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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Allison

    Rave: Farragut and I bought a house in Takoma Park! We move in May.
    Question: I need a recommendation for a good locksmith who can change the locks on the house after we move in. I’ve heard horror stories about shady locksmiths, and what happens to people who don’t change the locks on a new house. Do you know anyone trustworthy who will do work in Takoma Park? Thanks!

    • Congrats and welcome to the neighborhood!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Congrats on the house! Changing locks is super easy DIY unless you want fancy electronic ones or something. I have purchased locks from Sure Fit on Fenton St in Silver Spring (higher quality / more secure than is typically available in a hardware store) but have never had a locksmith come to my house for anything.

      • Allison

        Thanks, I’ll look into that! One is your average round front door lock, and the other is the lock on a sliding back door. Not sure if the latter might be more complicated.

      • Congrats and +1 to HaileUnlikely–we changed the locks ourselves and it was pretty easy.

    • I Dont Get It

      Congrats! I’ve used dclockdoctor dot com and was very satisfied. He also has good reviews on Yelp.

    • Congratulations to Allison and Farragut!

    • Congrats! We actually changed out the locks on our place from a standard lock to an electronic one that can be controlled by our phones/keypad (I locked myself out of the house way too many times to go for a standard lock anymore). I think it took us less than an hour even with my ineptitude with these kinds of things.

    • That One Guy

      Look up Mr. locksmith on YouTube and watch a few videos of how easily he unlocks some deadbolts and then after your adequately paranoid look at the locks he recommends.

      • Allison

        Lol, thanks, I will do that!

      • HaileUnlikely

        Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it too much. That dude is a professional locksmith. If a professional locksmith wants to get into your house, you’re going to need a big dog or a gun to stop him, a lock ain’t keeping him out.
        Most of the locks that he recommends are about $200 each. I would avoid some of the real bottom-of-the-line locks (e.g., most but not all Kwikset locks, Home Depot’s Defiant, and similar), but most people walking around looking to burglarize some random residence aren’t going to be able to pick a normal $50 Schlage or Arrow lock, and will enter by kicking in the door anyway, so I hope you have long screws attaching the hinges to the door and the house framing and a reinforced strike box on your $200 deadbolt.

    • Listen to these very smart people! I called the miserable DC 24/7 locksmith people (or District Lock! I don’t remember! – I will check a receipt tonight to find out) and they charged me AN OUTRAGEOUS amount to change all the locks in my place. I think it was around $700. They had me in a weak spot (I had just closed on the place that day, and only got 1 key out of 8 outside locks in the house). I was really angry, as theyd quoted me much less, but, of course, you want to feel protected from the get go.

  • How does Pret a Manger get such pleasant employees? They’re always cheerful and polite. Does Pret pay particularly well?

    • Allison

      One theory is that because a lot of the food is grab-and-go, it’s a lot less stressful for employees than cooking made-to-order. I’d be cheery too!

    • palisades

      I think the metro is proof that pay doesn’t directly correlate to happiness

      • I imagine Pret also wants/encourages its employees to be pleasant to customers, whereas WMATA apparently doesn’t give a s***.

    • They do pay well and also provide health benefits! I know one of their district managers and he was telling me about it. Also, they don’t franchise which allows for a more streamlined directive from the top. They’re also known for promoting within.

  • Rave: It’s Thursday – one day closer to Friday!

    Rant: Administrative Professional’s Day – I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate being reminded that I’m an admin but get really upset when people don’t acknowledge it. My staff kinda’ failed.

    Rave: I have such an awesome boyfriend! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Love him and all the talk about our future. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rant: Rain, rain, go away!

    • I was really proud of myself for remembering Administrative Professional’s Day yesterday, but I think it was my first time ever. I had, what I think, is a great idea that every Admin should just get the day off automatically. That’s way better than flowers for the admin and the non-admin staff who always forget don’t have to feel guilty about forgetting.

      • I always gave my assistant the day off. When I was an EA, it’s what I would have wanted!

        • omg – that’s such an awesome and simple idea. My previous employer did nothing for 3 years (the last year my manager gave me very nice flowers and a card), but the new employer gave all admins in the company a bag of spa goodies, and our direct management took us out for a NICE lunch! It’s really nice to be appreciated.

