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Photo by PoPville flickr user Brett Bowers

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • That One Guy

    Feels like the sheep is saying, “FRIDAYYYYYY!”
    The photo also reminded me of the baby goats with sweaters that appeared on boredpanda.
    I feel a little sniffly. Hopefully it’s just allergies and not the dreaded flu thing that everyone is worried about.

  • Rant: bought a Squatty Potty, but because of the shape of my toilet, it cannot slide under the toilet when not in use. Wondering if the benefit is outweighed by the inconvenience of it being sort of in the way when not in use.

    • Probably. You could just use a cheap plastic footrest if that’s the case.
      Or do what I’ve always done, which is put my feet up on the seat.

      • I do this too! Why waste money on a plastic box that is gonna take up unnecessary room? Just put your feet up on the seat and it has the same effect. (Admittedly, it can be difficult if you’re wearing tight pants.)

    • HaileUnlikely

      Not something I ordinarily talk about, but oh hell, I use a fold-up plastic step-stool for the same purpose. I originally got it to get stuff down from the tops of cabinets, but have found it more useful for this. When not in use, I fold it up and slide it in a small gap between the vanity and the wall.

  • Clueless

    PoP, you are killing it on these RRRR cover photos. Lately, they either make me smile or roar with laughter.

  • Rant/Rave? That picture is at once terrifying and hilarious
    Rant: I am in a terrible mood this morning. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s feeling overwhelmed by work, maybe it’s any number of things. I just sort of hate everyone and everything today.
    Rave? I have a date tonight. Rant? I just want to get it over with. Trying really hard to get in a better frame of mind so that I’m not terrible company for this poor guy, and hopefully have fun.
    Rant: Stayed up late last night on accident and caught my roomie “sneaking” the guy she’s dating into the apartment. Which is fine, I’ve met the guy, he’s decent enough, but for whatever reason I dislike it when I don’t at least get a cursory “heads up!” text so that I don’t wander out of my room in a tiny nightshirt to get a glass of water, or get startled by seeing a man’s bare ass laying in my roomie’s bed with the door wide open. Ugh.
    Rave: FRIDAY!
    Random: I think I’m in love with Siggis Icelandic yogurts. Yummy.

    • “seeing a man’s bare ass laying in my roomie’s bed with the door wide open” — Wait… was this a hypothetical, or what actually happened last night??

      • Actually happened. They walk in, I’m in a tiny nightshirt getting water. I say “hey! goodnight” and head into my room. Then realize I’m missing a cat. Step out to find cat, and am greeted with that sight. (Neither realized I came out of my room for a second to find the cat.)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: coffee is not cutting through the haze this morning
    Rave: get to sleep late tomorrow.

  • Rave: This picture! Love it, feel just like it.

    Rave: Had a foreign exchange student from Thailand when I was in 8th grade, who now lives in Amsterdam and owns his own Thai restaurant. He just offered to fly my Mom and I over for a visit!! Woooooot!

    Rant: After wearing nail polish for a month back in January, my nails started peeling horribly and have yet to recover. Any suggestions, beyond the hair & nail vitamins?

    Another Rave: Signed up for my second 5K! A reason to keep running!

    • Blithe

      For the nail rant: I’ve heard good things about duri rejuvacote and Nailtiques formula 2. I think that Barielle nail strengthener cream is wonderful — but since I’ve never had peeling nails, I can’t be sure that it will fix the peeling.

    • I’ve heard great things about OPI’s Nail Envy for strengthening nails.

    • Nails: I use sephora formula x. love it. Also there are nail supplements at costco “Natrol Biotin” taste like candy worked !

  • Rant: driving to Michigan from Pittsburgh. Had to stop at Jiffy Lube because the oil light turned on and there was a funky smell. At first I was told severe oil leak but it turns out there was a hairline crack in the oil filter. I can stop freaking out but I’m still 4 hours away.
    ?: left DC last night. I’m glad I didn’t attempt to do this all at once
    Revel: family seder tonight

  • This picture just reminded me… has anyone been to the MD Sheep & Wool Festival? Thinking I might go this year.

