Anyone Check Out the New DC Diner Yet? The Other Diner Coming is Coming Along Too

13th and H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word. This is the, most recently, former Danny Todd and Chef Corner Cafe spaces. Anyone take a taste yet?

Hours of operation are listed a Wednesday-Sunday 6am-5:30am. Closed Monday-Tuesday.

Entrance at 802 13th Street, NE

For those who have good vision or a magnifying glass – a peek at the menu:


As for the other diner coming to H Street, it looks to be progressing nicely too:

1248 H Street, NE


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  • 6am-5:30am? Why bother closing for half an hour instead of being open 24 hours? Seems odd.

  • Linc Park SE

    As a 3rd shift worker – I look forward to checking this place out- thanks for the reminder!

  • Ally

    As someone with frequent 2am diner cravings, this pleases me. Now I just have to find a babysitter willing to work the graveyard shift!

  • Two diners within a block of each other??? The prices seem pretty decent. I just wish this was open when I was 23 and could stay out past 11.

  • justinbc

    Unless it’s actually new ownership and not just another rebranding by the same people yet again I’ll pass this go round.

  • Looks like excellent diner prices but DC needs to up their biscuits and gravy game, for reals!

  • Please tell me that this business has metal trash cans out back that comply with DC regulations? The plastic trash cans out front, right next the door, are disturbing, and makes me not want to eat there because I know what comes alongside that. I used to live next door to a bakery with plastic trash cans (illegal) and the rats would open up the cans and gnaw on fried chicken at night. It would have been meme photo worthy if I didn’t live 3 yards from the trash cans.

  • Ate there the other day. Two people ahead of me had already ordered and were waiting. 25 minutes to make a breakfast sandwich with three people in the kitchen and one at the counter. Never going back.

  • Why is it that this town struggles so mightily to do simple diner food right? We have all sorts of dumb, overpriced overcomplicated small plates restaurants, but it should be a lot easier to get a big, properly-cooked plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon with half-decent coffee for less than $10.

    • justinbc

      Rental prices vs profit margins.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Places like the Florida Avenue Grill, i.e., places that have been around for a looong time, are about the only places where one can hope to find such a thing in DC anymore, for exactly the reason Justin cites. Nobody who buys or enters into a commercial lease in 2016 is going to be able to offer such a thing simply because the math doesn’t work any more.

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