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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Got to work late this morning even though I left home in time. Thanks Metro.
    Rant: Somebody musty got on my Metro car this morning. Take a bath people.
    Rave: Cooked fried chicken, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese for Sunday dinner. So good.
    Rave: Skinny iced mocha this morning.
    Rant: Anxiety, anger, and irritation over an upcoming life decision.
    Rave: Seeing therapist tomorrow to talk about it.

    • hammers

      I know everyone is offended by everything these days, but your first rant made me sad. My father lives in a house full of mold, and always smells…musty. Good luck making your life decision.

  • RANT: Any idea on how to approach this issue (besides anonymously ranting on a local blog?)
    A group of girls who live in an elevated rowhouse in my neighborhood (Bloomingdale) spent the nice day yesterday re-doing their garden. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, the problem is that they were tossing loads and loads of dirt/mulch/wood chips/whatever from the previously neglected garden onto the sidewalk with abandon. The house is on the same block as a popular hipster hangout, and me and my dog walked by twice and had dirt tossed at us (one of the girls wasn’t facing the sidewalk so just tossing it backwards without looking.) I was annoyed and the time, but my annoyance was multiplied this morning when i saw ALL of that garden waste still on the sidewalk and piled on the street! Am I the only one who thinks this is unbelievably rude? Im not a gardener at all, so garden lovers please inform me of the protocol…shouldn’t you bag and dispose of this stuff? I dont know these girls and feel like if i show up to their door and say something it won’t go over well. Any other thoughts popville friends?

    • Give it a day. Maybe they were exhausted from the work, maybe they didn’t have bags for the debris. If it isn’t cleaned up by this evening, say you appreciate their efforts at beautification, and ask when they are going to clean up the sidewalk. it is inconsiderate. at a minimum they should have swept it into the hell strip until they could collect it.

      • And if they don’t clear it up after you’ve asked them, another option is to report them to DPW for sanitation enforcement.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: The weekend featured both fun activities and a 3-hour nap. Best of both worlds!
    Rant: Waiting on people to get work to me and worried they’ll miss the deadline.
    Rave: Sunshine and warm weather. So happy.

  • Rant: We ratified a counter offer on a property in NE two weeks back, only to find out 4 days later that the seller had ratified a contract before we even saw the property for much less (our lender just happened to be financing for the first buyer). Therefore, the property had two ratified contracts. After days on the phone with attorneys, the title company, our lender, our realtor and his broker, we decided to walk away under our general inspection clause. We believe that the listing agent acted fraudulently (listing agent failed to disclose interest in property and we believe created a fake offer to activate our escalation clause). We were upset at first, but on advice of counsel, we knew that walking away with our hands clean made sense. There are plenty of homes out there.
    RANT: The property is back on the market above what it was listed at when we put our offer in! What is going on?!?
    Rave: We will find something we love without all the headache.
    RANT: The listing agent’s properties show on Popville’s real estate section. If not fraudulently, this listing agent acted in a manner to deceive and mislead.

    • Andie302

      I had a similar experience with a buyer in NE. We put in a fair offer, they rejected it and then listed it for more, never sold, and then went off of the market. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same house! Sorry you ran into this issue – and you’re right to avoid this place and just move on.

  • Rave: Not traveling for the past month and a half has reaped incredible rewards on me and my husband’s quality of life. A fabulous weekend, inclusive of sunshine, picnics, friends, family, reading, drinking, and all good things.
    Rave: My husband, the transit hero, figuring out how to navigate ridiculous weekend track work schedules on the Long Island Rail Road in order to get me to my riding lesson at this new barn on Sunday.
    Rant/Rave: Barn was beautiful, horses were well-taken care of, and I liked the trainer but 3 hours round trip is going to be a bit rough…might need to head back to the drawing board.
    Rant: Work. Stress. And inadequate/indifferent management abounds. One day at a time, I guess.

    • Have you checked out barns in southern Westchester county, like the Bronxville or Scarsdale area? They might be closer than trekking out to LI and accessible on Metro North. Also there is a horse barn in Pelham Bay Park right by the Westchester/Bronx border. But I’m not sure if they offer riding lessons, or it’s just a kid’s party/trail ride place.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly the one in Pelham Bay is for lower level of riding than what I’m looking for. I’ve looked into some barns in Bronxville area (any ones you’d suggest?) – their trip estimate was longer than the one I went to in Long Island. But I need to learn about reliability, weekend track work, certain transit line peculiarities, etc. My DC barn commute is sorted but it took me seven years to find the barn and the right mix of bike, bus, zipcar, and metro. So I begin the journey again in NYC!