    • I love this festival! The working dog demonstrations are impressive, plus sheep shearing, weaving, etc.

      • Would this be a good event to go to if I’m interested in learning more about the agriculture and livestock industries? Or is the focus more on wool?

      • There are a few Shepherd workshops but quite specific to sheep (breeding).
        UMD ag extension might be a good resource for broader ag/livestock information

    • Blithe

      I haven’t been, but friends who knit totally love it, and each year start planning excitedly for the next. It’s like listening to people talk about going to an intensely specialized Coachella festival. If you do go — please report back!

      • I’m a knitter, and so is my mom who will be visiting that weekend, so I’m thinking it could be something different to do. I’m just wondering if there’s enough for my dad to be interested in!

      • Which reminded me that there are pre-festival fiber arts workshops! Now I have to go see if there are spaces left in any of the spinning or felting workshops!

    • That sounds amazing!!! Will definitely note it on the calendar 🙂

    • I love Sheep & Wool. Pro tips: arrive when gates open at 9 am, or come after 2. Traffic backs up for miles. Volunteer run festival, free admission, donations appreciated. Sunday is MUCH less crowded than Saturday. There is also folk music, sheep dog demos, and lots of meaty fair food. Food Scientist, it might be a good place to get contact info. Most of the farmers are either showing animals, or vendors, or otherwise too busy to talk much. http://sheepandwool.org/

  • Rant: some a**hole on a bike rode by my car and hit my dog who had her head stuck out the window. She yelped and jumped back. Guy rode off laughing. Before folks start the bike vs. car debate, I was stopped in the left most lane waiting for a left turn arrow when the guy crossed an empty lane to get near my car. And no, I didn’t cut the guy off earlier or interact with him in any way. It was completely gratuitous.

    • Shhhhh cyclists are perfect, innocent creatures who can do no wrong…

      But in all seriousness, that’s mean! I’m sure it was an accident but he shouldn’t have laughed about it.

      • Definitely not an accident. He crossed an empty lane, reached out his hand to hit my dog and then crossed back to the bike lane.

        • Yeah, can’t imagine it wasn’t intentional given that is was with his hand 🙁 I’m sorry you had to experience that and glad your dog is okay.

    • I don’t care if you cut him off, or even did anything…that’s messed up. Poor dog was just doing what dogs do. I hope she is okay!

  • Rant: Princes death. I’m really shaken by his passing. I’ve already been in a bit of a funk, and the news of his passing nearly sent me over the edge. This year can kick rocks.

    Rant/Question: I posted my rooms for rent on craigslist and only got three responses. And I’m pretty sure they were all spambots. What other sites are good for posting rentals?

    • Craigslist is pretty good for posting rentals. Do you want PoPville to critique your ad to see if it’s something in the ad?

        • Needs photos of the actual rooms, or at least dimensions.
          “Cozy” and “intimate” read as “small, potentially cramped.”
          A more precise location (e.g., “x00 block of ____ Street,” or “___ Street between ____ and ___” might help.
          You probably aren’t going to be getting people on April 23 who want to move in May 1, unless they’ve just arrived in the city and are staying in an AirBnB. Current renters will probably be looking for June 1, or possibly May 15.
          Try putting “open house Sat. 4/23” in the ad title, if you can squeeze it in.

          • I was torn on using “cozy” and “intimate”. I wanted to be transparent, the space isn’t huge. But yeah, they are housing euphemisms.

            I think my landlord will be flexible with move in dates, I may see if I can give a range rather than exact date. But yeah, i’ve cut this way too close.
            Thanks for the advice! I’m going to edit if possible.

          • I agree with this. I would also add that the words “lovely” and “relaxing” don’t match up with the pictures of the front porch, which looks rather worn and seems to contain nothing but two old plastic chairs. Maybe it’s just me but I get turned off by descriptive language like cozy, intimate, and lovely – kind of makes me think that it isn’t.

