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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: The yard guys weeded and mulched the flower beds. They look great!
    Rant: The salvias and foxgloves weren’t weeds.

  • rant: federal government. want a new job, but keep being advised to stay in fed gov’t, since private sector is not as secure. they sure pay more. lol.
    rant: need a new laptop. also expensive.
    rave: going to NYC in a few weeks!

    • Take the risk!

    • I never understood people telling me I should stay in the fed govt for the security. They acted like I would be out of a job within a week or a month if a left. I took the risk rather than being miserable for the next 25+ years. I am still financially stable. It’s not like you can’t go back to the fed govt (although admittedly much harder these days).

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Decided to head to London a couple days early…I now have 2.5 days there before work!! I was on the fence but decided to book the Warner Brothers Studio Tour-The Making of Harry Potter and I am SO FREAKING PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize it will take up half a day, but I grew up on the HP books and can’t fathom NOT going while in London.
    Rave: Disney World this weekend for the Star Wars- the Dark Side half marathon. The Kessel Run challenge medal is calling my name!
    Rave: My birthday is next week!
    Rant: Turning 28…really, how am I an adult?

    • You’re spending your vacation time with Harry Potter and Star Wars — you are still young at heart.

    • I love that you’re doing the studio tour and I’m so jealous!

    • I did the studio tour a few years ago. you are inside on the sound stage for a minimum of 3 hours. take your time because once you exit the sound stage to go see the Knight Bus you can’t go back. Its truly more than a half day. but it is the most awesome thing in the world!!! 🙂 have fun!!!!

  • Rant: when work offers a company wide power breakfast I should know enough not to skip my normal breakfast and depend on that. Thanks for 6 ounces of protein-less smoothie and a power bar the size of a pen.
    Rave: I do know enough to being my own coffee. I love you, morning latte.
    Rant: People who double park to drop their kids off at daycare. It’s in the middle of the block, but there are almost always spots on either end of the block, but there you are, double parked on Georgia Ave at rush hour, unable to walk 50 ft. I know that kids have a lot of stuff and they’re wiggly and whatnot, but park in a spot!
    Rave: for a few days cops were actually enforcing no double parking. Please come back.
    Rave: had delicious drinks at Dram and Grain last night.

  • Bear

    Rave: looks like good weather this weekend. I need some warmth in my life!
    Related rant: Why oh is my office such an ice box? All through winter it was like a sweat lodge, then in March they turned on the A/C and now I have to wear my coat and scarf at my desk. Multiple requests to building services have resulted in zero improvement. I might have to invest in a secret space heater. Maybe one of those footrest things?

    • My office is also an ice box. I invested in a secret space heater and it’s a game changer! I have it under my desk right by feet, oh it is heavenly. I’ve been using it all week even though it hasn’t been that cold, but my building just keeps pumping out the A/C like it was the middle of summer.

    • maxwell smart

      Meanwhile my office still thinks it’s the dead of winter – it’s typically 78+ in the office. By 3pm, I can no longer remove another article of clothing and am basically done for the done mentally. When it’s too hot, I basically shut down and want to nap.

    • I have invested in a work blanket. There are days where I sit completely bundled up. I have, at times, seriously considered a work snuggie.

      • Bear

        A couple friends and I came up with the idea of a business attire snuggie for exactly this purpose. I need to develop a prototype and put it into action pronto.

    • I spent all day yesterday cold. And I am not normally a cold person. Temperature control in office buildings is the worst!

  • Rave: Had a great time yesterday at Book Club. Thanks all! I’m the next organizer…so the pressure’s on ;-).
    Rant: Left foot cramp before bed last night and then a weird dream about subluxating my right ankle (which I did a few weeks back) and I wake up with my right ankle hurting.
    Rave: Positive response from external contacts on my work – a good reminder that your worth is not only set by your internal colleagues.
    Rave: Bringing my boots and helmet on my weekly Amtrak commute to NYC so I can try out some barns this weekend!

  • Rave: Went on a longer route to work this morning and was just struck by the realization of how many damn blessings are in my life. Good people in my life, good health, a job, and knowing that I can buy my next meal. There’s so much job.
    Rant: There are frustrations, but no rants. That’s how I’m looking at it.

