“After calling Comcast to confirm – we can officially say this is a total scam!”

scam or not

“Dear PoPville,

Came home yesterday to a note left in the crack of my door. Upon getting this, I immediately messaged my upstairs roommate (who handles our cable) to find out what was up. The copy/paste Comcast label was an immediate red flag for me. After calling Comcast to confirm – we can officially say this is a total scam! The scammer left this in our mailbox on the front of our house, but to leave it at my door they had to get super creepy. They unlocked our back gate, came into our backyard, and walked down to my rear-entry basement apartment in a desperate attempt to see if someone was home – and most likely try to get inside. Luckily, we were all at work. Who knows what would have happened! We suspect if you call the number, they’ll try to extort you not to “turn off your cable.” Scary, and super creeps! This all sounds very much like the fake “Verizon techs” who were wandering around a few month ago. NoMa residents – beware!!”

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  • I wish they picked up equipment! I still have cable boxes I’m getting charged for that I should have dropped off back in 2014 😉

  • Why blur the phone number?? I love messing with scammers.

  • The “Verizon techs” have been out in Brightwood the past few days

  • I wonder how their customer service compares with real Comcast.

  • Would reporting this to police do any good?

    • We did call this in to the non-emergency line, and provided the police with the picture 🙂

      • For future reference (and PoPville reference): D.C. no longer has a police non-emergency line. All police calls, both emergency and otherwise, are supposed to go to 911.

        • Also, 911 does not have a method for receiving a digital picture, according to an operator who took my call recently. I’m not sure if whatever non-emergency line had this infrastructure set up or if they brought the picture physically to them or what.

          • Ehhh… you’re being a bit misleading. No, there isn’t a city-wide non-emergency line. But every district station has “non-emergency” line – it’s just the main desk line. I’ve had instances that I’ve called the desk line and they’ve directed me on what to do. I imagine that’s what these folks did as well, and they were probably given an officer’s email to send pictures to.

    • If it was anyone but Comcast, I’d say report it to Comcast as well. Companies might take a firm stand on someone using their logo for nefarious purposes. It inadvertently hurts the brand – people who are confused and feel they are getting harassed or poor “service” from the “agents” are not good for the company, not to mention the extra cost of calls they have to field. Maybe the extra threat of some sort of multimillion dollar trademark violation would make the [email protected] criminals pack it in.

      But then, it’s Comcast. Recently and repeatedly voted the worst company in America.

  • This sounds like a pretext for gaining entry to someone’s home and either casing the joint or stealing things (like the incident with Muriel Bowser’s parents).
    Be on the alert for scams:
    People claiming they’re Verizon techs to gain entry to homes: http://www.popville.com/2016/02/it-is-a-scam/
    List of scams related to Pepco, and/or third-party energy companies misrepresenting themselves: http://www.popville.com/2015/02/heads-up-new-pepco-phone-scam/#comment-913368
    List of scams compiled in August 2014 by yours truly: http://www.popville.com/2014/08/an-impressive-compilation-of-scammers/
    People claiming to need cash to buy deodorant (or laundry detergent or other easily resellable items):

    • This was my thought. If anyone saw and questioned what they were doing they could just tell them they work for Comcast and that they even left a note (while really seeing if they could break in / casing)

  • The real give away was Comcast apologizing for anything.

  • Definitely report this to your local PSA commander, because this is an excellent way for potential thieves to scope out houses or apartments to see who is there and at what time. If they get challenged, they whip out that slip of paper. Calling them also tells them what time you got home.

  • You can text the police in DC, give the 5-0 the 4-1-1. http://mpdc.dc.gov/service/text-police-50411

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