“This line would be critical to cross-pollinating people/business between thriving areas of NW and hopefully soon-to-thrive areas of NE.”


“Dear PoPville,

RIA Main Street is pushing for funding of the proposed G9 bus line in the upcoming budget. The G9 would run almost all the full length of Rhode Island Avenue within the District, providing a direct link from Mt. Rainier, MD, through Woodridge, Langdon, Brookland, Brentwood, Edgewood, Eckington, Bloomingdale, Shaw, the U St. Corridor and Logan Circle, to Franklin Square. As a prolific bus rider who recently migrated from the western end of this proposed line to the eastern end, I can tell you that trying to get to through most portions of this route via transit is rough. The many bus lines on the eastern end turn around at the Rhode Island Ave. metro and the G8, which is probably the closest existing line, zigzags all around and only sticks to Rhode Island Ave. between 4th St. NE and 9th St. NW.

This line would be critical to cross-pollinating people/business between thriving areas of NW and hopefully soon-to-thrive areas of NE.

Here’s how to lend your voice to support the G9 route: 

Help us spread the word about funding for the G9 – we need all of your voices to get the funding to make this bus line a much-needed reality for Rhode Island Avenue.

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  • Am the only person weirded out by the idea of “cross-pollinating” people?

    • Maybe they’ll lean toward some sort of catch-and-release program. (Yes…it sounds bizarre and I actually laughed out loud.)

    • justinbc

      It’s shorter than saying “this is so the people who used to live in these neighborhoods who can no longer afford it can still get to work at the restaurants that caused their landlord’s property value to go up so much to begin with”.

      • And also more accurate, since your particular use case won’t fit every rider going from east to west, and there are things up Rhode Island worth visiting even if one is a well-heeled hipster yuppie? It might not be worth bus transfers, but restaurants like Nido and amenities like Langdon Park do exist and are worth visiting sometime.

  • I’m all for it as a bridge/permanent solution to the never arriving RI streetcar Part 2. The new route should consider adjustments/additions to other routes, which are designed to transfer at the metro stations.
    There also should be a bus that runs from Lowes to Walmart (a South Dakota line). I’d gladly design the whole thing, but I’m not qualified and also prefer to have others fight my battles for me.

    • This is a good idea. In addition, I would like a NY Avenue line–it could go from Lowes/Costco to downtown. There is zero transit there now and it would make a big difference for places like Ivy City and the Arboreteum.

      • A unified NY Ave line would be great, but the B8/B9/H6 were recently extended to service Lowes/Costco and Ivy City does have the E2/D3/D4 to get up to Fort Totten or downtown, so it might be hyperbolic to say zero transit.

        • There’s really no service to get from one part of the NY Ave corridor to another without transferring, probably two or more times in each direction. In fact, I don’t think WMATA has a single bus that actually drives along New York Ave east of Mt. Vernon Square for even a short distance.

          New York Avenue on the WMATA bus map is a sad, lonely little unserved line – http://www.wmata.com/pdfs/bus/DC_System_Map.pdf?

          • Right. There is no NY Ave line and there definitely should be. Just saying that there are options, if not ones that run directly along NY Ave.

    • A South Dakota bus line would be great. Many things are happening in this area.

  • While they’re at it, can we have more bus lines that go across town, rather than just to and from downtown. For example Adams Morgan is great for getting downtown, but getting to places like Georgetown/Glover Park, Petworth, or Union Station is quicker walking or relying on long bus bus transfers or nonexistent metro service. More cross pollination would be great for developing thriving neighborhoods, as it is now, there is too much focus on downtown. Rightfully so during the week, but on the weekend, it can be a real hassle to travel between certain neighborhoods.

    • To be fair, transit is best for really popular routes where many people have to be carried from a predictable place to another. Once you’re traveling laterally, auto/bike transit might make more sense (preferably rideshare so parking isn’t an issue). There’s an argument to be made that the neighborhoods your mentioning are close enough in as to be part of the urban core, but given what the pace of development west of the park is like, I’m not so sure I’d buy it.