          • The porch is rather large, and has space for more furniture. And we are on a peaceful street. Furniture is not permanent and can be moved you know. It is very relaxing to sit out and drink coffee in the morning. Beat up chairs are quite cozy btw.

          • +100 on photos and/or more information about the rooms.
            Also, how can you have an in unit washer dryer that is shared with another unit? I’d hope the w/d are actually in a shared basement or something.

            Also, needs clarification whether lower level is basement, especially to save time for you and folks for whom a basement is a non starter.

          • I’m thinking it must be a basement or these rooms are in the basement. Do they just come down whenever?
            You could shorten the transit section if you want to flesh out other details. 10-15 minutes to metro+ x buses and the streetcar.

          • There is an upstairs unit in the house. We share the W/D. Its a separate laundry room in the basement. While they have access to the laundry room, they do not have access to the rest of the unit. The rooms are in the basement. I initially did state the open rooms were in the basement in the ad, but was advised to use “lower level” instead.

          • “…Furniture is not permanent and can be moved you know…”
            I just gave my impression as someone who doesn’t know anything about you or the house. You asked for critique. Take it or leave it, you don’t have to defend yourself.

          • Yeah, but there was no reason for the snark. There was nothing constructive in calling the furniture “worn and beat up”.

          • Read it again. I said the *porch* looked worn, and I never said anything looked “beat up”. Again, I’m just telling you how it looks to me in the picture. I don’t know why you are reading it as snark. It’s just a critique, which is what you asked for.

          • If the rooms are in a basement, you need to be up front about that — “lower level” is confusing. The reader might be thinking that there are rooms upstairs (on the 2nd floor) and rooms on the main level (1st floor). Not all D.C. rowhouses have finished basements. Perhaps say the rowhouse is 3 floors total — two stories plus a basement — and specify what’s on each one. “E.g., second-floor unit is completely self-contained. This ad is for rooms in the basement. We have a kitchen, living room, and ___ on the main level.”
            Is the basement an English basement? If so, say so in the ad. Is it partially aboveground on one side and fully aboveground on the other? What’s the situation with windows — how many, and what direction do they face? (Photos would help with this as well, especially if the rooms are basement-level but get decent light.)

          • You should be up front about the fact that the rooms are in the basement. When I read “upstairs unit,” I’m thinking that’s the top floor of the rowhouse… but it’s not clear from the ad if the “lower level” is the main (1st) floor or what. Not all D.C. rowhouses have finished basements. Spell out which things are on which level and who shares what with whom.
            Is it an English basement — i.e., partially aboveground on one side and partially or fully aboveground on the other? If so, say so.
            I didn’t realize until I looked at the photo a second or third time that the chimney-looking brick thing in the middle was the thing right next to the stairs. Take that photo out and provide something from another angle.
            You could make the porch chairs look more appealing/inviting by wiping them down so there isn’t visible dust/pollen.

          • Pardon the overlapping wording in my two posts above. I thought the first one had disappeared into the ether, so I was trying to reconstruct it.
            Also, I had quotation marks on the wrong side of the “E.g.” in the first post. But that was probably obvious.

          • Addition item for clarification: What’s the bathroom arrangement? Will the occupants of the two available rooms be sharing a bathroom with each other? With you too?

        • Also state the amount of the pet fee and whether it’s a one-off or a monthly amount.

        • I’d be put off by the “favorite bar in DC” – is this really important in a potential roommate? Are you looking for a drinker?
          Is this a basement apartment?

          • That question is there to make sure people read the ad. And its something that’s fun to me.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I would caution you that the reader is not privy to your thought processes and will likely just find it illogical and thus a red flag.

        • HaileUnlikely

          “In the subject line of the email: Favorite Bar in DC” Why? That’s weird. Is that a copy and paste error, or are you looking for emails with subject lines that do not even communicate clearly that the email is about the room. Whether this was intentional or an error, this hints to me that my future roommate/landlord might be kind of weird.