        • I used to take riding lessons at Twin Lakes in Eastchester all through middle and high school (I grew up in the area.) I loved it. I never did any competitive riding, although the barn did host a few shows each year. It’s about 2 miles from the Tuckahoe or Crestwood Metro North stations, which are a 35 minutes from Grand Central. There’s more barns further up in northern Westchester near Bedford, but I don’t think Metro North goes up that way.

          • I was looking at Twin Lakes and it looks really nice. They’re mostly hunter/jumpers, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good way to get from the Metro North Station to the barn. Any ideas? I guess I could bike or take a taxi…Thanks for the rec!

          • Yes, from what I remember they’re mostly hunter/jumpers, maybe some dressage. No western style riding. There’s no reliable bus route that goes from the train station to the barn, your best bet would be to taxi/Uber or bike. Most of the Metro North stations have taxi stands. The Bronxville station actually has a taxi company located on site, so they would be most reliable.

    • I have a friend who does regular lessons at Riverdale Stables and seems to love it. I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for or where but I figured I’d throw it out there.

  • Rave: 5k this weekend with my family.
    Rave: Daughter did GREAT – parental encouragement is meaningless, but keeping up with her friends provided motivation for her to keep going long after I thought she’d back off.
    Rant?: Hope this doesn’t lead to peer pressure/follower issues down the road.
    Rave: For the first time since I moved out of my parents’ house, I have a lawn. Which is great, but . . .
    Rant: That green stuff that smells so good? It grows.
    Rant: Conflicted about the nominal fee for neighborhood kid to cut said grass v. doing it ourselves.

    • Additional rant: Just found out my contractor likes to play high limit poker (really, really high limit, at least in my opinion) at Maryland Live. I’m thinking we’ve paid too much . . .

      • HaileUnlikely

        That’s, um, interesting. How did you come by this information?

        • He came by on Saturday morning to discuss some additional projects, and told us he was on his way to play with some friends. From what he says, he’s pretty good – won several tournaments, finished in the money in several others, and has even considered playing in the WSOP. I guess if you’re good enough to do that, you’re good enough to finance the hobby through winnings. It was just startling – there are games where you can’t even sit at the table without high four or low five figure bankrolls. That’s serious money to gamble with.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Daaaaamn. Ok then…

          • The buy in for WSOP isn’t always that high. My stepdad frequently enters, and I know “someone that I used to know” won a WSOP satellite event once. Both of them are well off, but you probably wouldn’t look at either of them and consider that they are “high rollers.” Buy-ins are usually financed by winnings from previous tournaments, but it’s also common for people to have individuals sponsor their buy-ins; in these cases whatever percentage they put in is what percentage they get out if the person wins. If they don’t win, the investor gets nada.
            For the record, I have learned way more about poker that I ever intended to over the years!

          • He might also be getting staked by others, if he’s that good. I have an old friend who has played in WSOP and I’ve staked a portion of his tournament buy-in a few times. He’s made me some money over the years. But mostly it’s just fun to track my buddy online while I’m stuck in the office 🙂

    • Great first raves! It could just be her competitive side coming out. I played sports my whole life but was never really competitive with my peers until I started running.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: extra cranky this morning and AO keeps talking, not necessarily to me, just talking.
    Rant: cranky b/c I had work dreams all night. ugh
    Rave: work isn’t as bad as it was in my dreams.
    Rave: had a lovely weekend.

  • smrtcar

    Rave: Busy fun week ahead. Easy night shift on Tuesday night. Wed night, off to Baltimore to the Jays vs. Orioles. Thursday my BDay dinner at chichi venue. Friday touring Naval Observatory. Saturday off for a week of diving in Cozumel.
    Rant: No room in schedule to fit Caps Game 5, if necessary.
    Rave: Great sports bar at resort. GO Caps!!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: feels like there’s a big distance between my head and hands when my hands were on the keyboard a few minutes ago. Whoa….