    • Andie302

      I love this – and have been feeling the same way lately! It even makes the frustrations that much easier to deal with.

  • Rave: Started Couch to 5k yesterday. Determined to be able to run 5k without feeling like death by my 30th birthday!
    Weird: Saw a man driving his car with his head sticking out of the sunroof (and not because he’s tall) this morning. He was angrily yelling at people while he drove. So odd.
    Rave: Thank you to whoever recommended the Rhode Island Ave. DMV. I barely had time to fill out my application before my number was called!
    Rant: So incredibly sick of the comments SO and I get when we’re out. I’m sometimes ethnically ambiguous and/or read as Asian, he’s super tall. I know most people are just curious but when you hear the same question or joke 10 times in one night it gets old.

    • Yay for the Couch to 5K–you’ll totally be able to run a 5K if you put in the time. I did something similar a few years ago and was proud to finish a 5K, and now I can run 10-13 miles with proper training. I’m not the biggest fan of running, especially because I’m relatively slow, but there’s no feeling like running a few miles when you couldn’t really do that before! It’s great.

    • Yay for Couch to 5K! I recently finished the program and I signed up for a 5K next month. I’m a slow runner, but it’s just an awesome feeling to know that I can run for 3.1 miles and not feel like death (most of the time).

      • Thanks for the encouragement rfff924 and Pixie! I’m hoping to get to that point! Did you guys do it basically every other day during the week?

        • Yes, I’d try to run Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs/Sat but sometimes I’d get off schedule, because life happens. If I went 3 more days without running I would go back and repeat some runs to get myself back on track. Just make sure to give yourself at least one rest day in between runs.

  • Rave: I had a great, productive evening last night. I somehow managed to: get the kids home from school on a Georgia Ave bus with no issues or crazy people; make a relatively stress-free trip to Walmart with all of them in tow; make a healthy dinner; cut at least part of the front lawn; and put in two hours of work without losing my mind or needing a drink. I love nights like that because they make me feel like Super Woman.
    Rant: Eyes are now swollen from cutting the grass yesterday, Zyrtec has yet to help. Not feeling or looking so much like Super Woman today!

  • Rave: I *think* I see the end in sight on a major work deliverable that has kept me up late in to the night for the past two weeks.
    Additional rave: my parents are in town tomorrow

    No rants, Im happy

  • Rant: Finding random notes from phone calls and having no idea what they actually mean. “Right; Tomorrow morning; Friday 7-7:45; outside.” I don’t even remember who the call was with. I need to take better notes.
    Rave: Another anniversary mini rose bush from my parents. This year is fuchsia.
    Rave: I think I will be spending lunchtime going for a walk. I desperately need some time in the sunshine.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: I said it once, but I will say it again. BusETA is literally the worst. Thanks WMATA for taking my normally reliable morning commute and ruining it. I watched 2 buses literally disappear off the tracker 5 minutes out from my stop. never to reappear. I actually found the old NextBus app to be more reliable. The bus that eventually came to my stop wasn’t even listed on BusETA. Basically, when you load BusETA, you might as well just get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for the prediction.

    • +1 Really do not like BusETA. I didn’t think NextBus was perfect, but it worked better and was easier to manage. Boo!

    • HaileUnlikely

      There was a conversation about this a few days ago. I have found the app that dcd recommended, named simply “Transit App,” to be pretty decent. The source data that Transit App, NextBus, and any similar app uses to report such info to any app is obviously not perfect – occasionally there are empty out-of-service buses that show up as if they are in service, and buses that are picking up passenger that aren’t in the system at all (I do not know but guess that this has to do with a driver “logging in/logging out” or similar). However, it was also very much evident to me that BusETA was suffering from some software bugs that were unrelated to the source data. Transit App can’t magically correct bad data (garbage in, garbage out), but it does not seem to suffer from the same software bugs as Metro’s BusETA does. I have also found its user interface to be very user-friendly and all-around excellent. I like it much better than the old NextBus or WMATA’s BusETA.

