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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Thanks to my awesome aunt, I am now a card-carrying preservationist! 🙂
    Rave: Eldest Zelda is super excited to vote today in her first election.
    Rave: Ordered a beautiful new sofa for the living room. I can’t wait until it arrives.

  • Does anyone know what happened to the pool hall next to Red Derby on Saturday night? I was walking by and the entire 14th street strip near Quincy and Spring was blocked off by Fire Trucks. Firefighters were on top of those buildings and going in and out of the pool hall.

  • Rant: My building decided to update the plumbing in the entire building. They will also be updating my kitchen and bathroom when the plumbing work is done. May 20 is the date they will finish. It’s a small studio (500sqft) so basically the work is being done in my entire living space. The work started yesterday and they covered the floors where they are working and where they will be foot traffic, which means the entire floor space is covered in plastic. I’ve moved most everything into one corner/wall of the apt and covered everything in plastic. The dust gets EVERYWHERE. I work from home part time, which means that I can’t work while this renovation is happening. I couldnt attend the “town hall” meeting about the renovations so i don’t know if compensation was brought up. i’ve emailed the building manager to ask about minutes from the meeting. On top of this, the surcharge for AC starts in May, which also has increased from last year. ($80 in May, $95 in August.) I dont want to pay the May AC fee since i’m begrudgingly still paying rent in May even though I can’t stay in the apt until the work is done. It’s such a mess and the dust is terrible for my allergies.

    Rave? I have boyfriend’s place to stay until the work is done

    • Emmaleigh504

      When my kitchen had to be redone my building put me up in another apartment, covered everything in plastic, then had cleaners come in and clean all the dust that the plastic didn’t catch. And I didn’t have to pay rent for the days I was out of the apartment. I hope your building won’t charge you for the time they are working on the apartment.

      • That would make the most sense! But talking to them last week, the manager said it shouldn’t be disruptive (what a joke!) I”m not sure what my options are. I didn’t attend the meeting so i have no idea what other people brought up.

        super frustrating

        • My past experience with building management has been less than stellar, so I wish you all the best during this time. Having your home be disrupted like that is so incredibly frustrating and stressful, you have my sympathies!

    • That sounds like an extremely frustrating situation. I feel for you!
      The manager’s response just seems out of touch. Perhaps he/she didn’t have the proper context for your situation (i.e., studio apt = no privacy/division). Even if you aren’t sure what avenues you can pursue to get answers and/or agreeable accommodations, document everything! Pictures, videos, and “journal entries” are your friend. Is there someone above the manager you’ve spoken with you can take your complaints to? Possibly after speaking with the manager again showing her photos and videos and explaining your work-from-home routine?
      Best of luck in getting through it!

      • I just called to speak with the manager again and she was less than helpful. She said they are “only” working there to mid may. My apt will be done on May 20. That’s still 3 more weeks! And then she ended the phone call with a cheery sweet tone of voice to tell me thanks, which made me even angrier.

        • Try the DC landlord-tenant office for advice. Your landlord is bound by the “warranty of habitability” and your right to “quiet enjoyment” of the space you are paying for, and it does not sound like you can live in the apartment while the work is going on. I wouldn’t be hung up on the fact you didn’t attend the meeting. At a minimum, it sounds like you should not have to pay rent while this is happening, and they should probably have to put you up in another living situation.

        • Also, if it’s a large-ish management company, see if you can complain to whoever the manager’s supervisor is and/or to corporate HQ.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: hating my job. I so need vacation to hurry up and get here so I can recharge.
    Rave: enjoying some tea before I start work.

  • Andie302

    Rant: I’ve about had it with this hair – there may be a pixie cut in my near future
    Rave: The weather
    Rave: Getting better at keeping up in the fitness class I’ve been doing – mountain climbers are no longer a thing of dread, and my form is improving too

    • Ugh, I hear you on the hair thing. I swear my hair changes texture every few years just to reignite my hatred of it.
      I’m getting a chop this weekend, not pixie though.

