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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Donald Trump. Joe Paterno? Steel is coming back to Pittsburgh? double yoy!
    Rant: Work stuff – coworker who works from home 85% of the time is really getting to me. I thought I’d stick this out for the long haul because of the great benefits but part of me is like “once husband is well paid lawyer, I’m outta here”.
    Rant: His 1L year is almost over. How?!?
    Rave: My son is seriously hilarious. For however annoying a 2.5 year old is, his even more funny.

    • I don’t know where this year went! I hope your husband has enjoyed the ride. It has been both the best and the worst for me (mostly the former!).

  • Rave: The landscaping company I’m contracting to redo our front garden submitted their sketch to me yesterday. They included gardenia in the design. I’m in love.
    Rave: Just when I thought pimento cheese couldn’t be any more delicious, I decided to throw in some pepper jack with the cheddar. Dang, that’s ridiculously good.
    Rave: The other Mrs. Rabbit came home with a dozen white roses last night. She knows me too well.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome wedding weekend. Every vendor we interacted with (shout out to Black Jack, Queen Vic, Barber of Hell’s Bottom, Regal Limousine, The Sovereign, Farmers & Fishers, Bluejacket, Buttercream Bakeshop, Ice Cream Jubilee, Iron Gate, our amazing photographer Amelia Johnson, and so many more I can’t remember right now) was flawless and it was so great seeing so many friends from out of town, even if only briefly. If only the wind chill had cooperated more.
    Rant: Going back to work after a week of craziness, oof, so little recovery time. Already looking forward to our extended trip in May.
    Rave: Kobe’s last game, what a performance from one of the all-time greats. As a lifelong Laker fan I would rank him 3rd in the franchise’s great history. (behind Magic and then Kareem)

  • Rant: stuck in a hotel meeting room trying to get a grip on how to run two clinical trials while I hope and pray that we get a new research coordinator ASAP so that I can stop feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack and/or nervous breakdown. Things were going so well, and I felt so confident Tuesday, and now I’m freaking out. I am in no way equipped to do this!
    Rave: finally got back to yoga last night….
    Rant: and managed to face-plant on my neighbor’s mat. I think most of the swelling has gone down, but yeah, I have a small shiner on my cheek because I’m a giant giant klutz!
    Rant: terrible sleep the past couple nights.
    Rave: thanks for the choral group ideas yesterday, everyone – I plan on investigating further now that I have somewhere to start!

    • What’s the hold up on the position? Can you push Fearless Leader regarding the hiring of a new coordinator? HR is crap there, but if you put very direct pressure on them, they will work.

      • Just got word that they accepted and will be starting in about 10 days, so hallelujah praise the old gods and the new, we’re on track!

    • hammers

      shoot me a text sometimes when you go to yoga, I could use the motivation of a partner! and Oooof I hope you arent hurting too bad, but don’t worry I’m sure no one minded. Yoga makes klutzes of us all.

      • Sure! I love having a yoga buddy, it helps me be more accountable, too! Knee is pretty sore but face doesn’t hurt too badly, I just hope I put enough makeup on to disguise any bruising! It was seriously hilarious, though. I always joke about have ridiculously long “gorilla” arms, and it was while we were doing a gorilla pose stretch – where you stand on your hands with your toes in your wrist creases, and rock back and forth a bit, and I tipped just a bit too far forward and of course couldn’t stop myself from eating it because I was standing on my hands! πŸ™‚

  • Rave: I thought it would be a half-assed weird event, but I had a fantastic time at the Playworks rock, paper, scissors tournament last night. It helps that my team was awesome and we won, but still they did a great job making it engaging, fun, and inclusive.
    Rant: The same mini van double parks in front of a day care on GA Ave every day. Today half the block was empty, but no, they had to be right in front.
    Rave: Qualia lattes.
    Rant: I suck at making decisions and I know I should get better at it, but I kind of don’t care.

    • That One Guy

      There are paper scissor rock tournaments?!?!? Please explain more.

      • A friend of mine had heard about it. It was put on by and to benefit Playworks DC, which you can find on FB. It’s a pretty cool organization that brings play and conflict resolution to schools.
        It was cool because they had individual and team events. Who thought there could be team RPS events? Not me, that’s for sure. So it was a nice surprise, especially because I had briefly thought about bailing to get more work done.

        • I vaguely recall that in Japan, “Rock Paper Scissors” is a big deal. I think there are maybe even national RPS tournaments? Will have to google…

  • My phone rang last night. It was my very proper and conservative mother. She said, as she always does, “What are you doing? Am I getting you at a bad time?”
    I said, “Not at all, just ironing.”
    She replied, as I knew she would, “Ugh, I’m sorry for you.” Ironing is her most hated task, and she is as vocal about it as about everything she dislikes.
    Then a strange thing happened. I heard someone say, “Well, I’m a little stoned, so I don’t really mind.” The horror hit me like a freight train. That someone was ME. Telling MY MOTHER that I had used an illicit substance. I freaked out silently for what seemed like a really long time (but was probably a second or two). And then, in a tone of enlightenment and wonder, my judgmental and critical mother said, “Now why didn’t I ever think of that?”

