A New Contender for Strangest Listing Photos of All Time

listing photos
via Zillow

“Dear PoPville,

You have to post this! It is the “basement rents for $2900 in Woodridge edition.”

How classic is the pic of the woman by the bathtub with the dog?”

The full listing for 3100 26th St, NE says:

“BIG DC house with BIG yard. A steal at a MILLION [$975,000]. Location Location Location. Off South Dakota Avenue, corner house with detached garage and ample off street parking. Basement is currently a rental at $2,900 a month, has it’s own separate entrance. The basement renovation paid for itself 3 times over. All photos with carpet are in the basement. Photos with hardwood are upstairs in main part of house. Photo with child and dog in bathroom is masterbath to master bedroom. Jetted tub. Blue bathroom is in the basement. Other 2 bathrooms are on the 1st and 2nd floors upstairs.”

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  • If anyone knows the person renting that basement at 2900$ a month, please put them in touch. I have some snake oil for sale they might want.

  • I was undecided until I got to the picture of the dog peeing in the yard. SOLD!

  • My sister-in-law lives next door. The pictures are indicative of the random things that happen there on the regular. They basically rent out all the rooms in the house so if the basement has 4 BRs they’re renting them out separately @ $725/month. I doubt they’re getting that much though.

  • That’s pretty special.

  • Seems like it needs a good deal of work and I’m a little skeptical at the professed size based on how it looks outside. But it is pretty big and does have a detached garage (unclear from Google streetview if two cars could reasonably fit in it, though). Location isn’t that far from the amenities on Rhode Island Ave.

    So maybe it’s worth over $900k? Probably not.

    I realize this post was more to make fun of the listing than to evaluation GDoN, but I couldn’t resist. The listing is weird, but, you know, less stupid than typical realtor-speak.

  • For the right price, this could be shined up and restored beautifully.

  • Not sure how they count 10 bedrooms/4 baths, since the CAMA data says 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 kitchens, and a total of 10 rooms, and the most recent permits were in 2006 for the basement. Pictures definitely are strange.

  • I take it you have to have a Zillow account to view the photos?

  • I know its the neck of the girl’s top, and there’s something hanging down behind her, but that photo seriously looked like she was hanging herself. I did a double take!

  • This totally tickled me

    Photos are so random it seems like someone putting the house on the market on the sly so they could not post photos of real interest but just what they had from a personal collection. Too too funny!

  • this is almost as bad as trip advisor hotel photos with people in them.

  • A million bucks for that house is a joke too, right?

  • It looks like what may have happened is the owner took the random dog photos and they were accidentally uploaded to the listing somehow. The rest of the photos aren’t great but at least they show the home.

  • I wish . . . homes were worth that much here!

    I live around the corner in a fully flipped home, it is was below $600K. Maybe in about 10 years.

    I think they need to look at that Zillow estimate price to be more realistic.

  • “Dogs do not convey.”

  • Definitely looks like an illegal boarding house with an un-permitted basement renovation. No way in hell this place is up to code.

  • Asking price – $975,000
    Zillow Estimate – 662,781.

    Decisions, decisions.

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