    • Having done the pixie cut before, just keep in mind it takes a LOT of upkeep to keep it looking cute, and a very long time to grow out into anything that doesn’t resemble Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I had fun having a pixie cut, but the upkeep just got too expensive and there were moments when I was growing it out that I wanted to wear a paper bag on my head!

      • Andie302

        Yeah I need to do some recon – I’m thinking of asking Accountering’s barber if she can do clean-up’s in between full cuts, mainly because my lady is a little scissor happy, plus the location would be way more convenient. My hair grows like a weed, which is both a good and bad thing!

    • Go for a pixie!! Chopping off my hair was one of my best life decisions. It does require a lot of upkeep though, I go to the salon for a trim every 5-6 weeks.

  • Rant: Went to bed too late. Woke up too early. Feeling like a zombie.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Vendors who don’t seem to have 800 numbers for their telecom conference systems.
    Rave: I was up at 5:00 am and at the Y at 5:50. Hoping to be able to keep this up!
    Hopeful Rave: I put some stuff out last night for DC bulk pick-up this morning and two items had disappeared by morning so I put out two more items. I hope they are all gone when I get home! One item taken last night was a keg from a long ago rugby party that has been tucked under my deck for a long time. I suspect after 15 years it will be difficult to get the deposit back but good luck!

    • I’ll give you a wake-up call when I head to crew, so you can keep the pre-dawn routine going. It’s such a pain, but it does make you feel virtuous, which is a feeling with which I was largely unfamiliar before.

  • Rant: I swear a year ago I really liked my job and two years before that I really, really liked it. Now I don’t even want to come in. What is happening?
    Rave: thanks to whoever recommended Do What You Are, I’m picking it up from the library tonight and I’m looking forward to reading it.
    Rant: my recharge vacation is still 4 months away 🙁

    • albany

      Did you get a new supervisor or manager? I know that’s what turned my dream job into it’s current nightmare-scape.

      • No, I became a supervisor. I really like my boss.

        • albany

          Maybe that’s it, you’re doing the managing instead of doing the actual work now? I know it’s natural to want to go up the ladder, but sometimes what you enjoyed about the job was the work itself not managing/supervising.

          • Yes, that with a sprinkling of resentment for having more responsibility and no more pay.

          • Sounds like a lose/lose except for the prestige quotient. 🙁

          • Posted prematurely — I was also going to ask whether your boss (?) seemed like someone who might be willing to move you back into your old position if you asked.

          • @jeslett – I am in your exact situation. I totally feel you on this.

          • BRKLND- I’m sorry, it’s no fun.
            And there’s a woman here who got the same “promotion” at least a year ago, if not more. and she still hasn’t been actually promoted, like with pay, since then, so I know this will be how it is for years if I stay.

    • 🙁 If you ever want to vent/rant or mini-re-charge over a HH or something sometime, just let me know. Hope things start becoming clearer for you as you search for the right direction! Also, it was fun bumping into you on Friday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m in the same boat. I just dread coming into work.

      • I know, right? I don’t want to be one of those people who would always rather be on vacation, but right now I’m dreaming about a leisurely life where I never come back here.
        Also one where I can afford a backyard, but we’ll start smaller.

  • Rave: Got a much better night’s sleep last night – thanks, wine!
    Rave: Mood is improving, I don’t hate everyone today, nor do I want to curl into a ball and hide from the world forever.
    Rant: this weather is not playing nicely with my sinuses/ head. I’m really really sensitive to changes in the atmospheric pressures, and I’ve been fighting a migraine since yesterday evening. I am pretty much just waiting for it to explode at some point today.
    Rave: Knowing I can sit up on my roof deck drinking and catching up with a friend tonight is giving me a reason to keep going!
    Rant: Dealing with anxiety this week is not going as well as last week. So many things I just want to be over and done, particularly my upcoming specialist appointments next week.