      • maxwell smart

        Really? I found the Transit App to be completely confusing and hard to navigate. It was giving me every bus line in a 1 mile radius, I couldn’t figure out how to bookmark favorite routes, and everything looked like it was sized for an iPad – text was way too big! I like the simplicity of the Next Bus DC app – it opens essentially Google Maps with pins for each of the stops – click a pin and it gives you all the info you need for that stop.

        • HaileUnlikely

          You can mark favorite stops (not whole routes, but stops) by clicking the little star icon. It will still show you a million buses, but it will move favorites to the top of the list when you are anywhere near them. It took me a couple days to get the hang of it, but I’m really liking it now. (I use an Android phone; if you are using an iPhone it is possible that it is different on there. I found the old NextBus app to have a few important differences between its iPhone vs. Android implementations)

          • maxwell smart

            Perhaps. I am on iPhone – I just found the interface to be too cluttered. I don’t need to know every bus in my radius because 98% of them are of no use to me.

          • Haile is right (I’m on an iphone) If you click on a line and hit the star, it moves it to the top of your list. I have 3 or four favorites, and never look at the rest. Anf the type is big, but you can scroll it down to see more of the map.

    • Andie302

      I’ve been using Bus Stop DC and it’s been working pretty well, even after WMATA made those “improvements”

    • chiming in on the BusETA hate. The other day it showed a bus coming scheduled to arrive in 4 minutes that was actually pulling into the stop. Like I’m looking at the tracker as the bus is arriving. Not a fan at all!

    • For the sake of balance: BusETA has been pretty much spot on for me.
      (Seriously. Not just saying that to be contradictory.)

    • I use DC Metro and Bus and find it pretty reliable!

  • Rant: I am a sniveling, dripping, disgusting mess. Getting tired of blowing my nose every 15 seconds. Coughing up grossness (which I guess it’s good I’m coughing it up, but still, ick!). I would give anything for a cure for whatever this is (cold? Allergies? Plague?)
    Rave: Site visit yesterday went really, really well! Huge sense of relief, though I’m still nervous about possibly having to get this study off the ground if we don’t get a new research coordinator in soon!
    Rave: Sunshine. It really helps start my day on a better foot when there’s sunshine coming in my windows as I get ready for work!
    Questions: Does anyone know of choral groups / choirs open to non-professionals? When I was on vacation, I was reminded of how much I love to sing, and how much I miss it. I’m trying to find new ways to meet new people / get involved with new communities, and was wondering if any Popville folks know of a group/place that a non-professional (but mildly talented) singer might be welcome?

    • Nose woes: Afrin. It’s a miracle drug.
      Choir: I have friends who are part of the Congressional Choir, and love it.

      • I’ve been taking Afrin for the past day and a half – usually it is a miracle drug, and the only thing that works that I can use, but it seems to be ineffective now 🙁

        • How about pseudoephedrine? The real stuff that you need to ask the pharmacist for and produce ID to buy. Nothing else works for me.

          • holy crap, no! I can’t even take the fake sudafed without feeling super super sick, getting shaky and having palpitations and stuff.

    • DC Choral Arts Society is fully volunteer. I have a friend who is involved and loves it. I believe the National Cathedral has a volunteer choral group! I’ve been meaning to get back into chorus myself. My sight-reading skills aren’t that great, which has kept me from auditioning.

      • Yeah, that’s always been my problem, my sight-reading is sub-par, especially if I’m nervous because I’m auditioning! Maybe you and I can practice together and then see about joining something?!

      • That’s why I don’t audition — I have a really good ear, but my sight singing skills are abysmal.

        • +1! yeah, I have a great ear but reading, not so much. My piano teacher used to yell at me about it all the time!

          • THAT is why I stopped taking lessons at 8! I have a minor in vocal performance and my choir teachers would usually give me first chair not because I was amazing at sight singing (hahahah) but because I was able to learn the music and words faster than most of the sight singers in the choir. I think it’s a skill that people tend to scoff at, and that’s not fair at all! You should try out!

      • yup – the Cathedral Choral Society. there’s also the Washington Chorus.

        lots of big choral groups in DC; fewer opportunities if you want to sing with a smaller (less than 30) group, unfortunately.

    • There’s a singing group that posts in the PoPville forum from time to time inviting new participants. Runnymede Singers is their name I think.