          • I’m trying to weed out spambots. So to ensure that I’m getting real people, rather than spam I’m asking them to answer a question. It’s pretty common. I’ve answered a few room posting ads with similar questions included.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Ok. If you have sufficient experience with Craigslist to be comfortable proceeding with that, that’s fine. I am obviously not the target reader.

          • So you’re looking for someone in their early 20’s?

          • The way the ad is written, you’re instructing people to put “Favorite Bar in DC” in the subject line (not the name of their favorite bar in DC).
            You don’t want anyone new to DC who doesn’t have a favorite bar? Or someone who doesn’t drink?

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes, it also occurred to me that it was not entirely clear whether I was supposed to put the name of my favorite bar in the subject line, or whether I was supposed to put the verbatim text “Favorite Bar in DC” in the subject line. Regardless of which was intended (and I don’t care which was intended), this was a foreboding sign that I might have some future confusion or miscommunications with my future roommate/landlord.

          • Honestly. If someone is so pedantic about answering a simple ice breaker question then they are probably not the type of person I want to live with.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I understand that an old grouch like me is not who you are looking for. Just trying to help, though.

          • I thought this was odd too. If you’re trying to weed out spambots, ask them to put “rowhouse in Hill East” in the subject line.

          • I also second the confusion on not understanding whether you’re asking for the subject line to say “Favorite Bar in DC” or whether you’re asking for the person to put a random bar in the subject line and to receive emails with subjects like “Cantina Marina” and “Brixton”.

        • May I suggest that you add something about the current housemates? I’d want to know what I’d be getting myself into. Just saying…….

          • This was going to be my suggestion as well. Something about yourself, age range, hobbies/interests and overall vibe of the house. Is it quiet with everyone doing their own thing? A communal house where people share everything? Party house?

          • +1 a little blurb goes a long way even just for things like your schedule and such.

          • I didn’t want the ad to get too long. I felt it was long enough as it is.

          • But IMO, and it seems others’, that’s very important to me to help decide whether a place might be suitable.

          • +1. I would stop reading the ad if there was no information about the housemates.

          • +1 — Needs information about current housemates. (Are you the only one who’s carrying over from before?)

          • I see you’ve added some information about yourself… I’d recommend also mentioning that you’re female and stating your age or age range.

        • I actually think it’s a good ad and I wouldn’t change much. You should consider mentioning other times you’re availble. I know when I was perusing CL in search of housing, terms like “Open House” scared me away because it gave me the assumption that there would be tons of applicants and that I wouldn’t have much of a chance.

          • Thank you! I know it isn’t perfect, but it’s also my first time searching online for a roommate. I’m trying to emulate other ads that have stood out to me. Hence the bar question.

        • You may also want to list the bedrooms individually (unless you’re looking to rent them together?). People may be confused by the ad. Just link to the other ad and add a note saying 2 rooms available etc.

          • Huh. That never even occurred to me. What a great idea! Thanks!

          • Agreed – two ads that can link to each other somewhere in the description with pictures of the room specified in the subject line, with measurements and info on the rooms (closets? size of closets? plenty of outlets? lights in ceiling, or bring your own? etc) in each would be good IMO.

      • Thanks for everyones advice! I ended up posting a second ad for room 1(I have pictures of that room and my roommate has taken her sweet time getting me pictures for the second). I did use most of your advice. I did keep the subject question. There is a method to my madness.

    • HaileUnlikely

      My old landlord used Craigslist and WashingtonCityPaper, and I think most of the people who actually rented were from CityPaper. This admittedly was a few years ago, but take it for whatever it’s worth.

    • This is an off peak time for moving (beyond sublets), so a low response makes sense.
      If you’re near any colleges, maybe post on their listserv or fb group.

    • If you’re a part of any wider facebook groups that are DC focused (like “College X Alums in DC”), you can post a link to the craigslist ad there.