  • Rave: Watched my son and his team play one of their best games yet. It’s so great to see them progressing.
    Rant: The progress was ruined by an over-zealous coach for the opposing team, and a few kids on his team who took the game way to seriously, to the point of one of them being sent away for swearing in the dug out and throwing things. More than a few boys were in tears and it was very sad and upsetting. I get that some people take sports more seriously than others and that some kids are more skilled/advanced. But jesus, it’s freaking city league, not the MLB!
    Rave: First crabs of the season this weekend! Great way to cap off a wonderful weekend, aside from the rant.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Trying to garden with a Non-Gardener.
    IDGI: You’re cutting down a hydrangea!
    NG: I don’t know what that means!
    Rave somewhat: Season Two of Kimmy. I thought it started out slow and just because you can have 30 minute episodes doesn’t mean that you should.
    Rave: Episode Five, we need more of Titus singing! Episode 13, not going to spoil it but WOW, perfect casting!

  • Rave: Actually got my taxes done and am pleased to be getting a bit back, enough to take care of some things / provide a bit of a cushion for a little while.
    Rant: I’m sure it’ll go much faster than I’d like
    Rave: Had a lovely weekend getting things done and relaxing
    Rant: Not ready for the work week yet. And my cubemate has been on the phone with various personal phone calls for the past hour and half. I don’t know why that’s annoying me so much today, but it is.

  • Ally

    Rave: Stunning weather.
    Rant: At 5am, having 10-month-old who screams all the new words he’s learned, and a cat who wails and stares at you because because it’s 2 minutes past his feeding time, really puts a damper in the ole love life.

    • Ally

      As you can tell, said 10-year-old and said cat also throw a damper in the ole sleep patter, leading to many typos.

      • Ugh, I hate it when my cats are bratty in the morning. One of them was obnoxious a full 90 minutes before breakfast time both days this weekend, which sucks when you’re already getting less sleep with a baby. Boo misbehaved cats!

        • When I got my cat, I decided that I wasn’t going to do a morning feeding because I didn’t want her waking me up early on weekends, etc.
          She STILL often wakes me up in the morning, just for my company/attention.

          • Emmaleigh504

            mine wakes me up to open the curtains. I leave them open a crack for her, but that’s not good enough. she needs them wide open so she can sleep. grrr

          • HaileUnlikely

            My cat wakes my wife and me up because it is time for her to occupy the entire bed without any human obstructions. Sometimes she seems like she just wants us to pet her, but soon enough it becomes apparent that she simply wants the entire bed all to her furry self.

      • “Said 10-year-old” being a case in point. 😉

  • Rant: Got my last tax form last week and did’t really have time to do my taxes, so I called my accountant and he said to bring over my stuff on Friday. I did. I have a lot of charitable donations because I’m moving and I got rid of a lot of (fairly nice) stuff so I don’t have to move it. He said I had to value all of it and tell him what I paid for it. I don’t know – Turbo Tax usually does that for me. In the end, he said it looked like I was doing my taxes just fine and it would probably be easier to do them myself again this year. OK, I appreciate the honesty, but I didn’t WANT to do them myself this year. So, that was a super fun Friday night of doing taxes when I didn’t think I needed to.

  • Rave: Lovely weekend. The weather was perfect. Went to Cherry Blast on Saturday and spent yesterday picnicking with friends. I can’t wait for Jazz in the Garden and The Yards Park Summer Music series to start up.
    Rave/Rant: I spent a good chunk of Saturday organizing my stuff. I got my bookcase set up. I need to tackle my clothes and it’s giving me major anxiety. Not too mention getting the rooms ready to show. I still need to write an ad, and take pictures. I’m kicking myself for not getting the common area yesterday while it was empty. My roommate has moved her extra stuff upstairs and its really cluttered right now. My goal is to reach out a few groups I belong to, then post a public ad by Weds? I’d like to run an open house this weekend if possible.

  • maxwell smart

    REVEAL: As someone older than, say 25, I feel like perhaps I should have learned the lesson that day drinking on Sunday’s leads to sleepy, hungover Monday mornings. And yet somehow week after week, that lesson just doesn’t seem to sink in.
    RAVE: At least the weather was so nice yesterday that day drinking and casually biking around the wall and Rock Creek was very enjoyable. Has there always been so many tulips in DC?

  • Someone took 2 potted cacti from the front of my place. Maybe the person thought they were up for grabs, but we had them out all of last spring/summer/fall and no one took them. Anyway, if the person who took them reads this, please return our beloved cacti back! My husband has had them for years (more than a decade, through many moves and cities), so he is obviously very sad about this.