      • Yes Runnymede is a nice group – no auditions and not too large, with minimal organizational ‘stuff’. I was with them for a couple of years but had to stop when my work schedule changed. (I left in 2013 so my info is current till then only.)

  • Girl on a Hill

    Rant: Neighbors’ dog barked non-stop from 11:00pm-12:00am, then again from 6:15am-7:00am this morning. I’ve contacted the apartment management company several times about this, as it is a clear noise violation. Have also left notes on neighbors’ door (i.e. Hi-Your dog is waking up people in the building, please get him/her to stop barking in the early hours of the morning). No solution thus far…But I feel this is the better route then just yelling “shut up” out the window as some others have resorted to..
    Rant: Tired and sad/guilty I’m so pissed off at this dog. I hope it’s not in distress.
    Rave: Tennis this afternoon
    Rave: Sister moves down here in a little over a month!

    • Quotia Zelda

      I love you last rave. When my sister moved here, it was one of the best things ever.

    • It absolutely is a better route. The following was posted on our neighborhood listserve earlier this week:
      “To our neighbor who owns the small white yapping dog on _________ Dr.:
      I have had house guests for 5 days. We have been woken up late at night and early in the morning by your dog’s barking 2 of those days. This morning the dog was in MY yard barking for 10 minutes at 2:18am.
      I won’t put up with listening to your dog bark so I am asking you to ensure this never happens again.
      Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
      This email is basically a how-not-to-act manual for maintaining good relationships with neighbors. I’m sure the author doesn’t care, but a whole bunch of people who she’s never met think poorly of her because of her approach. Sounds like you are taking the opposite approach, which is to your credit.

      • I didn’t think that e-mail sounded all that bad… until it got to the “I won’t put up with…” part.
        But the person should have sought out the dog owner directly… unless it wasn’t possible because this is a dog that’s allowed to run loose and the writer can’t be sure which neighbor it actually belongs to. Even then, seems like it’d be best to target, say, three possible houses and leave a note in their mailbox.
        Is everyone in your neighborhood even on the listserve?

      • I love the “thank you in advance for your cooperation.” It’s like… you decided at the end to add some passive-aggressiveness to your direct threat?

  • Rave: Applied for what is basically my dream job (or one of them anyway).
    Rant: Extremely slim chance that it will actually pan out.
    Rant: I’m so tired regardless of how much sleep I get, and I even dozed off during a lengthy presentation/lecture at work yesterday. Pretty sure it’s allergies/the allergy meds.
    Rave: It’s already Wednesday and I’m actually going to a fun networking event for work later today.

  • Rant: Nearly two weeks later, no sign of my ID in the mail. According to the tracker on the MVA website it was sent on April 1st. I’m at my wits end, what if it got lost or stolen in the mail?

    Rave: This is shallow, but I finally found a deep purple lipstick that I love! I’ve been into dark colors lately. I’m still searching for a good black lipstick.

    • Wasn’t this being sent to your (old) MD address–I remember I was confused when I read about your ID saga…how were you going to receive it from your old address?

      • It is. I’ve set up change of address through USPS so it should be bounced over to my new home.

        • I have no direct knowledge of this so don’t take this as truth. But my understanding is that there are certain cases where mail will be returned to the sender rather than forwarded. For example, if mail is marked “return service requested”, it apparently will not be forwarded, but returned to the sender (possibly with your new address?). It would not surprise me if official IDs that are supposed to indicate your current address would *not* be forwarded by USPS. You might want to call the MVA and ask (anonymously) what would happen in this situation.

          • UGH. That’s probably what happened in this case. I’m also hoping that its being held at the post office.

        • I thought Maryland gives you the new ID then and there if you went in person, and that was the benefit vs doing the online renewal? Confused…
          Also, I’m pretty sure this type of thing can’t be forwarded and would be returned to the MVA; I know there is a “no forwarding” on emissions stuff, from personal experience. This is the MVA’s way of making sure you don’t change your address without notifying them.

          • Unfortunately they do not. 🙁 I called and was told it could take up to 15 days. I probably go in person on Monday if I don’t have it by then.

        • Pretty much positive that ID/DL is not forwardable.

