“apparently a drunk driver went the wrong way on Abbey Place NE”


A reader reports:

“So, apparently last night [Saturday] a drunk driver went the wrong way on a Abbey Place NE and lost control of the vehicle. 6 cars damages and some property damage.”

Ed. Note: Before the inevitable, I shall remove the suspense – they were DC plates.



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  • 1) Glad to see that apparently no one was seriously injured.
    2) Now take away the driver’s license.

  • This just pisses me off. So stupid. So avoidable. There really is no reason to drink and drive, especially if you live in the DC metro area, even moreso if you live in the district.

  • Looks like a Maryland plate, but I can’t be sure….

  • That One Guy

    I’m sure the driver said s/he only had a sip of beer or a glass of wine.
    The commitment to destruction is impressive.

  • Arrest Number 011611194
    Arrest Date Apr 10, 2016 2:30:28 AM
    Arrest Location 1101 ABBEY PLACE NE
    WASHINGTON, DC 20002
    PSA 104
    Offender Last Name BELL
    Offender First Name DONOVAN
    Gender M
    DOB Jul 3, 1989
    Offense Driving Under Influence-1st Off
    Felony/Misdemeanor M
    Officer Nugent

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