  • Bear

    Rave: Great weekend weather, got a lot done in the garden and around the house.
    Rant: My back is not happy about the gardening…

  • Rave: Had so much fun in the beautiful weather this weekend. Two playground play dates, a softball game, and lots of open windows!
    Rant: baby didn’t want to nap yesterday afternoon, leading to a more stressful Sunday evening with a cranky baby.
    Rave: daughter cracks me up. Every time something goes slightly wrong, she says “Oh man!” in the funniest tone. And she’s also started singing “I’m a little teapot” which is funny in it’s own way. It’s amazing how much more she can remember/memorize and her conversational & reasoning skills are growing by the day. Another cute quote: “These are bandaids for mommies because mommies sometimes get boo-boos too.”

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Very interesting job opportunities appearing
    Rave: The opportunity of working for myself and being the owner of my time.
    Rave: Mother’s surgery went well

  • Rave: Job interview this week!
    Rave: The husband has finally realized that the moving fairies aren’t coming and has started helping me pack and clean the apartment. Less than 2wks left!
    Rant: My 7yo’s anxiety level is at a fever pitch about the new house. He had a meltdown this morning over a too-small shirt being in the donate pile.
    Rave: The weather!

  • Rave: The bicycle-kick goal from Saturday night’s Washington Spirit game. If you’re a soccer fan at all, check out the video (it was like 3 minutes into the game, I think). It was beautiful and a fantastic start to the NWSL season.
    Rave: Plants for the garden have been acquired including a curry plant and a bay laurel. I love gardening season.
    Rant: This new floater in my right eye is incredibly distracting today.
    Rave: Crab season!

  • Rave: Taxes done
    Rant: Adulting is hard some days
    Question: I will be traveling for a while and need to renew the business license on my rental. Has anyone used a service to help run the gauntlet with the DC government on the BBL renewal/inspection?

    • My pm has taken care of it for me twice. Very easy to do. They don’t reinspect though so just paperwork and paying.

  • Rant, I suppose: I discovered, a bit surreptitiously, that one of my favorite people, with whom I have a long history, just got engaged. This would be wonderful news, except she’s been giving me the silent treatment since Nov. 2014, thanks to a stupid friend-breakup incident.

    I’m terribly pensive right now. I suppose I should wait a little while and then send an email, attempting to re-open communication without mentioning the engagement, but I’m not really sure what to do.

    • Why would you re-open communication without mentioning the engagement? It seems like the perfect excuse/impetus/whatever to reconnect. “Hey, I heard through the grapevine that you’ve become engaged… I know we haven’t talked in a while, and [possible mention of whatever the issue was that precipitated the silent treatment], but I just wanted to congratulate you.”

      • There is no plausible grapevine I can think of. I found out because, while I don’t use Facebook, I created a pseudonym some years back, since I was meeting so many new people and thought it could help me put names with faces. So, one thing leads to another, and I sometimes see news like this.

        • You created a Facebook pseudonym? Or some other pseudonym?
          Grapevine still sounds plausible/sufficient to me, but maybe you’d prefer to wait until you hear about the engagement from another source. Or is that unlikely to ever happen?

          • It’s a fake Facebook handle, for practical purposes. Curiosity gets the best of me. Unfortunately, I can’t easily imagine hearing about it from another source.

          • Yep, that’s kinda creepy. Especially if the people you are “friending” are unaware that the pseudonymous Facebook profile is actually you.

          • To clarify, I didn’t “friend” anybody. It’s just been a handy way of seeing events, faces, and other things.

          • If you didn’t pseudonymously “friend” anyone, then whatever you saw was information that was public to any Facebook user, correct?
            I think you can fit that under the description of “grapvine.”

    • Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you mention the engagement? You say you found out surreptitiously, so perhaps that’s it, but it seems like the perfect reason/opening to starting up communications again. Contact them, let you know that you heard the news and are very happy for them, and it made you realize that they are still important to you and that you want them back in your life (or something like that). That is the case, right?

      • Oh – didn’t see textdoc’s reply before posting. So, yeah – ditto!

        • See my response above. I was doing something most people would find creepy. Now, if they create one of those wedding websites, I can say I googled their names on a hunch, but that’s a big if.