  • Homeowner query:
    I have water damage on an exterior-facing wall in an upstairs room.
    Will I need to get somebody in to check that the underlying plaster is OK, and fix it if necessary? (Or do it myself?) Or is all I need a painter who can remove the paint/bubbling/weird texture stuff that’s there and repaint?

    • HaileUnlikely

      No help here – my house is drywall (no plaster). I assume you have identified and corrected the source of the water that is causing the damage, though, right?

    • Andie302

      Has the source of the water been resolved? If so, then the plaster can be repaired. The guy I use for painting also does minor repairs like that. If not source isn’t fixed, then you can repair it but it’ll just continue to happen. Let me know if you want his name – he’s not the cheapest but he does excellent work – something I’ve come to appreciate!

    • HaileUnlikely and Andie 302 — There are two possible sources for the water damage. Both have been fixed (I think/hope).

      • One possible source:
        A substantial leak through a ceiling vent that was right next to this wall. The roofer (who had replaced the roof about two years prior) said that the roof didn’t have any problems and theorized two scenarios.
        One was that a gutter had become filled with debris and that the water had backed up to the roof and somehow leaked out of the nearby ceiling vent. (This sounded dubious to me.)
        The other scenario was that water might have entered at the base of the chimney (which he said needed its mortar repaired — it would’ve been nice if he’d told me that WHEN HE WAS REPLACING THE ROOF), slid between the new roof and the old roof*, and then leaked from within the old roof.

        • * The original roof (a foam roof) really should have been completely removed before the new roof was put on. Unfortunately (in retrospect), I had outsourced the contractor-selecting to my dad, and I didn’t know until after the fact that he’d chosen to have the new roof put on over the old roof. I was p!ssed, since I was the one paying for the roof and would have paid the extra $2K had I known.

        • Forgot to mention that 1) the roofer added some roofing material around the base of the chimney to try to seal it off and 2) I had the chimney repointed (and some other chimney work done). I haven’t seen any ceiling leaks since then… but the tricky thing is that since the original water-damage spot is still on the ceiling*, it would be hard to tell if there had been any subsequent leaks there.
          I’ve been keeping plastic bins underneath the ceiling vent, though, and all I’ve seen is the occasional dead bug — no water.
          * Long story (like, long even for me) as to why this is the case.

          • Roof mysteries are the worst! Mine has leaked for 2 winters only from melting snow. Nothing at all from huge thunderstroms, just melting snow. Roofer has been out 3 times, no clue. The ceiling has been open for 1.5 years now just waiting for the problem to reveal itself.

      • The other possible source: Water coming through the exterior brick wall. That wall (the back wall of the house) has subsequently been repointed, so if that was the issue, it shouldn’t be one any longer.
        What seemed odd to me was that some of the weird textured spots on the wall weren’t really in a direct path down from the ceiling vent — more off to the sides. That’s what made me wonder if it had been a brickpointing issue.

    • We had a similar thing. Shortly after we had our roof replaced, some interior plaster started to swell and crack. We didn’t do anything about it. (channeling our inner ostrich) It got to about 1 foot x 2 feet, and then stopped. We watched it for a year, and eventually decided that it had something to do with the roofing and maybe a temporarily mis-directed downspout. Got it replastered and repainted a few months ago, and it’s fine. Weird, but not complaining.

      • WDC, I love the phrasing “channeling one’s inner ostrich.” 🙂
        I am currently channeling my inner ostrich regarding a toilet that has gone rogue (the one I posted about several weeks ago). I have the supplies for (possibly) fixing it; I just need to DO it.

  • Revel: Well with the lines getting darker and darker and even darker on the tests, there’s no denying I’m pregnant. It’s still early, but already my heart is soaring…
    Rant: But I’m also having serious anxiety and so is DH. After everything we went through with losing our first pregnancy, we have some battle scars from this process. I alternate between excitement to reprimanding myself for thinking too far to the future. I feel like I’ve been robbed a bit from feeling happy about pregnancy.
    Rave: DH and I taking it day by day. We can’t predict the future. But for today, we are happy, healthy, and have a house full of love.