  • Mega Rave: Terrible neighbor who was selling stolen phones on craigslist and ordering prostitutes using my address finally got kicked out by the landlord!
    Rant: Given the caliber of the landlord who owns the property my hopes are low for the next tenants.

    • I remember that story! Glad to hear the guy got kicked out, and fingers crossed for your new neighbor being a more law-abiding sort. (Or at least someone who can keep their lawbreaking a little more self-contained, so it doesn’t spill over into disrupting your life.)

      • +1000
        i’m so relieved the OP! that’s a story that definitely stuck with me.

      • Thanks textdoc & womp. Magically with him gone the alley is no longer a constant sh*tshow and even the drug activity has disappeared. Guess he was selling more than stolen phones.

  • Rant: Allergies.
    Rave: Beautiful Spring flowers.
    Rave: Finished Power Broker, cleansing palate with “The Clasp” and then diving into Middlemarch later this week.
    Rant: My M.O. now in the face of so much decisions seems to oscillate between shutting down completely, frantically attacking the to-do, or worrying about everything while not doing anything.
    Rave: My husband’s M.O. is to calmly gather information, put it together into an easily analyzable chart/graph/document, and to work with me through that.
    So many decisions…so little time.

  • Rave: finally back in DC after way too many incidents on the drive both ways.driving to Michigan sucks.
    Rant: passover food
    ? Spending two days with my dad reminded me why I’m glad I live 2,000 miles away . I love my dad but he’s controlling
    Revel: schools closed for election day

  • justinbc

    Rave: New fridge, love it!
    Rant: No water line to hook up the ice maker and water dispenser. The people who sold us the home told us the ice maker / water in the old fridge “didn’t work”, but neglected to mention that it was because there was no water line. I’m guessing most people, like us, aren’t going to pull out the fridge to check. So after spending a huge chunk on the new fridge we now get to add $400 for plumbers to come out and run the line. Talk about a wet blanket.

    • HaileUnlikely

      If installing a new hook-up from scratch, I’d consider hooking it up below the kitchen floor in the basement, directly behind the fridge (if it’s over a utility room that doesnt have a lot of nice stuff to ruin), as opposed to the common practice of hooking it up inside of a [likely crowded] cabinet under the kitchen sink. I’ve seen the under-sink connection fail before (in a friends’ house – I think the hose for the sprayer was routed poorly and looped around the water line to the fridge and somebody yanked the sprayer to free it from “whatever it was stuck on,” or something like that – definitely operator error involved, but more thoughtful install would have avoided).

      • Interesting; that’s exactly how my fridge’s water line is situated. Good to know that the previous owner’s son — who was really into DIY, but not very good at it — actually did something right when he (poorly) renovated the kitchen.
        I’d actually prefer a smaller fridge with no icemaker/water dispenser, though — the fridge itself takes up too much room in the kitchen, and IMO the icemaker/water dispenser takes up too much room in the side-by-side freezer area.

        • justinbc

          We make a lot of cocktails for parties and whatnot at home, so an in-unit ice maker is pretty invaluable for that. I’m so sick of ice trays (and smashing cubes in a Ziploc bag when I need crushed ice).

      • justinbc

        Our fridge is diagonal from the sink (not connected by cabinetry), so they’re gonna have to do it under the floor via the crawl space (no basement here).

        • HaileUnlikely

          That works too. Basically I just meant that I’d avoid connecting it under the sink if at all possible.

  • Rant: I somehow got talked into hosting my entire family for Mother’s Day.
    Rant: It looks like this spring is heating up fast. Not looking forward to summer heat.
    Rave: My little man is growing so fast. He’s starting to smile and is so much more alert.
    Rave: I am finding that getting out of the house with an infant in tow gets easier and easier.

    • Yay for your raves! Baby smiles are the best–and just wait for him to start giggling! That’s even better! I’m really glad to hear you’re getting the hang of getting out of the house with him too–that’s so refreshing.

  • Rant: My father died last week.

    Rave: I am lucky to have gotten to spend really good time with him beforehand and I will always treasure that.

    Rave: My friends have really been wonderful, and so have my bosses.