    • Did you post them in the right section? For example if you post it under “apts/housing” but it’s actually only a room in an apartment then people will ignore it. There’s a separate section for “rooms/shared”. (Only mentioning this because it’s come up before.)
      I’ve not rented in a few years but Craigslist was always the place to look.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My two big, big meetings of the spring are DONE.
    Rave: Feeling really great about work right now. Good things are happening.
    Rave: Date with Emmaleigh this weekend for dinner and Middle Zelda’s school play.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Lizzy thinking she was trapped behind the radiator last night.
    Rant: Trying to find “Encouragement” or “Thinking of You” cards for my sister and BIL (he was finally diagnosed as having stage 4 Pancreatic cancer) at CVS. Ugh. Most are so sickeningly cute or saccharine. Where is a Pulp-like card shop to be found these days?

  • Rant: Tired of DCs vague and thrown together policies and laws. DDot road pilot programs are drawn up by inexperienced planners, and all the lane swerves and inconsistent bike & bus lanes need to be more uniform, people don’t respect them because they’re shoddy.

    Rant: they need to clean up the 9th street tunnel to 395 it’s filthy. Also DC is really overdue for re-paving a lot of roads, especially Georgia Avenue.

    Rant: Prince is gone.

    Rant: DC rats are so hot right now, one I saw last night was so big it asked me for spare change to buy cigarettes.

    Rave: Fridays.

  • Blithe

    Rant/Rave: Up quite late last night — because I was installing OS el capitan on my ancient-by-computer-standards macbook. Fingers crossed!
    Rant/Rave: So now I need to hook up the receiver to the components. Ugh.
    Rave: Graffiti Audio: Awesome guys, decent prices, amazing service. I’m delighted to support neighborhood businesses like this.
    Rant: RIP Sweet Prince. Prince really was one of the major artists in the soundtrack of my life. He also represented — and still represents — the reality that being and experimenting with your true self might not only not get you killed, but might allow you to genuinely flourish. Only yesterday did I realize that I thought he might be immortal.
    Mega-Rant: With David Bowie’s death, and now Prince’s death, and Trump’s presidential campaign, I feel like darkness is taking over and bright lights are being extinguished one by one.
    Rant: Bill Clinton : wtf?
    Rant: A dear friend is facing difficult times. I hope that I can be both supportive and genuinely helpful — and sensitive to the possibility that support and help aren’t necessarily what’s needed.
    Rave: TGIF

  • Question for gardeners – I got a free package of native plant seeds while on my way to the Metro this morning! I have no yard but a very sunny, small balcony. Can I plan these seeds in containers or do they need a yard to grow and spread?

    Rave – Heading home this weekend to visit my nephew and new baby niece.

    • Damn, I was going to look for the seed people this morning and forgot! And I was going to ask them the same thing about planting in containers. Hopefully they’re still out for the evening commute.

    • You can plant in container. If there are perennials they may not come up until next year

  • Longtime Lurker here is thinking about going to the G&G meetup Sunday. How would someone find the PoP group at Acre 21?

    • Just do what most of us do at unofficial PoP meetups – wander around looking lost, and just go up to random people asking, in a mumble, “PopVille? Is this the PoPville?” Sure, some people will look at you like you’ve lost your damn mind, but eventually you’ll find where you’re supposed to be! (Sometimes, people wear PoPville t-shirts or have PoP tote bags!)

    • Ask host/ess if you don’t see a likely group

  • rave: got a new tattoo yesterday at the always amazing Tattoo Paradise. i am obsessed with my new design!
    rave: it was my birthday yesterday too! and i get to celebrate it tonight with all my friends at a lovely happy hour. life is good!
    rant: prince 🙁
    rave: get to hear his songs all weekend, at least?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday!

    • +1 Love me some Tattoo Paradise! They’ve done both my tats (although both quite simple) and had my nose pierced there. (Haha, that sentence probably has my poor dad rolling over in his grave)

  • Rant: For some reason my Verizon DVR records one of my shows for only 6-8 minutes. I tried to tell it to record for an hour more, and that didn’t work. And it is not available on demand or on hulu. very frustrating.