    • Awesome! So funny – thanks for sharing. Reminds me of my friend who was going to see Hair with his older generation, conservative parents. He jokingly suggested getting pot brownies to enjoy the show more…and his parents blinked, looked at each other, and said why not? He got pot, and he got cupcakes, and he sprinkled the pot on the cupcakes and they all ate them. Needless to say, they spent the rest of the night staring at each other wondering if anything was happening. Clearly, nothing was since sprinkling pot on cupcakes does not work! To this day, he regrets his lack of pot knowledge that wasted this awesome opportunity.

    • This just made my morning perk up a bit! Thank you. Also, cleaning my keyboard b/c I spit tea out laughing. πŸ™‚

    • That One Guy

      What was the rest of the conversation like?

      • She moved straight on to the reason for the call (there’s always a reason), which was a question about a trip we’re taking together at the end of the month. Then we chatted about her mother. Then her doorbell rang and she had to go, but not before saying, as she does every time, “It’s always nice to talk with you. Give my grandbabies a hug from me.”
        The weed didn’t come up again. Like dcd, we are WASPs and we prefer to ignore uncomfortable subjects, or in really dire situations, engage in hostile silences about them.

    • As someone who, to this day, will not admit to his mother that he smoked (cigarettes, not even pot!) in high school, college, and thereafter, this post fill me with both laughter and terror. (Not that she doesn’t know, but we’re WASPs – we don’t talk about uncomfortable things. Ever.)

    • This is such a great story.

  • Rave: Have a meeting in Brooklyn so heading off on my new bike across the Brooklyn Bridge πŸ™‚ I’ll try hard not to hit any tourists…
    Rave: El Gran Combo tonight.
    Rant: No more news from friend in middle of f’in nowhere. Trying hard to stay sane and remember there’s really nothing I can do.
    Rant: Frustrations abound at work…
    Rave: A planned weekend in DC for beginning of May with my husband. It’ll be nice to be in our neighborhood together again.

  • Rave – travel

    Question – does anyone have a good visa procurement service (as in entry into a country, not Chase vs. Capitol One)?

    rave – this weather is wonderful.

    • maxwell smart

      RAVE: WEATHER. I am SO SO excited to spend all weekend outdoor day drinking!

    • I’ve always had good experiences with Travisa – one time they got me a Russian visa overnight, which is no mean feat! I’ve used them on lots of trips and they’ve come through on time every time. It’s not cheap, though.

    • I’ve used A-1 passport and visa for work trips and never had any issues. Friendly guy and good service. Located on K street.

  • Rave: Biked to work again. Now that the weather is pleasant I need to make this a habit.

    Rant: I need to fill 2 rooms in my house by the end of the month. Both of my roommates are moving out. While I know that my rent is going up, I don’t know by how much, and my landlord is hard to get to. I want to post an ad, but don’t feel comfortable until I have exact numbers.

    • where do you live? i just moved out of a slum house and went back to my parents because i was waking up with hives and then had to use an epi pen because my throat was closing up (am severely allergic to mold and dust, which the landlord knew but didn’t do anything about. Actually, he tried to air out the house but then all the pollen got inside and made my symptoms worse).

    • I believe 30 days notice is required for rent increases, so unless rent is due mid May then he can’t spring it on you this late.

  • Rave: Ethan Couch finally goes to jail. Can we finally put to rest the notion that being an entitled rich d-bag is a mental disorder appropriate for inclusion in the DSM-5 (they’re still on 5, right)?
    Rant: Sentence was only 2 years. For driving at triple the legal limit, killing three people and paralyzing another. Sorry, no. I thought Texas was supposed to be tough on criminals? Or is that only the black ones?

    • I thought the two years was for parole violations (skipping the country), not for the original crime. But I didn’t actually read the details, I could be wrong.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Officially under contract on a place in Cambridge. Holy smokes! I’ve been paying attention the market for months (probably since October of last year?) and even got outbid on something.
    Rave: This place is in the best condition and lowest price of the things that I really considered – so it was totally worth the wait!
    Rave: My brain is going a million miles an hour with ideas.
    Rave: Before closing we have a long weekend of diving, and a road trip with my mom to 4 corners – so some great distractions until I can actually get in there and get started.
    Rave: Going on week 3 with no diet soda and dessert/sweets limited to special occasions and feeling so much better physically.
    Rave: Zero rants – all is so well. Thank you spring and brain chemicals and exercise and sleep and Accountering

  • Accountering

    Very hopeful Rave: Win one game. Do it 16 times.

