Cuban-Style Café and Eatery, Colada Shop, Coming to 14th and T St, NW this Summer

1405 T Street, NW

Ed. Note: Seating capacity for DC will be 22.

From a press release:

“Named after the iconic Cuban-style coffee, Colada Shop is a concept that blends together the contemporary lifestyle of Washingtonians with the Cuban tradition of starting and ending the day. Paying homage to the Caribbean way of coffee, food, cocktails and social lifestyle, Colada Shop will be a casual café and eatery where guests come for the quality and stay for the company.

looking east toward 14th Street

Juan Coronado, a renowned forerunner in the beverage industry who has worked with distinguished brands such as Bacardi and conceptualized the beverage programs for chef Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup, is one of the masterminds of this unique concept. His passion and artistry for coffee, spirits and food will be unveiled as Colada Shop takes guest on an imaginative journey of old-style Cuba via classic beverages, cocktails and small bites.

Pastelitos, croquetas_BrianOh
Photo credit: Brian Oh

Emphasizing the unique aromas, rich flavors and audacious colors, the menu will feature strong coffee, traditional savory snacks, and distinctive cocktails, all prepared with precision. From the classic Cuban sandwich that has captured America’s heart, to reinterpreted comfort bites like the guava pastelito and croqueta. Dishes will highlight Cuba’s heritage, colorful ambiance and lively culture.

“Cuba is an amazing country incredibly rich in history, culture and traditions,” said Coronado. “We wanted to bring a taste of this country – which has been visually frozen in time – to our city and get people excited about this particular lifestyle in a way they haven’t experienced it before.”

Colada Shop takes its name from one of Cuba’s quintessential coffees, the Colada, which is 4oz of Cuban- style espresso traditionally served in a Styrofoam cup along with small, plastic demitasses. Its takeaway form is meant to be shared. Sharing a colada remains a prominent social and cultural activity and is customary of workplace breaks in Cuban communities. The first locations of Colada Shop will be located at 1405 T St NW Washington, DC and at 21430 Epicerie Plaza, Loudoun County, VA. They are both scheduled to open in the summer of 2016.”

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  • Sharing a 4 oz. coffee? Commies.

  • This looks great, and those 4 oz coffees will get you going, they got some strong stuff in that Cuban coffee

  • I LOVE the cuban coffee shops in Miami. If this comes close to something like that, it will be awesome. And the press release isn’t too overboard, so they are already doing something right.

  • justinbc

    Good to hear now that Sophie’s is closing.

  • Looking forward to this place opening. Was trying to imagine where there was an open storefront near that corner, then realized that Policy is giving up a portion of its restaurant and all of its patio area to make room for Colada. Good trade, IMO.

  • I never knew Styrofoam was a part of any cultural traditions. I hope we haven’t ruined the authentic experience by banning the stuff. Just kidding…very excited to try.

  • please have ropa vieja and yucca frita on the menu, please have ropa vieja and yucca frita on the menu….

  • I can’t wait till 14th Street is taken over by all the big chains, so the rest of the city can have some of these cool restaurants!

    • justinbc

      Isn’t that statement a bit contradictory / oxymoronic? It’s either full of newly opened independent “cool” places, or taken over by big chains, but can’t really be both simultaneously.

      • I don’t think you understand. Once a neighborhood becomes “cool,” the rent goes up, then the big-name chains push out the smaller businesses. Happens all the time.

  • Think they might have picadillo? I love that dish and can’t find anyplace in DC that does it right (sorry, Mi Cuba Cafe just doesn’t).

  • great news! I wish them luck…I know rents are high, but I just hope this place doesn’t DCize and become bougie ,trendy and overpriced and far from the cuban cafes you see all over Miami. Any chance of a walk up window?? I think it would be a great sell!!

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