    • hammers

      I think this will happen to me soon. My best friend through college did not make room for me in her life, and when I tried to remedy it, she made a lot of promises to be a better friend, yet she hasn’t reached out in over a year and a half. She now has a very serious boyfriend, and I saw they just traveled to Thailand together. It makes me sad that our lives no longer touch, but I realized she’s changed very much, and she isn’t really the friend of 7 years I once knew.

    • If she’s been giving you the silent treatment since 2014, she must have her reasons even if they are one-sided or without merit. It sounds like she might not appreciate the contact… especially at a joyful time in her life. I would probably wait for her to share the news or wish her well from afar and move on.

    • I’m curious why you think you should re-open communication with someone who stopped talking to you a year and a half ago? I mean I don’t think it’s ever too late to repair relationships but now seems like a weird time decide to do it. I would think this through before inserting yourself back into her life at this moment – why right now, rather than 6 months ago, or a year from now?

      • I wanted to put out a feeler six months ago (or in the past, at any rate), and let her know that a lot of good things have happened since we last talked. I keep hesitating, however. Now seems like a great time to wish someone well, and additionally, don’t these sorts of milestones often help people bury hatchets and assess priorities?

        • Assess priorities, yes… bury hatchets, not necessarily. My engagement reinforced the idea that I’ve maintained relationships that are important to me/I want to share the experience with and also that I’ve cut off people that I would really rather do without.

          • I had considered that, also. I’m just hoping that, considering our history, and so much else, that this isn’t goodbye. It just seems so hard to believe.

          • I think the bottom line is that if you reach out you have to be prepared to hear “no thanks”. It’s going stress her out at what should be a happy time if someone who she thought was out of her life is insisting on revisiting the past. (I mean that’s probably the worst-case scenario, but I mention it only because it sounds like you’re already prepared for the best-case scenario.)

        • “I wanted to put out a feeler six months ago (or in the past, at any rate), and let her know that a lot of good things have happened since we last talked.”
          Unless they’re “good things” that are germane to whatever the reason was she stopped talking to you, I wouldn’t reach out with that. Just congratulate her on HER good things, i.e., the engagement.

  • Rave: Went to Home Depot this weekend and found an “Amazing Grace” creeping phlox plant to match the one I had that died last summer. (The other three thrived, so that spot was looking a little bare.)
    Rant: All of the “Amazing Grace” phloxes at two different Home Depots were ailing and looking like they were in need of divine intervention. At the first Home Depot, the “Amazing Grace” phloxes were in such bad/flowerless shape that I didn’t even recognize them as a match for my plants at home. (I had foolishly neglected to locate and consult the plants’ little information card from last year.)
    Query for Justin, MPinDC, and other creeping-phlox folks: Would I be better off trying to propagate creeping phlox from one of the (lush) three plants I already have? How difficult is it to propagate creeping phlox?

    • Pretty sure you can just dig it up and divide it.

      • So I need to get some of the roots, correct?
        What’s weird (well, to me) about creeping phlox is that the actual base of the plant is pretty small, even though the flowers extend outward with a pretty significant radius. Would taking a chunk with roots end up leaving a hole in the plant? Or would the plant just grow a new patch to compensate?
        Hmm… maybe I should try planting the sickly HD plant, and mess with propagation only if it dies.

        • give the sickly HD plants a try. They may just be root-bound. some of the healthiest plants in my garden were end-of-season half-dead 25 cent rejects.

        • Yep, you need to dig up the whole thing (wait til it’s done blooming, then trim back all the trailing bits). Divide it in half, roots and all. Re-plant one half in the original spot, move the other half where you need it. Both will take over the space they have.
          You should definitely plant the sickly HD one. Creeping phlox is such an easy-going plant that as long as you don’t over-water, it’ll probably perk up and do just fine. And you can’t really have too much of it, right?

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: It’s SO HOT in my office. I’m seriously debating taking off my pants. Someone keeps turning on the heat for who knows what reason. 80 degrees is not an okay working environment. Someone is actually wearing a jacket!?!?

    • I don’t know you, but I beg you not to take off your pants at work! I know some people have more casual working environments than others, but I’m fairly certain that would be pushing it!

    • I have the opposite problem! My office is still an icebox. It’s 80 degrees outside and I’m running my secret space heater to keep warm. I saw outside in the sun to defrost during my lunch break.

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