    Rant: But, there’s some regime changes afoot here at our firm, and now everyone (including me) is kind of looking for new jobs. So not what I intended on doing on top of all of this.

    Rave: Escaping to NYC for the weekend to see friends and not think.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Running club this morning with colleagues! Been doing it all winter, and love my Tuesday morning runs.
    Rant: My shirt doesn’t fit. I get my shirts from Charles Trywhitt, and this is a brand new one. Same size as all the rest of my shirts, but the sleeves are about 3″ longer than the rest. Going to return it at lunch.
    Rant2: Washington Football team is trying to defend their indefensible team name in front of SCOTUS. I don’t know why they are so hung up on the name… its clearly racist, and I root for them because I want my hometown team to be good, not because of their racist name. This feels like a long-term losing battle… Why fight this one?

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have a bunch of shirts from them too, and one of them that is nominally the same size and cut fit strangely differently from the rest (armholes noticeably lower, thus tugging on and lifting the shirt when I lift my arms, and sleeves also noticeably longer). Weird.

      • Accountering

        I will let you know how it goes, but basically, I am not taking no for an answer 🙂 I will have a new shirt this afternoon

        • HaileUnlikely

          Good luck. I should do the same but have just been too lazy, and it’s been so long now that I would not expect them to take my complaint seriously at this point.

    • justinbc

      That’s such a weird oddity on the shirt. Do you think that particular one was made incorrectly, or it’s just a different cut than the others? As for the Redskins, they’ve stated so many times that it won’t ever be changed that I am pretty hard pressed to believe that’s true, barring some forced change by some other entity (be it the SCOTUS or NFL or someone buying the team). He clearly is not caving to the small amount of pressure that the team is receiving. Let’s be honest, dollars talk to businessmen, and they’re still making a ton of money.

      • Sadly the pressure is pretty small. Other than pretty much transplants from other states and very few DC residents, I will say a good percentage of their fanbase from Northern North Carolina all the way up to Howard County MD are pretty much ok with the name. The NFL has to make a HUGE offer (think Super Bowl and New Stadium) to Dan Snyder for him to even consider changing the name.

      • One of the things that distinguishes good quality clothing from poor is the way in which the fabric is cut. Cheaper stuff is often stamped from layers and layers of fabric, meaning that pieces cut from the top layer will be a different size/ shape than the pieces cut from the bottom layers. That’s why you get such drastic differences in size from supposedly identical items.
        This is supposed to be a good brand, right? But it looks like their manufacturing doesn’t support the price.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Interesting note about manufacturing, I did not know that. I have been happy with the rest of the shirts that I have bought from them, and I only buy on super duper sales in which end up paying about $40/shirt. I would probably agree that they are not worth their usual retail price, though.

        • justinbc

          Yeah I think they’re pretty good quality shirts, at least one of few reliable, easy to obtain brands here in DC that offer a fit better than “small, medium, large” which varies so greatly by manufacturer. I would expect them to have a decent quality control mechanism even if they’re using cheap production methods, and a 3″ variation in something noticeable like sleeve length should be a dead giveaway. That’s what makes me wonder if it’s actually intended to be different, like made for taller guys or something?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I had been ordering shirts from them online since before they opened a store in DC. Although now they offer more sleeve lengths, I distinctly recall that when I first ordered from them, they only offered a small number of sleeve lengths standard, and orders for intermediate lengths required extra time, because they produced the shirts with the intermediate sleeve lengths by taking an existing shirt with longer sleeves and shortening them. Depending on the brand I typically go with a 33 or 34-inch sleeve. 33 and 35 were standard lengths for them, but to make a 34 they’d start with a 35 and shorten the sleeves. Thus I wonder if they still do that and just failed to actually shorten the sleeves on one. 3 inches would be hard to explain, though…

  • Rave: A lot of cooking for friends over the weekend. Dinner Friday night and my heuvos rancheros for 10 Sunday morning rocked (despite a touch of the Irish Flu).
    Rave: May be working with a local chef on his cookbook.
    Rant: Chefs keep late hours, even on Sunday nights. No practice Monday morning.

