Kicking Off the 2016 Season of Spotting the Last Christmas Tree in Town


These have been trickling in pretty steadily since March but I think it’s time to officially kick off the season. A reader writes:

“Saw this beauty on Capitol Hill yesterday near the Northeast Neighborhood Library. Not a record, I’m sure, but pretty impressive.”

Stay tuned for the elusive August specimens that occasionally pop up but in the meantime if you see a good one, send an email to [email protected] with the location where you saw it. Thanks!

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  • A friend still has theirs up in their living room. And yes – it’s a real one.

    • Are they hoarders? Why would you keep it up that long?
      I’m honestly curious to understand the reasoning behind this.

      • I would also be interested to know why some people do this… is the fire hazard not enough to motivate them to dispose of the tree?

  • A person’s house must be so filthy to still have a dead tree up.

  • Anonomnom

    Hey PoP, has anyone sent in the one that is on the bike trail on Rock Greek Parkway between Georgetown and P St? I was pretty impressed when I saw it on my morning bike ride in today.

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