“on the lookout for a local artist who would be interested in painting one of the sides of the freedge box”


“Dear PoPville,

Thanks so much for your coverage of the freedge so far. We’ve made a few additions and finally plugged it in last night (someone took an onion already!).

We’re currently on the lookout for a local artist who would be interested in painting one of the sides of the freedge box– think mini-mural style. Maybe one of your readers can point us in the right direction?

Eric ([email protected])”


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  • Hah. Had exactly the same thought. But just because they left out the lack of pay doesn’t mean it’s a paid gig. I’m so curious at all the comments this ambiguity will create.

  • …april fools?

  • The intentions behind this project are good… but I have to say I wouldn’t be thrilled if one of my neighbors stuck this in their yard. It’s not exactly the prettiest thing to look at.

  • I’d guess that any environmental savings from having a a community fridge to reduce food waste are quickly outweighed by the energy associated with running an old, inefficient, refrigerator… especially one which is outdoors.

    • In the near-term, maybe. They have a grand master plan for custom hardware and scalability. It looks like it was made in MS Paint: http://freedge.org/the-future-of-freedge/

      I guess it’s good that people are willing to make the sacrifice to experiment with an idea? I’m not optimistic that it’ll work well. Also highly skeptical that DCRA won’t shut it down for one of any number of reasons.

  • I was going to ask about pay. Also, aren’t exposed fridges a hazard to kids? They can crawl in, etc. and smother. Otherwise a good idea. And I am a convert to these painted post mini-libraries, which at first caused me to wince.

    • Not sure what category this falls into, since it’s in operation, but here is what I find on the DC Code. 308.2.2 Refrigerators. Refrigerators and similar equipment not in operation shall not be discarded, abandoned or stored on premises without first removing the doors.

      In general, laws dissuade folks from putting fridges, freezers, et. in public where toddlers can crawl in and “hide” with fatal consequences. This gadget would seem to straddle the line so dunno..

      • justinbc

        If your toddler is out on the streets, climbing people’s walls, and getting into their beverage size refrigerators like this I really doubt you can fault anyone but yourself.

        • I don’t have any kids, but I have heard of kids dying in fridges, and car trunks too. Google it, babe.

  • Cue the non-artists who expect artists to give their work away for free and be grateful

  • What crowd is that? The crowd who expects an exchange of money for work?

  • My son and I would be interested in painting the other side of your Freedge!
    I’m an art teacher in Rockville and my son(26) is a student majoring in game design and development!
    Lynn Silverman & Sam Silverman

    • yay!

      Just like the painted pillar in Columbia Heights, these “asks” really do work in finding people willing to do the art projects.

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