  • rant: I feel like absolute crap. It may be allergies.
    rant: didnt stay in bed
    rave: cough drops
    rave: bed later ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant – Recent deaths and births in my family made for a roller coaster of emotions this week. Circle of life and all that. I’m exhausted.
    Rave – Heading back to DC tonight. Can’t wait to snuggle with my husband and my dog in my own home.

  • Rant: My phone is dying. Like rapidly. I need to replace it today.

    Question: Should I go to Sprint, The Apple Store or an electronics store? I have an iPhone 5c and would like to upgrade. Whats my best bet for getting a deal?

    Rave: I womaned up and got some important phone calls done. I’m trying to break my cycle of procrastination.

    • Sprint store, best buy, or target/walmart.
      The latter may price match, so I’d see what deals are shown online then pick from there.

    • WalMart actually has pretty good specials and of course you can get Verizon Straight Talk plan $45 unlimited everything there…I know Walmart is evil but shoot I do like to save me some money

    • Costco if you or a friend has a membership – I got a great deal on my Samsung Galaxy 5 last year and they threw in a totally free car charger, car mount, and wall charger.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Good baseball game for Youngest Zelda and his team last night.
    Rant: Sitting on damp metal bleachers in 55 degree weather. I’m not sure I’ve warmed up yet.
    Rant: We’re working on itinerary #3 for this summer’s college visit road trip. Middle Zelda keeps changing the schools she wants to visit.
    Rave: And this is why I book refundable hotel rooms, even though the price is a little higher.

  • Rave: One week to go before boarding the plane for Paris, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona.
    Rant: Mom refuses to change her mind and come along, despite multiple different Dad-care strategies.
    Rave: Girlfriend, who will be in Paris, looking for ways to get to Barcelona. Though I think she’s mostly gointg just to chaperon me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Regarding the planning versus improvising discussion yesterday, I have to confess that deep down I think anyone who would put together a six-page agenda for a trip is unclear on the concept of “vacation.” (To each his or her own, but we probably shouldn’t travel together — maybe we can meet for drinks, though, since all Popvillians are charming and intelligent). I’ll lock in a couple of things that truly demand advance planning (dinner at Le Tour d’Argent, ticked to El Alhambra this trip) but generally I like to research options so that I know what’s nearby and available if the mood strikes me, without having to keep to any sort of schedule. In cities, especially, I mostly like to soak up the mood, which means a lot of aimless wandering, small shops and street food plus bars and cafes, and one of my favorite souvenirs is the equivalent of the citibike app from the city I’m visiting and whatever I discover looking for an open space to park it. (You’ll be able to spot me when I get back, lurking by the Capital Bikeshare racks and exclaiming in a loud voice “no wonder I was confused, I was using my Paris Velib’ app by mistake).

    • I’ve had too many hours of wandering around an anonymous business district and not being able to find the cute/ quaint/ authentic things I thought I would find on my meander. I love the idea of strolling and soaking up the atmosphere, but it hasn’t always worked out. Hence, planning. Not necessarily scheduling, but “On Day 1 we will visit this neighborhood and see these cool things. On Day 2, we’ll hit this major tourist attraction and its environs. On Day 3, we’ll have lunch at this place, visit this museum, and then be in the right place for the show I got tickets to…” That sort of thing.

      • On my first evening alone in New York York City (i was staying with my grandfather and bussed in from New Jersey for a Friday night in the Big Apple) I showed up about 7 o’clock at night at the Port Authority with no idea where in the city to go. I wandered around a Taxi Driver-era Times Square for a while until bored, young and pervy, I popped into a strip club where, within minutes, I was shaken down for all the cash I had except the five dollar bill I’d hidden in my sock (in my memory, a bouncer the size of small mountain wearing a Hawaiian held me upside down by my ankles and shook me as the money dropped out of my pockets, but I think that wasn’t really the case), leaving me to wander a Taxi Driver-era Times Square with no money save bus fare for three hours until the bus back to Jersey boarded, scared to death to wander away from the lights of the porn theaters. So, yeah, I agree that getting the geography of the place down and doing a little advance planning is not a bad idea.

      • SouthwestDC

        I get anxious when the city I’m traveling to doesn’t have Google Street view. I need to be able to “walk” around beforehand to see if my hotel’s location is suitably atmospheric.

