Babs missing from Bloomingdale


“I think my kitty Babs may have gotten out of my house Sunday. She’s super sweet and really friendly so if you see her I wouldn’t be surprised if she would come up and befriend you. She’s a bit larger than she is in this photo but looks basically the same. We live in Bloomingdale at Randolph Pl, so please contact me if you see her! [email protected] 317-626-9547”

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  • You “think” she got out? Have you checked all the closets, etc? Especially ones with a lot of stuff (and good hiding places.) Also any nearby yards that she wouldn’t be able to escape from? My cat snuck out once and spent the night in the neighbor’s walled yard. But if she did get out, chances are good she is still nearby, hunkered down someplace. Good luck!

    • Was going to suggest the same re. checking closets, cabinets, etc.
      Friends of mine were recounting yesterday how their respective cats had ventured into usually-closed spaces (the water panel for one cat, and the attic for the other) and gotten shut away until they were heard meowing.

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