  • Rave: My bag that was lost over the weekend has been found! Someone brought it to my work yesterday, as it had my work ID. Very nice of them and thankful to have my bag/keys/sunglasses/etc back!
    Rant: It’s only Tuesday…
    Rave: Nice happy hour with co-workers yesterday, and another one for Dins Day today – go Paladins!

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend–herb & plant sale at the Franciscan Abbey, a Seder, brunch, grilling. Beautiful weather on Sunday!
    Rant: DH left for a business trip this morning and won’t be back until Saturday night. If that wasn’t difficult enough, this is the week where my last pregnancy things stopped progressing (though didn’t know it for two weeks later). Trying not to become a ball of anxiety.
    Rave: Finally signed up for a composting service. Most of our trash is compostable so it will be interested to see how it reduces our landfill trash.

    • ohhh intrigued by this composting service; can you tell us more?

      • We have one too! I can’t remember the name of it but can try to remember to check tonight. There are a few in the area, most of them pick up weekly. We love it!

      • Sure! We just signed up so can’t vouch for the pick-up experience yet, but it’s called Veteran Compost (vcresidential dot com). They give you a 7 gallon bin and you toss all your food scraps into it (including meat/bone!), place it outside once a week for pick up, and then they replace with a clean bin/liner. Cost is $25/month. I believe every 6 months you get a bag of compost for your garden or you can donate it to a community garden. The composting is done at a farm in Aberdeen, MD.

      • SouthwestDC

        Compost Cab is one that I know of. But if you’d rather do it yourself (and for free) DPR is installing composters all over the city. You just have to join the co-op and attend a training. Little known trick: you can freeze your scraps so you only have to visit the compost pile once every month or two.

    • I’ve been thinking about composting services… I wonder if they have a limit? Like if I go halfsies with a neighbor and share a bucket?

      • I’ve also heard that some services charge you for the pickup, and then charge again for the compost itself. I’d like one that doesn’t get you coming and going, if it exists.

        • This seems like a flat $25 fee. I don’t see why you couldn’t share a bin. They only ask that other than leaving it outside for pick up, you keep it in the house. So you’d have to probably put it in an indoor common area or figure out who “owns” it, and then of course who would pay who etc. We told the other tenants in our building to feel free to add scraps when it’s outside on pick up day.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Onion syrup. I’ve had a nagging cold-on-top-of-allergies cough for a few weeks. I remembered an old-fashioned home remedy that I thought was vile as a child. I made some, I tried it, and: no more cough!
    Rant: I had a conversation with someone intending to be well-meaning who said: “I don’t see color.” I asked them if I didn’t see their “color”, and also ignored things like their gender, their age, and other factors that molded their experiences and thus, their outlook, if they would feel truly “seen” as the individual that they are. It went deep from there.
    Rave: I’m glad that most of the people in my life are interested in and emotionally available for having deeper conversations and relationships.
    Rave: Marie Kondo! I’m not going to go full Kondo — but changing my outlook as I make decisions has felt wonderful.
    Rave: Ordered some pricey and versatile sandals in the hope that one durable, comfortable pair is a far better choice than two or three less versatile pairs. I have to laugh at myself as I realize that this is making me feel really and almost smugly quite “adult”.

    • I’m glad you were able to have that convo with your colleague. I feel like most people who “don’t see color” are intentionally trying to ignore bigger issues in the world. Its probably one of my least favorite phrases in the world. Along with “I don’t care if you are black, white, green or purple”.

      • Blithe

        Yeah, I think one of the worse versions of this that I’ve had is: “I don’t see you as BLACK — I just see you as a PERSON. (long pause) I mean a person like ME.” Um, “Person” and “Black” actually DO overlap…..