      • This. We never find that cute cafe the locals love either.

    • “I think anyone who would put together a six-page agenda for a trip is unclear on the concept of โ€œvacation.โ€

      Hey, that’s me! I also am a big fan of wandering around cities, but I think it depends on where you’re going. For this trip, there’s a very short time and lots of things I’d (ideally) like to see/do. (Also, my traveling companion makes a regular old Type A person like me look like a hippie slacker, so I can’t take the credit/blame for the itinerary this time.) On a separate note, for me the dominant part of this vacation (really, ANY vacation) is eating, and I simply refuse to go to a new city without having thoroughly researched the food options – not the tourist food options, but the local food options. Along the lines of what wdc said, having to wander around an area tourists/business travelers frequent looking for food, or worse yet, asking the hotel concierge (shudder) for a restaurant recommendation would kill my enjoyment. A well-appointed list of restaurants/food stalls/etc., with reservations at some and direction to the others? Now THAT’S a vacation.

      • Just giving you a hard time, sorry if it felt too strident. I’m all about people vacating as they will, though you and I (and your Type A+ firend!) should probably travel separately ๐Ÿ™‚ .
        I do scope out the food scent in advance, however, and share your distrust of concierge recommendations, though sometimes under pressure from my travelling companion, food has to be put on the back burner, as it were, in favor of cycling, art, etc. But, since we’ve been dating, she now knows that we will hit the farmers markets, wherever they are, even if we don’t have a kitchen, so progress is being made! (any suggestions for Spain?).

        • No offense taken! If I was traveling with my wife, this would be a lot more relaxed, but this trip is with an old college friend who doesn’t like down time, and has convinced me that the 16 or so hours of flying will provide enough time to recharge.

        • Concierge will never recommend the best place, just the place that pays them to recommend. The best way to find a great restaurant is to ask your server (at a place you enjoy) where they go, or would take their family/friends.

        • Just got back from Madrid and have a friend there who was able to recommend some good places to eat: for Paella go to Gala, Calle Moratin, 22 – it’s close to the Prado. Great little neighborhood place for tapas, El Nueve, Calle Santa Teresa 9. And for the best roof top drinks and views check out Circulo de Bellas Artes.

        • For best food/experience in Barcelona – Cal Pep. But you have to get there early and line up.

    • I didn’t have a six page agenda for my trip with the future wifey last year, but I definitely had some idea of what we wanted to do and planned around that. I can’t go somewhere and NOT know what to do. Like our Honeymoon this year, we’ve got the dates and cities mapped out but I have a rough outline of the must see sites. Heck, we’re in Lisbon for 2 or 3 days and I’ve already picked a restaurant we’re going to go to (she loves seafood).

    • Go to a bookstore or library, buy or flip through Jansen’s History of Art & take a few notes. Then you’ll know which museums & churches have which famous art works so you don’t go home without seeing THAT incredible statue/painting/church door relief/stained glass window/apartment building by Gaudi etc. I had a friend who went on a 5 day trip to Paris and skipped the Musee d’Orsay. OMG!!!

    • I went to Barcelona on my honeymoon and we found some lovely tucked out of the way cafes and squares to wile away some hours over beer, wine and tapas. Definitely made sure to see the Gaudi buildings and parks, but also kept plenty of time free. We did stop by the Boqueria to pick up some treats for our room, which had a lovely balcony. Enjoy!

  • Rant: Groggy.
    Rant: Crazy nightmares last night.
    Rave?: Not quite as crazy as the previous night’s nightmares.
    Query: Do we have an unofficial PoPville happy hour scheduled for any time soon?

    • Allison

      Must be something in the air — I had a night terror last night! They only happen like once a year or so, and typically when I’m in the middle of falling asleep. I dream/imagine that something is in the room with me, and usually start screaming/yelling. Last night I threw my pillow at “it” (whatever “it” was, something coming out of the ceiling.) Farragut rushed in to see what was the matter and I couldn’t explain why my pillow was across the room and I was jibbering about the ceiling thing.

    • I did not sleep well, but I was house sitting for my Aunt. Stayed overnight by myself in my Grandmothers house for the first time. Not as creepy as I thought it was going to be.
      I’d be down to host a PopVille Happy Hour. Anyone good for a Tues or Weds? Like May 11th or 18th?