  • BRT or this isn’t worth anyone’s time.

    • I disagree. The 79 and S9 really do manage to be faster than their many-stop counterparts, and are a much more pleasant option for going a long distance on Georgia/16th. Yes, BRT would be worlds better, but given that we can’t even get dedicated bus lanes on 16th, there’s zero reason to hold out hope for BRT on RI, when G9 sounds like a big improvement over the routes we have now.

  • This seems a little like an “if you build it they will come” situation. Metro should focus resources on areas where existing services aren’t meeting demand (e.g. 16th Street, 14th St, Georgia).

    • I would argue they’re not meeting existing demand in this corridor either. Having lived on/near each of these routes in my time here, I face the same issues with the G8 as I did with the 16th and 14th street buses — watching several buses drive by in the morning because they are full. And they come even less frequently than the 16th and 14th street buses did. The G8 also winds all over down town so it’s a pretty time-consuming route.

    • The G8, 8x, T14, and T16 buses are all super-crowded a lot of the time, so your impression is wrong.

    • If you are suggesting that the G8 and the buses that run along RIA in NE (like the 80) are currently meeting demand, I suggest you ride those buses more often during typical transit hours. I assume you spend most of your time in upper NW EOTP given your suggestion, and there may very well be a need for better transit in Brightwood/Petworth/Columbia Heights/etc., but that does not negate the need for reliable and efficient public transit from upper Rhode Island Ave to downtown.

      • +1 It is crazy that not one of 6+ buses that come down RI from Mt. Rainier goes past RI Ave Metro Station. Given how terrible the metro is on weekends I take the G8 to Chinatown but it takes an hour from the closest stop to the SD and RI intersection. That is literally a 10 minute drive or a $7 dollar Uber ride, which is why I find myself Ubering more.

  • How about they just make sure that the lines we do have don’t catch on fire.

    • justinbc

      There was a bus fire recently?

      • I didn’t see anything, but TBH it sounds about right for Metro. Train fire, bus fire…kiosk fire…turnstile fire…escalator fire…sidewalk sign fire…employees spontaneously combusting…

      • I did see a circulator this month that had to pull over and evacuate because smoke was pouring from the roof. but those are overseen by private contractors.

  • Unfortunately, the Monday hearing mentioned here already happened yesterday. Might want to update the post so people don’t show up next week.

  • “prolific bus rider” — this made my morning. Thanks for the laugh!

    • Yes, “prolific” wasn’t the appropriate word here… but it’s not very nice to call the OP out on it like that.

      • Why not? It takes creativity to inventively string together bus routes to get done whatever one needs to get done. It seems like a reasonable use of the word

        • justinbc

          Broadly speaking, when using that adjective to describe something there’s generally a stated connected relationship. To be a prolific bus rider would mean that your primary output is…smelly pants? I don’t know. I fully understand the author’s meaning though, even if I would have used a different word.

          • OP maybe produces elaborate bus routes that he then shares with the world? But yeah I guess I see your point

        • The appropriate word would be “frequent.”
          “Prolific” relates more to _producing_ something.

  • “between thriving areas of NW and hopefully soon-to-thrive areas of NE” And if this is successful and NE property values start pushing up, crime starts going down, the cries of gentrification will won’t be far behind. Strange how people always forget that cities (and the world for that matter) are dynamic and constantly changing.

    • Values are already going up. 5 years from now people are going to wish they grabbed some of those big craftsmans in Woodridge and the surrounding areas.

  • As a Mt Rainier dweller this would absolutely bring me into the district more often outside of work hours. And I hope that reciprocally it would bring people up to the awesome businesses and restaurants at upper RI and MtR. It makes zero sense that there is no bus line that runs the length of this corridor, so this development is very exciting!!

  • Can we add a petition seeking to extend the G2 all the way to RI Ave Station too? Makes no sense for the G2 to just end on Bryant Street like that.

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