  • Rant: Work got me like, “Ahhhhhhhh.” I started out the week all confident. ready to take on all the extra work and make my to-do list my bitch, and now I feel like I am crawling to the finish line just happy to make it out alive.
    Rave: It’s Thursday. One. Day. Left.

  • Rave: totally unexpected promotion! It comes with a salary bump putting me back over where I would be if I was a fed. And it doesn’t entail any more responsibility than my current position – it’s basically getting a title bump and more money for doing the same job. Turns out my anxiety about maybe being fired was off!
    Rant: still have generalized anxiety, which is making me not fulfill some of my work responsibilities, which is creating more anxiety, which is making me slack off even more, which is a vicious cycle.
    Rant: allergies are super bad.
    Rave: college reunion this weekend should be really fun!

  • Rant: coworkers who get all pissy when I don’t say “good morning” in a loud/cheerful manner at 7 a.m. And there are so freaking many of them.
    Lol: Yesterday we had a fundraiser where the students could pay a dollar to tape their teacher to a wall. I ended up with more tape on me than any other teacher in my grade. What does that say about my relationship with my students?
    Revel: I made it through the first day of week 3 of couch to 5k. I never expected I’d be able to run 3 minutes at a time.
    Rant: Looking over and seeing people who run way faster than I do and for much longer. I know not to compare myself to others, but still…

  • Rave: I’m taking tomorrow off and my mom is taking the kids until lunchtime, so I’ll have some uninterrupted time to pack!
    Rant: Husband has not packed a single box yet. We have two weeks.
    Rant: Still no concrete information on my job situation. I’ve had one interview with one of the companies on the new contract and applied to 9 places (outside of my program), but I still don’t know when the current contract ends and I’ll be done. Or how much of a paycut to expect.
    Rave: Sunshine!!

  • smrtcar

    Rave: Going to the CapsFlyers game tonight in the Budweiser Brew House All-Inclusive zone. I love that format.
    Rant: Filing taxes. So complicated.
    Rave: Going to Cozumel for some diving in 10 days. Can’t wait!

  • Rant: Broke down into tears last night after phone call with Mom with her pressing me about moving back home to get a job. I think that she has selfish motives for getting me to move back. She just doesn’t want to get on a plane to see me anymore. She hasn’t asked me if it’s what I want to do. She even stated that I should leave my stuff from my apartment (furniture, clothes, etc.) up here and/or give it away in order to move back. This is stuff that I worked hard to pay for. It’s not much but it’s mine. I cried about it after words and basically cried myself to sleep about it. I’m sick of pushing what I want aside trying to make her happy.
    Rave: I telework tomorrow.

    • I’m sorry your mom is being so manipulative. This is YOUR life — your career, your home — not hers. She raised you, and now it’s time for her to let you live the life you’ve chosen. She isn’t allowed to tell you to move home because it’s more convenient for her. She is being incredibly selfish, and if she doesn’t want to fly here to see you, that’s HER decision to make. That’s her choice. And she’ll need to accept the consequences of that choice. If that means that you can’t fly home to see her very often, but she has more flexibility to come here but chooses to stay home, not your issue. Her issues. She needs to allow you to have the life you have. Don’t give her the option that you’re moving back to be near her.

    • Accountering

      This is ridiculous. I would put a stop to this immediately. I would let her know you are happy with your life, and what you have made of it, and you are not moving to her hometown (see what I did there? Home is here now….) to pursue work. So sorry about this!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work is a drag
    Rave: learning new and interesting things on popville

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: After elaborately ignoring Lucy and Lizzy for years, now that they are senior citizen dogs with Lucy being deaf and blind and Lizzy having doggie dementia, Mr. Possum Cat has become a bully! On more than one occasion I’ve caught him walking up to one of them and smacking them a few times. Last night Lucy was asleep on the couch and Possum was about six inches away and all of sudden he swatted Lucy. What a bully cat! Baaaaaad kitty!

    • oh! That does seem mean! But one thing I’ve noticed with animals – I’ve observed, sometimes, if one of them is sick and on their way out, so to speak, even if it’s unbeknownst to their humans, it seems like the other animals in the household can sense it, and out of instinct try to eliminate what they perceive as a threat from their environment. Sometimes, not always. Other times they’re just being little stinkers.

  • Rave – The Joy Formidable show at the 9:30 club last night rocked my socks off. So awesome.
    Rant – I’m too old to stay out late on a weeknight.
    Rave – It’s lunch time.

  • Rant: MedfuckingStar WHC. I cannot believe that hospital makes any money. We are on month 8 of trying to resolve a bill. They’re on their third attempt to file it with insurance and still cannot get it filed?!
    Rave: I’ll be in DC for Pride!

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