  • Rant: Emergency gas line repairs out in front of our house in NYC in the middle of the night. And now the jackhammer starts again…Shitty sleep, lots to do, and not a lot of time to do it.
    Rave: At least they responded to the emergency and man I wouldn’t want that job.
    Rant: Having to talk to my brother about the co-opting of our vacation. The in-laws now want to sleep on the floor in our rented apartment.
    Rant: So much jumping around with office renovations, forced off-site work, and being between two cities that my ability to sit down, be productive, and write has disappeared. I can take care of other work loads but the writing I just haven’t been able to get at. And now I’m behind on my writing report schedule and my boss is asking where it is.
    Rave: Stick shift driving lessons tonight.

    • 1. Let me know how the stick shift learning goes. I need to do this one day.

      2. No on the in-laws. They need to reserve their own place. Just tell them it’s not allowed by the host and stick to it.

      • Yes, blame the host/ rental rules. But stick to your guns. Having to wait for your brother in law to finish pooping so you can brush your teeth would get your days off to a lousy start.

      • Seriously, right?! I talked to my parents last night and they agree, no on sharing the apartment. We spent weeks looking for a place that has three separate bedrooms and a nice living space in a great location in Paris, we’re not having our my sister-in-law’s sisters crashing on the floor for all of our days there.
        Now how to tell my brother…

        • How about just a flat “no, we would like to be able to enjoy ourselves on our vacation, which most likely includes having sex, and we’d prefer to do that without an audience, thanks.” Sorry, but to even ask seems rude to me!

          • Yeah, this. You’re putting a lot more thought into how to be polite about this than I would. Pretty sure my response would be something along the lines of, “Tell them to get their own g****mn apartment,” but less polite.

          • +1000
            That fact they’d even ask tells me they shouldn’t even be on this trip. How rude to impose on someone just because.

          • +1. They’re being super rude and overbearing… No need to be polite!

        • Ha – thanks all for the resounding support!! I’ll get my ass in gear and tell him it is. Or more likely, wimp out and send a response to the message that just says, sorry, no can do.

          • You don’t have to be a “wimp” or a pushover. Here is the reply – “We’re so glad you want to be in XX city the same time we’ll be there. Our apt. rental isn’t an option for you, but here is the location so you can look on homeaway.com or aribnb.com for your own accommodations nearby.

    • agree to no on the in-laws. That sounds miserable for everyone involved. Vacation is time for relaxing and noting about the scenario sounds pleasant. Can you have set up a family meeting? My family usually sets up a conference call to plan out vacay. That way everyone is on the same page.

  • Rave: It’s almost Friday
    Rave: I managed to apply some of the techniques I’ve been learning with my counselor in dealing with stress when I received a certified letter from the IRS
    Rant: What the hell, IRS? I”ve been trying to work with you guys for MONTHS now, I’ve been proactive and you tell me you’ll send me new paperwork and then don’t, despite me calling you twice to follow up on said new paperwork, and then you pull this crap?! Also, where the f*ck is my refund, you bastards?!
    Rave: got some new little pics of my niece/nephew blob, and it has a cute little nose, at least as far as I can tell from the sonogram!
    Rant: So overwhelmed with work.
    Can this week be over, please?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Lizzy got stuck behind broom last night.
    Rant: Playoff beards. Didnโ€™t we cover this topic last year?
    Rant: Bobby Knight.
    Rant: This weather.

    Yes itโ€™s an All-Rant day. You got a problem with that?

  • I saw Bikeshare’s “Busiest Bike of 2015” the other day. Cute idea!

  • Rant: New medication side effects. Dealing with both a nasty headache and exhaustion at the same time is just not a nice way to start the day.
    Rave: I only have 4 more days of this medication.
    Rave: Working from home = lunchtime nap
    Rave: Strawberry-rhubarb everything right now.

  • topscallop

    Rave: back from work travel, and not anticipating leaving again for another couple of months
    Rant: this weather. At least in Africa it was hot!
    Rave: almost the weekend
    Rave: things with BF are wonderful and we are talking long-term plans and next steps in a way that feels exciting, but also comfortable and pragmatic
    Rant: a book came for me at the library while I was gone but my roommates were also out of town so I missed the pickup date. Hopefully I can re-request it and it will come before I travel again!

