upper Crust of exploiting employees. More damaging allegations were reported in a December 2010 investigation published by the Globe that revealed immigrant laborers from a poor village in Brazil were underpaid for long work weeks while owners indulged in luxuries such as a yacht and a plane. Federal labor officials eventually ordered the pizza chain to pay workers about $350,000 in overtime, but company executives then allegedly came up with a plan to take the money back by slashing wages, resulting in a class-action lawsuit and another labor investigation.

  • But will they serve chicken bacon ranch pizza?


    No, but seriously. Pizzaria Regina is good, but y’all just got an Antonio’s. Antonio’s is the best. Pizza. Ever.

  • I thought Boston’s favorite pizza was Papa Ginos…..at least that’s what the jingle taught me.

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