Looks Like Showtime will be getting a little more leg room

113 Rhode Island Avenue, NW

Following in the footsteps of Boundary Stone? The liquor license placard out front of Showtime says:

“Applicant requests an expansion of the premises to include a Total Occupancy Load of 78 with 46 seats.”


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  • Not really an expansion if they’re not adding more physical space, more like an airline expanding the capacity of a plane by making the seats smaller

  • If that’s the case then, agreed not really an expansion. The title makes it sounds like their bar footprint is expanding.

  • I think the recent installation of a 2nd bathroom made this capacity expansion possible.

    Church next door isn’t going anywhere. House on other side is for sale, but will remain residential.

  • The bartender at Showtime told me that the second bathroom will allow them to increase their occupancy. He didn’t know of any plans to expand their footprint.

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