  • Rave: Got the BF tickets to see Bob Saget for Father’s Day… glad I’m thinking this far ahead, I think he’ll enjoy it! Also found out my ex-sister/brother-in-law are going to the show too. It’ll be great to see them… even though the show isn’t til August.
    Rant: Still no word on the house. How long does it take to process rental applications? Yeesh!
    Rant: I am still the most impatient person in the world. Also, what do we do while waiting, keep viewing houses and applying? At what point are you just wasting your time/money?
    Rave: Friday, glorious Friday!

    • How long has it been? Up to a eel seems reasonable, longer I’d assume I’m out of the running and keep looking.

      • We let them know of our possible disqualifying issue last week, and it took them a week to decide that it would not disqualify us, and that they would like us to apply. We submitted the application on Monday, but I know they have not verified my employment or spoke with my current landlord.

        • They seem slow, so I wouldn’t assume you’re out of the running, but I’d definitely keep seeing other places but not put in apps until next week.

  • Rants: took a taxi because I was running late for a doctor appointment. Taxi driver asked if I had cash when I went to pay with a card. I did not comply. And now I’ve been waiting more than 30 minutes to actually see the doctor.
    Rave: it’s Friday. Hopefully I don’t have to work late because of this long appointment.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Power supply on my plasma just blew, of course it’s the same weekend that Game of Thrones starts back. Anyone know of any bars playing it this Sunday?

    2nd RAVE: Gin and Gardening!!

    Question for the brain trust: where do y’all go to get fresh cut flowers? I usually just pick up some at the Safeway, but didn’t know if there was a local florist I should know about in the district 🙂

    • My local farmers market sells seasonal fresh cut flowers. Trader Joe’s is my favorite for supermarket flowers, they always have nice arrangements and they’re cheap.

      • In my experience farmer’s market flowers don’t last very long, plus they’re expensive. Is there a market that’s particularly good for them?
        Trader Joe’s flowers are the best, but I don’t have one nearby so I’m usually going with Harris Teeter ones (which are ok but not fabulous).
        I would love recommendations for a place where you can buy individual stems to assemble your own bouquet, if such a place exists.

    • there’s a great little florist i have patronized in lower AdMo called “little shop of flowers.” (yes, it’s a cheesy name.) would love to hear about others!

    • special_k

      I love the bouquets from the Takoma Park Farmers Market and Trader Joe’s is my less expensive backup. For single stems, I think you can get those at the Kensington Farmers Market.

    • 14th St Flowers (Logan Circle) and grocery store grab n go: Harris Teeter and Whole Foods

  • Rant: Feeling like I haven’t been making progress on my fitness goals… I just want to fit into my cute clothes again!
    Rave: My mom is coming to town to celebrate my birthday! Just her this time, and i’m so excited to have her all to myself (sorry dad, love you, but sometimes its fun to have girl time!) She just had some surgery (double masectomy two years ago and cancer free now, but still some remain “tweaks” to do cosmetically) so we’re going to take it easy. Pedicures, baking, etc.
    Rant: I don’t know where to get brunch on Sunday! Recommendations for something funky, hip, delicious and low key? All the google searches generally turn up all the “corporate” spots (Founding Farmers, Busboys, etc.) and thats not our scene.

  • Rant: today’s weather and my achy root canal tooth. I always have a heads-up when the weather will turn.

    Semi-Rave (?): Comatose sleeping episodes. Last night was out cold (that was the Allagash). This afternoon on my lunch break, I was GONE. Could have been a carb-induced coma. Kind of why i avoid pizza, etc, but i like the deep sleep.

    Rant (ish): Had a weird sleep paralysis moment: i was waking up from the catnap, but could not move my head or the rest of my body to get up from the bed. Have not had that in a while. (thank goodness)

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