    • Congratulations on the pregnancy!!! Fingers crossed for you.
      Did you and your husband go through any kind of counseling — either bereavement counseling or couples counseling — after the loss of your previous pregnancy? If not, it might help.

      • I misread the original post as “I’m having serious anxiety ABOUT DH,” rather than that both of you were experiencing the anxiety.
        So the bereavement counseling would still be relevant, but perhaps not the couples-counseling part.

        • We did go to counseling and we found it to be very helpful, especially because we went to someone who specializes in this area. Subsequently I’ve just been seeing a regular therapist myself to help with the continued grief/anxiety I’ve been feeling the past couple of months and it’s been helpful and I will certainly continue. But you bring up a good point that it actually might be worthwhile for DH as well!

    • Congratulations! That’s excellent. And I get it about the anxiety and feeling robbed of the excitement. Let yourself feel different things day by day–you can be excited one day and ignore the whole thing in self preservation the next and that’s ok. Glad to hear you’re in counseling to help with the anxiety–also agreed that your husband may benefit from counseling as well. Sending giant hugs!

    • Wonderful!
      I had such a similar feeling for almost all of my pregnancy and can tell you what helped me most in case it might also help you:
      1) Thinking of each day or your pregnancy as a blessing, as in, “at least I’ve stayed pregnant for XXdays/weeks, which is better than last time!”
      2) Getting a home doppler monitor. These are controversial because not finding a heartbeat can send some moms into a tailspin, but I think they’re helpful if you can bear in mind that sometimes you just won’t find a heartbeat because of the baby’s position. In other words, it can be very reassuring to find a heartbeat, but no reason for alarm if you can’t.
      3) Talk to your OB about whether there may be medical reasons to have more sonograms than are usually scheduled. I always found sonograms to be extremely reassuring (after I saw healthy babies on them).
      For me, the feelings of anxiety never totally went away, and haven’t to this day (now I have to keep two babies alive!). But I think those feelings come with the territory of being a parent. And you already are one, so that makes sense 🙂

      • Thanks so much, this is great advice. I totally am doing the whole… I’m still pregnant today, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Obviously a major milestone will be getting to 10/11 weeks which is longer than my last. I’ve already written off any early scans because with my miscarriage we saw a healthy embryo only to discover at our next scan a couple weeks later that it had stopped. That moment was so traumatic. But I have not written off early blood work–I go to the doctor for that next week!

    • Congrats on the pregnancy. I think the anxiety is so normal and understandable after a pregnancy loss. My hope for you is that therapy and the progression of this pregnancy can help lessen the anxiety. Hugs to you!

      • Thanks! I am feeling hopeful. I just wish I could fast forward…9 months? But I know better than that, the anxiety wouldn’t end there 😉

  • Rave: I have a job, it pays my bills. Yay.

    Rave: I have understanding friends who don’t get mad at me when I have to cancel

    Rant: Because of an unplanned trip to MN I’m taking this weekend, as my dad is rapidly declining (found out as I was returning from my weekend trip to Boston and it made that soul-restoring visit rapidly decline into a giant, giant stress/anxiety ball)

    Rave: But apparently Delta has a “medical ticket” which is fully transferrable/refundable because he’s in hospice care, and I don’t know if my trip will need to be changed or extended — the only fee I’d have to pay is if I change flights and that flight is, say, $70 more expensive than the one I was already booked to fly back on. I can use this type of ticket as much as I need to. Also, booking less than a week out was cheaper, mostly due to this ticket than it’s ever been for me to go to visit him.

    Rave: My sister and BIL will also be there when I am there.

    Rave: Time to do nothing but focus on my Dad starting this Sunday.

    Rant: I have to do so much laundry.
    Rant: Putting on weight. I hate the way I look.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your dad–that is so, so tough. My thoughts are with you.

    • Oh SinSA! I’m so sorry your dad is going downhill so quickly. I hope you’re able to spend some really special, quality time with him and your sister/other family while you’re out there. You’re in my thoughts, and I’m sending you hugs!

      • Thanks, I will accept the hugs. I am also hoping to get some great time in with him and others within the next few days.

    • Sorry to hear that things are getting worse with your dad’s condition.
      That’s good about the “medical ticket” — I’d heard that airlines offered “bereavement tickets” at non-last-minute prices, but it always seemed a shame to me that (as far as I knew) they didn’t offer the same kind of deal to someone visiting a very ill relative.