  • Rave(ish): Discovered that lunatic ex-roommate is on TMZ for suing Kendrick Lamar’s manager. Glad to know I wasn’t the only victim of her crazy and that yes the CPO I got against her was fully justified.

  • Rant: I want a short trench jacket with no belt that stops at my waist and I can’t find one ANYWHERE. I’ve checked Old Navy, Nordstrom, Macys, Target, Uniqlo website, the Gap (out of stock), Belk website, Dillards website, TJMAxx website, Burlington coat factory, Sears, Walmart, and overstock.com. Nothing.
    Rant: 2 Loud ass coworkers who can’t shut up.
    Rave: Telework tomorrow.
    Rant: Woke up with a headache in the back of my head.
    Rave: Went to my therapist yesterday and realized that I am not as bad off as I think.
    Rant: Had to cut down on depression meds due to ringing in my ear.

  • Rave: Visited the little monster’s future daycare to pick up a stack of paperwork. Such a relief that daycare is secured.
    Rant: I got teary at the very idea of leaving the little guy. I can’t believe parental leave is half way over.
    Rave: Booked a flight to the west coast to visit with my best friend next month. I may be insane to be traveling alone with a 2.5 month old baby. But my grandma would say it can be done.
    Query: Any advice from the veteran parents re: air travel with an infant?

    • gotryit

      Plan the ascent / descent to have something for the baby to drink / suck / chew (bottle, pacifier, etc.) to avoid ear discomfort. I think we timed meals such that the babies would be a bit hungry for those times so they would more readily take to it.
      Lugging around an airplane ready seat is difficult (and you pay for the extra airline seat compared to sitting on your lap), but you get extra space to change a diaper, etc. We normally travelled together, so went with the lap baby, but solo it might be easier with more space.
      Know your rights (ahead of time) about bringing bottles, etc. through security. TSA usually knows what’s going on, but it was comforting to know what was OK and what wasn’t.

    • Re: solo traveling with baby: Do it now! It gets hard around six months, and doesn’t get easy again til at least 3 years, maybe 5. Little babies are pretty easy, though. If you’re nursing, take a drape, and don’t hesitate to use it. The sucking will help his ears. Gripe water is good for fussing, mostly because it’s sweet. Take extra clothes in your carry-on for both of you. It’s pretty likely that he’ll spit up or blow out a diaper or knock your drink out of your hand. But at 2.5 months, he won’t need much entertainment other than you, and he won’t want to get down and crawl around. He’s used to being held, so that’s what he’ll want.

      • Oh, and try to get a bulkhead seat and bassinet. It’s nice to be able to put the baby down, and just have that extra bit of space.

      • Buy drinks for everyone around you.

        • I expect you were making a joke, but really, people with children don’t owe the rest of the world anything beyond what they’re already doing to make the kids happy and comfortable.

          • Yes, a joke, and yes, you are the person that makes everybody cringe at obnoxious/entitled parents.

        • Ha – I fly Southwest and planned to give the people next to me my free drink coupons. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Congrats on the daycare, that’s awesome! And indeed on knowing your rights for getting through security, ditto on encouraging sucking during take-off/landing. I think you’ll be fine ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure to pack extra diapers, clothes for the baby, and clothes (or at least a shirt) for you in case of spit-ups, diaper explosions, etc.

    • Honestly, traveling solo with my infant was sometimes easier than traveling as a couple. Strangers (especially older people with young grandchildren, in my experience) LOVE to help. I feel like everyone cuts you more slack when you’re alone. And on almost every flight I’ve been on solo with my infant, my seatmate and/or the flight attendant actually held him awhile!

      ps – there are changing tables in airplane bathrooms that are perfectly sized for infants

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: Eating the most delicious chicken orzo soup for lunch.
    Rant: I think the reason it’s so good is because I made the broth from a rotisserie chicken carcass. That means it will be hard to replicate, since I hardly ever make or eat chicken. It will probably be years before I accumulate enough bones and scraps for another batch.

    • when I was prepping stock for Passover, I’d buy a rotisserie chicken from Safeway or Giant ($5 on Fridays!) and use that. The $5 you’ll spend on the chicken is 100% worth it for the depth of taste of the broth you get from the carcass plus the meat that can then go in the soup. (just be careful about not adding too much extra salt when you make the stock – rotisserie chickens are super high in sodium already!)

