Potholepalooza Kicks Off Today


From the Mayor’s Office:

Potholepalooza is the District’s spring campaign to repair damaged roadways across the city.  This year, the city is committed to making repairs under the standard 72 hour response time.”

From DDOT:

“Residents and commuters are encouraged to call, go online, tweet, or e-mail to submit requests for pothole repairs (see details below).

Residents can also Track Pothole Repairs.

How to Report a Pothole

Residents and Commuters can notify DDOT in a variety of ways:

  1. Call the Mayor’s Call Center at 311,
  2. Use the Online Service Request Center at 311.dc.gov,
  3. Visit DDOT’s service request website http://ddot.dc.gov/potholes
  4. Tweet to twitter.com/DDOTDC, Use the hashtag #potholepalooza
  5. Email to Potholepalooza 2016.
  6. Use the District’s DC311 smartphone application.
  7. Visit, like and post a comment on Potholepalooza on Facebook.com

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  • So excited that the potholes I report all year will continue to be closed without resolution and the odd ones that are filled will just be piled full of gravel.

  • Now if only Rock Creek park would be fixed.

  • maxwell smart

    This is such a complete waste of time and resources. The roads are beyond needing pothole repair – they need to be repaved.

    • ah

      Ha! Was thinking this too for some streets I come across. It’s just lumps and holes. Filling the holes just makes more lumps. Need a full repave.

    • Sometimes they do this. Last year the stretch of 6th street NE just north of FL Ave (near Union Market) was so badly potholed that it was nearly undrivable. They just re-surfaced the entire thing rather than trying to fill it. Now it’s lovely.

    • Blair between Piney Branch and Kansas needs a full repaving, there are too many potholes (or pot-areas, really) to count. It doesn’t help that the potholes weren’t filled after winter 2014-2015; this past winter just compounded them.

    • palisades

      The entirety of MacArthur Blvd was repaved the previous potholepalooza.

    • west_egg

      Agreed — I’ve never seen the roads in DC as bad as they are now. (Looking at you, 13th Street north of Columbia Heights.)

    • They repaved much of U Street two years ago. It was a mess, but worth it.

  • I would like to report 17th Street NE/SE between Benning Road NE and Pennsylvania Ave SE. It’s pretty much one big pothole.

    • AGREED. It’s terrible, and has been for a long time. Thankfully, I believe I heard a few months ago that a complete repave is in the works once all of the utility work is done on 17th Street. IIRC, the repaving is supposed to start in June or July beginning at 17th & Benning and then work its way south.

  • All of Columbia Rd

  • is this April Fools ?

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