“Adult female has sustained multiple gunshot wounds” in Hill East

via google maps

From MPD around 3:30pm:

“CRIME ALERT: Shooting in the 1000 b/o 13th Street SE. Adult female has sustained multiple gunshot wounds and is conscious & breathing”

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  • Ugh. That block is bad news. Hope the victim is ok.

  • There was a large disturbance with a group of females yesterday evening near the parking lot at I St and Half St, SE in the Capitol Riverfront/Navy Yard neighborhood. Perhaps this unfortunate shooting is related to that.

    • I doubt it. That’s not really the same area.

      • Definitely not the same area, but half of the girls walked in that direction after the cops broke up what appeared to be a fight, It was dark so we couldn’t really see anything, just heard an awful lot of screaming, and let me say they were really aggressive.

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