      • SouthwestDC

        I normally don’t buy meat because my girlfriend’s veg, but I took the opportunity to get a rotisserie chicken while she was out of town. That $5 (or I think mine was like $7) goes sooooo far. It’s making me question whether a meatless diet is actually as cost-effective as people claim.

        • Produce is so expensive. Meat’s crazy expensive, too, but with strategic use, can really last. I roast a chicken for Sunday dinner and stretch that meal with potatoes and some vegetable that was on sale, ideally. Then I shred any meat that’s left over for quesadillas or chicken salad– quick weeknight meals. Then I make stock from the carcass, and have it in the freezer when I get a craving for CNS or avgolemono.
          Pro tip: you never add salt to stock. Only to soup!

          • SouthwestDC

            Then again, I’ve been making stock from vegetable scraps for years (carrot peels and the like) and it doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

        • i don’t have hard numbers on the cost effectiveness of it (because i frankly don’t care), but i do know you save a TON of water by not eating meat:
          – a serving poultry costs about 90 gallons of water to produce
          – a quarter pounder is worth more than 30 average American showers
          source is NatGeo, though I don’t know how old….but similar statistics are supported many other places, as well.

          • SouthwestDC

            I saw an infographic on that once, but as I recall the vegetarian sources of protein like beans use a ton of water as well.

          • @Caroline – perhaps, but we can’t go without all sources of protein. so, in a head-to-head comparison, plant-based protein wins the water battle.
            *steps off evangelical vegan soapbox* back to your original post, when i used to eat meat, rotisserie chicken was high on my list because it was inexpensive for how much i could stretch it. glad you got the splurge!

    • Just stick every bone from every meal (chicken + whatever) in a ziploc bag in the freezer. When you get enough bones, simmer on low heat overnight.

  • Rave: paperwork for wife’s adoption of our son is signed & notarized
    Rant: such a pain to have to schlep up to Silver Spring to do it at the law office–couldn’t we have done this ourselves and mailed it in?
    Rave: Got doctor’s note about vaccination/fever so mtpbaby could go back to daycare today after picking him up yesterday for being feverish & fussy.
    Rant: So many interruptions this week. hard to get much done.
    Rave: Minimal wait before the pediatric ophthalmologist appointment so we can get that squared away sooner rather than later.
    Rave: LET’S GO CAPS!

  • Rant: BF has been in depressed mood for going on a couple of months now. I am usually pretty good at dealing with people in my life going through these sorts of issues, and I think I have been doing a good job of supporting him. But it’s starting to wear on me. I feel selfish even bringing it up with him, and I don’t want to be all “snap out of it! it’s me time!” But I could really use a little more support right now, and I don’t even know how to really ask for it without sounding like a selfish bitch. I’m not even sure he even has the capacity for supporting me more right now, so I’m not sure if I should just accept that and go into single, super-Anonamom mode and deal with everything myself, or if I should give him the opportunity to partner-up and help me.
    Rave: Almost the weekend. I feel like I’m limping through the weeks these days!

    • I think it’s worth expressing how you feel & what you need if you can do it in a calm & collected mood/environment–like on a walk or over the dinner table if it’s just the two of you. If with discussion, it’s apparent he can’t support you how you need, then you may need super-Anonamom mode. But it’s not fair to him (or yourself) to not give him the option.

    • That’s tough. I think perhaps talking openly about it with give him a chance to step up and support you, even if he is fully unable to do so. It might help relieve some of your stress too, just to be able to talk about it with him. It could help to avoid the build of resentment as well (not suggesting you resent him but I know it can build it when struggling alone). Best of luck!

    • Your rant is mine too. How to continue to be supportive when nothing is going right for the Mr is super tough. Especially when I also need support for my own stuff. I have no advice. Just letting you know you aren’t the only one in this boat.

      • a third here ๐Ÿ™ and another frustrating factor – the kind of support I’d want/need (and therefore know how to give) is the exact opposite of the kind of support he wants/needs.

