Big Time Red Line Blues

pain sculpture

By now you’ve felt the pain. All I want to say is you are not alone. You have my blessing to start drinking early today.

As of 9:00am:

“Red Line continues to single track btwn Grosvenor & Friendship Hts. No longer single tracking at Woodley. Expect 45-mins delays 9:00a #wmata”

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  • Quotia Zelda

    45 minutes? Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • There was a large collection of DCFS, MPD and ambulances outside Woodley before 8:00. Seems to be confusion about whether it was just a track issue (Post mentions more arcing insulators), and other riders saying they were told it was a medical emergency.

  • I can’t understand for the life of me why Metro doesn’t have some trains skip the outside (burbs) stops and start at an inner station to relieve congestion on days like today. When you wait 15 mins between trains and all trains are full its a bit frustrating for those who live in the city. This can be resolved by having full trains bypass and then sending trains into the city from say Friendship Heights. Seems to be more of an issue on the Glemont direction trains. There must be a reason. Metro cannot be that aloof? Can they?

    • During rush hour the Red Line is supposed to have half of its trains running only from Silver Spring to Grosvenor, but they seem to have cut back on this a lot over the past year (and seem to eliminate it when there are other issues, like today). I think there are limited spots where trains can turn around (see, e.g., Yellow Line), so they don’t have a lot of flexibility for doing it between other locations.

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