“Devon & Blakely coming to Mt Vernon Square area”

601 Massachusetts Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“Looks like another D&B will be opening at the corner of 6th and Mass Ave NW in the newly constructed Arnold & Porter, LLP building.”

Thanks to all who sent emails about this. You can see their 15th Street menu here.

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  • Just seems like another nondescript chain bakery/sandwich place. These chains seem to flood DC like crazy when they expand and within a few years half the stores will be gone.

  • I LOVE this place. Great variety of sandwiches and soups.

    I live near here. Any word on if they’ll be open evenings and weekends? All of their other downtown spots aren’t, but this is closer to residential living than any of their others.

  • Plus they have fabulous British candy bars…

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