    • Thanks, mtpresident and UDPie; you are both right in that it’s a conversation that needs to happen in fairness to him. One thing he and I have both worked at over the years is me overcoming my super-independent, me against the world mentality. It’s very easy for me (too easy) to build my walls up, and it really wouldn’t be fair to do that to him. I’m thinking a good weekend conversation.
      HCTS (btw, that is seriously one of my favorite songs!) – hang in there. I am willing to bet there are way more of us out there dealing with this sort of thing. Hugs to you.

  • Rant/rave: it’s take your kid to work day, which is loud and chaotic, but there are a lot of cute kids in here doing some cute things.
    Rave: I have a SUP date with a friend next weekend.
    Rant: I did not do a project/meeting well at work and it’s happening this afternoon. I cannot wait until this is over.
    Rave: had dinner with my sister last night, which was nice.
    We’ll see whether this is a rant or rave soon: Caps start round 2 tonight vs the Penguins! I feel like the anxiety get worse every year.

  • Rant: The intersection at Conn ave and Porter st. Every other day I witness someone go into the 3rd leftmost lane southbound to turn left even though the signs clearly say it is 2 lanes during rush hour going south. This causes problems for those turning from the 2nd lane and is an issue if they don’t make it because cars are coming northbound in that lane. I have seen multiple people almost get in accidents. Why has this never been addressed? The turn light is way too short and those people in the 3rd lane should be ticketed. Either these people are oblivious or jerks skipping the turn line on purpose(I have also seen buses do this.).

    Rave: Go Caps! Can’t wait for the NFL Draft!

    • I see this happening a LOT during rush hour and I think they are just jerks – you can clearly see cars coming from the opposite direction in that lane. And yes, that light is too short and the weird light after the Exxon station doesn’t help things.

  • Rave: Done with contracts forever. Or, at least until the bar.
    Rant: Having a VERY hard time getting motivated to study for the two exams I have left.
    Rave: Ordered two pairs of Rag and Bone jeans as a “yay, you survived contracts!” present. Amazing Saks Off 5th sale.
    Rant: Above rave does not fit into the whole saving money plan.
    Rave: Fiance and my mom are road tripping out to pick me up next week and I can’t wait to see them both. I’m so glad they get along well enough to drive eight hours together. Then we will all do the Potomac River Mother’s Day 4 Miler next Sunday. Lots to look forward to…

  • Late Day Rant: People turning the issue of allowing Transgendered people to use the bathroom of their identity into a discussion of “protecting” women and children.

    • For whatever it’s worth, I do not know anybody who thinks that women and children require protection from actual transgendered people, but I do know multiple adult women, some mothers of small children, others not, who believe–correctly or incorrectly, time will tell–that this opens the door, figuratively and literally, to heterosexual male perverts to just waltz right on into the women’s restroom. In my limited experience, that, and not fear of actual transgendered people, is the basis for their concern. People who live outside of a few major urban areas can get through life easily enough without having ever met a transgendered person. Starting from the experience of having never met a transgendered person (I have, but many have not) but having encountered innumerably many heterosexual male perverts, I can get why a person of good will and no malice toward actual transgendered people might nonetheless have some concerns.

      • How many public bathrooms have security now to see that we’re going in the “correct” ones? How would this be different?

        • Just playing devil’s advocate here. Not saying they’re right, just saying people of good will and no malice can disagree.

      • How do they know if they have or not? Many transgender people “pass” seamlessly through society even in small towns.
        The more important issue is that it’s a made up scenario. Currently, there no law in place, yet there are not droves of pervert men in dresses invading women’s restrooms. Unless you’re going to have people getting stripsearched before they enter the bathroom, you’re not going to stop anything either. There is no mention of a law to stop convicted sex offenders from using public bathrooms; people we know who’ve committed crimes, yet the transwoman has become the target with zero cases of either a real transwoman or a fake one assaulting anyone.
        We can call it “concern” because it makes people feel better, but it’s bigotry plain and simple. The only people getting hurt are transpeople being forced into the wrong bathroom at times with some of those same pervert men everyone is so afraid of.

        • Exactly.
          Plus, if a pervert is going to molest someone in a bathroom unnoticed it would have to be an otherwise unoccupied bathroom. A guy doesn’t need to wear a dress to sneak into an unoccupied women’s bathroom.

      • Predatory abusers have many easier ways to hurt children than cross-dressing and randomly hanging around bathrooms.

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