      • I had never heard of it either, I just found a flight that I wanted and called to find out what needed to happen if I had to extend it or something. They’re the ones that told me about it but I guess you have to be the one to bring it up (and provide the relative’s name and either what hospital they’re in, or supply hospice information, both of which seem totally reasonable).

    • That One Guy

      I hope you, as a whole family, can sit down and have great conversations and perhaps discuss things left unspoken thus far.

      • Well. That won’t happen (but if it does, I also wish for a million dollars and a pony). But I understand the sentiment and I appreciate that it would be a lovely thing to happen.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, but very glad that you can get to see him and spend some time with other family as well. Sending hugs and prayers.

    • SinSA, I am so very sorry about your dad.

  • Accountering

    Rant: really disappointed in MPDs response yesterday. Andie and I were driving north between RI and U on 9th, and saw a ton of smoke, guys in the street yelling to try and stop a car. The car had been in some sort of collision, and its front right tire turned 90 degrees. The car squeeled its tires to get away, and drove on three tires with one sideways, with people trying to stop him etc. We didn’t see the accident, but he had clearly done something wrong. We caught up with him (and parked about 500 feet behind) at 9th and W, where he had pulled to the side of the road. We called 911, and their response was not good. Took almost 10 minutes to get there, only one cop showed up, and based on our limited watching, it did not seem like anything was happening. This appeared to be a pretty serious hit and run.

  • Rant/Rave/Question- Hi Popville, I am newly pregnant (just 5 weeks along so don’t feel comfortable asking people “in real life”) and looking for any resources or recommendation you might have for expectant mothers/parents. We don’t really have any friends or family members with kids, so this is all very new to us! Groups, classes, books to read? What was some of the best advice you got when pregnant?

    I’d love to find a community of other new/expectant parents. My husband and I live in Logan Circle, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Congrats!! Best book I read was “The Happiest Baby on the Block”. Good luck!

      • +1 to this. And congrats!
        If you go to Flow Yoga’s prenatal classes, you’ll quickly find a good community right near you.
        Also, check to see if any “closed” Facebook groups might appeal to you. There are so many good ones for new parents! A lot of junk, too, but you can always join and unjoin if a group doesn’t work for you. I’m sure there are also some good “secret” groups, but you need to find those through word of mouth and I don’t have any advice there for DC moms.
        I’d agree with Honey Badger that pregnancy and parenting books aren’t very useful much of the time. If you read enough, you’ll find they they offer a lot of contradictory advice and some of them can be really panic-inducing. (One twin pregnancy book, for example, told me I needed 200 grams of protein daily for a twin pregnancy. That was awful advice that basically ruined two weeks of my life.)
        Also agree with wdc about DCUM.

    • Congratulations! I didn’t read any books during pregnancy, but I do have a copy of the American Academy of Pediatrics “Caring for Your Baby and Young Child – Birth to Age 5”, which I have found to be a helpful resource. It has information on development, common childhood illnesses, what is normal for a baby at different ages, etc.
      For both maternity clothes/accessories and baby clothes/accessories, I highly recommend checking out the consignment stores in the area. You can find some things in good shape for much less than buying them new.
      Some of the best advice I got when I was pregnant was to try to go with the flow and do what works best for me/us – during pregnancy, labor/delivery, and in raising a newborn/infant. You can make all kinds of plans for how you want things to work out, but so much of it is out of your control. It will be less stressful if you don’t fight the things that don’t go the way you planned. Just figure out what works for you, your husband, and the baby and don’t worry about anything else. Easier said than done, but worth trying for anyway.

    • +1 on consignment stores. Wiggle Room in Bethesda is good. Kensington Caboose is good for baby/kids clothes, and they have some maternity, too.
      You will want to hash things over with other people going through the same experience. “Was that the baby moving, or just gas??” You might be tempted by DC Urban Moms. I would caution you to use it like a reference library, not a neighborhood bookstore. That is, go in for a specific thing, and once you get that thing, leave. Do not stay to browse. It’s a terrible place (albeit with some useful information).

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