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  • I love Flywheel but I think it’s a little odd to open another studio that won’t be too far from the Dupont or City Center locations (and I say this even though this location would be more convenient for me). Seems like they’d be better off going somewhere severely lacking in fitness studios, like Petworth, or somewhere less saturated, like NoMa.

    • I feel like people would balk at $28 fitness classes in Petworth. Makes sense to open up in a development where other retailers sell $100+ perfume and sunglasses. SoulCycle has two studios less than .8m from eachother (West End and Georgetown) and they both seem to be doing well.

    • Didn’t they just open a SoulCycle on 14th St?

    • maxwell smart

      Yeah, given the bougie retail and the cost of the rentals at The Shay, this sounds about right.

  • would kill for a flywheel in noma… but at least my trip on the 90s bus would be shorter here than to dupont

  • If this happens, how will I choose whether to fly by my house or by my work? I’m so thankful the city center location is coming, this would be just too good to be true.

  • Interesting choice considering Off Road Cycling is just one block away.

    • Interesting – had no idea off road cycling existed.

      Solid core is nearby, but theres no regular gym in the neighborhood (to my knowledge…), so Im guessing this will do fairly well.

    • I doubt Flywheel considers Off Road a competitor.

  • Have heard that the Shay is already fully leased out. Aesop is taking forever because they want to get the space ‘right’, whatever that means.

  • Unfortunately, this is completely fabricated – no Flywheel coming to The Shay.

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