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  • to keep stray cats away?

  • Anonjmous

    I don’t think that’s legal or nice. What if someone’s kid touches it before someone can read the sign? What if someone illiterate touches it?
    Great way to get sued, and deserve it.

    • Hmmm I’m not sure. Pepper spray wouldn’t maim or kill someone. That’s usually the line drawn for bobbytraps. There is also a sign.
      I would think an invitee could have a case, but someone special like the illiterate or sometime hypersensitive to pepper spray probably not so much. The kid…well the parents should be watching them.
      Not nice; certainly true.

      • Anonjmous

        Keeping them from touching anything along a sidewalk falls under ‘helicoptering’ in my book, so no thanks. I don’t think I would have wanted to be raised on a leash until age 6.

    • Do you think illiterate people go around licking fences? Those are all pretty low probability events, and even if someone touched it, they sprayed it with pepper, not MRSA.

  • or rats?

  • ah

    I think it’s referring to the plants not the fence.

    • If those are indeed marijuana plants and she’s put pepper spray on them… what’s to stop a bystander from stealing them and washing them off when he/she gets home? (Or is the idea that you’d have to hose them down before you could touch them?)

    • It’s referring to the fence; it’s part of her longstanding war against the area’s dogs. Usually this sign has “Keep Your Dogs Away!” signs, too.

  • I know that pepper spray is used to deter squirrels (actually just had a conversation about it this past weekend), so I would assume that someone is trying to deter other small mammals. The thing is though, it really doesn’t work. Also, it dissipates very quickly, so it’s doubtful that any harm would come to anyone who touched the fence, unless they touched it right after it was applied.

    • +1. It looks like the plastic sheeting around the bottom is also there to try and keep critters away from the plants. Speaking of which…what plant is that, right behind the sign?

  • I bet they’re just trying to keep out barefoot parents and half-naked toddlers.

  • I wouldn’t touch it lol

  • This is my neighbors house–she’s doesn’t want people letting their dogs pee/poop on her plants. She’s tried a variety of sign & fence combinations over the years.

    • Maybe she should spend more time and effort landscaping her yard and keeping the weeds out.

    • Neighbor — Is she as eccentric as this photo suggests?
      I can understand not wanting other people’s dogs to pee/poop in one’s yard or against one’s fence… but it would make more sense if she were keeping the areas both in front of and behind the fence meticulously tidy and had attractive plants.

      • She has a bunch of plants in her house as well (not weed, btw), so they’re clearly important to her, attractive or not. We shoveled the sidewalk together during the big January storm while everyone else hid inside, so she’s a good neighbor in my book.

      • I used to live right around the corner from here. Eccentric is an understatement. I had a number of arguments with her about my dog going in the tree area in front of her house (which she has not landscaped, for the record). She claimed it’s her property and I insisted it’s not. Her response to me shoveling her sidewalk during a storm was to yell at me for putting salt down (on the public sidewalk).

      • Why does she need to keep things “meticulously tidy” or have “attractive plants” to not want dogs peeing on it?

        • She doesn’t have to, of course. It just seems that more often, the latter is motivated by the former.
          Sounds like maybe it’s more of a property/boundaries/trespass concern for this woman.

  • the yard is full of gross weeds. not so sure what they’re trying to “protect” but my guess is they dont want dogs peeing through the slats of the fence.

    • Could be mint or rosemary or any number of other plants that may be used in cooking or in drinks. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask people to not let their dogs pee on a garden. My grass is already dead, you all are welcome to come and pee in my yard. Dogs and shoeless children too.

  • 1st thought: Trimming that overgrown garden might be more effective against rats than pepper spray.
    2nd thought: Wait is that a marijuana plant?? (No seriously I’m a n00b with that stuff, is it?)

  • This is my neighbor’s house–she doesn’t want people letting their dogs pee/poop on her plants. She’s tried a variety of sign & fence combinations over the years.

  • I Dont Get It

    you can tell she is a plant lover by the flowers in her window.

  • I used to live right nearby and I think my dog was part of the impetus for this. She watches like a hawk to see if anyone lets their dog pee on her fence, and one day yelled at me when my dog came close. I insisted he was just sniffing and I wouldn’t let him pee. A few days later, this appeared…

  • If there’s already a fence there, how are dogs peeing/pooping on the plants inside? #confused

    Also, have yall never seen a Marijuana plant before or what? That’s clearly not what it is

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