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  • Was Andrew Bucket one of them? Love that guy!

  • He’s doing a show at the Big Hunt tonight. He may/may not do standup but he will be there.

  • This isn’t awsome. Ben’s should e boycotted for having the Bill Cosby mural up on the outside wall. Women and those who like them should boycott Bens and the new African American Museum (Smithsonian) – with their collection of Bill and Camille Cosby artwork on display.

    • I guarantee you, if you took everything out of the Smithsonian museums that was obtained by terrible people, or unethical means, they would be practically empty. The African American Museum is acknowledging the artwork is from the Cosby’s, and that’s all. That art shouldn’t go in isolation because the owner is a rapist.

    • wow, not even a good troll

  • Can you imagine all the toilet jokes they must have been thinking of?

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