    • justinbc

      Check out the piece on Vox from Sunday called “5 ways white millennials view race today” for more of the “I don’t see color” commentary. I’ve always found that phrase to be rather obnoxious and it often comes across as sounding like a defense mechanism. I don’t think asking a bunch of kids from a Dallas suburb their opinions is really all-encompassing of a generation, but it does provide some insight of a perspective you don’t often hear voiced here.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      You say that you are color blind
      And then you talk about it all the time
      – Ric Masten

  • Rave: I managed to sit on the porch last night for a few moments of peace and caught this magic moment where the breeze was blowing all the petals off the trees. It looked like I was in a snow globe or something with the petals swirling and floating around. Very pretty.
    Rant: The breeze was also blowing a crap ton of pollen around and this morning I had three snotty, coughing kids, only one of whom is compliant with taking medication.
    Rave: My allergies have been fine, which helps greatly in dealing with them!

  • Late rant: baby appears to be nearsighted and needs to be seen by an opthamologist.
    Additional late rant: baby also may be a bit behind in “problem-solving” related activities. But hopefully more directed play will help with that?
    Additional late rant/rave: baby continues to slip down the weight percentiles. But dr isn’t concerned and encouraged us to start giving him 3 meals/day of whatever we’re eating.
    Late rave: older mtpkid had a blast showing off her power tots moves for her other mom–I can’t wait to see the photos and videos!
    QUERY: received another set of cuttings from wife’s family’s grape vine. In the past, we’ve had success growing roots in water, but then the cuttings died once put into dirt. Any suggestions for how best to transition them from water to dirt so we can start growing grape vines? Thanks!!

    • Regarding the vision, I have a friend who’s son was diagnosed near-sighted at around age two (can’t remember exactly). Up to that point, he was a delayed walker, very accident prone, had other delays, and was a very poor eater with weight issues. Once he was fitted with glasses, everything improved. He was a hesitant walker because he bumped into things and fell frequently, and ate poorly because he could not do a good job of feeding himself. She always kicked herself for not getting vision checked sooner.
      I hope all works out well with the baby! I know how scary/frustrating it is. Littlest Anonachild had speech delays and they’ve all had weight issues… it’s tough. Hang in there, you guys are doing a great job!

      • Thanks so much for your support and anecdotes! Feeling a little thrown this morning after the appointment. You’re totally right that getting started on the issue at 6 months is better than later, and I hadn’t even thought about all of the later developmental ramifications. It’s so funny–his sister was such a tough baby in so many ways, but always ahead of the curve developmentally. He’s so happy and easy most of the time that I don’t think to worry about development as much, so it’s even more startling. But I’m so grateful we switched pediatricians since our old one didn’t do all of this early screening and we wouldn’t have realized it until much later.

    • Here, watch this compilation of babies wearing glasses for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBBnyfzJcW4
      I smiled from start to finish.

    • Blithe

      I got my first pair of glasses when I was about 2 — and still remember how they changed my life. I think it’s wonderful that visual and auditory problems are the focus of interventions early on! I, obviously, have no idea re: the specifics of your additional late rant, but my guess is that it’s quite possible that any “problem-solving” delays could be related to the visual problems. If so, getting glasses could be followed by some nice developmental growth leaps.

      • Yup, I think you’re probably right. I think all of this will likely be a blip on the radar down the road, but it was just a bit head-spinning all at once & unexpectedly this morning.

  • Question: Popvillagers, any thoughts on how much of a premium I could charge on a 1br rental if I offer 1) completely furnished (looks very CB2) and 2) a dedicated parking spot (uncovered). Located off of 14th between CoHi and Ust metros, 1 block to Meridian Hill Park.

    • Did you already check CL for comps?

    • For me, a furnished apartment is a negative because I have all my own stuff. The parking spot and being a block from Meridian Hill Park is nice though. Is it a basement apartment or above ground?

  • Rant: I saw a large police presence @ around 11:00 this morning by 8th & Upshur. I wonder what happened & it didn’t look good.
    Rave: off from work as schools where I work are closed today.
    Anyway know what happened on Upshur?

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